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The Story Of 3 Young Adults Part 2
3 SIM 7
Series: The Story Of 3 Young Adults
Written by: Fanboy123
Release date: N/A

Previous chapter: Fanon:The Story Of 3 Young Adults
Next chapter: Fanon:The Story Of 3 Young Adults Part 3

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Chapter 6:All About RandyEdit

Its been a few days since Randy, Grace and Ryan went to Red's Famous 50s Diner. Randy was ignoring Ryan the entire week, ever since they came back from the diner. Grace had no idea what was wrong with him so she went to talk with him.

-"Randy? Is something bothering you?"

-"No. Nothing is bothering me - now leave!"

Grace was shocked by Randy's behavior. He wasn't the kind of person who yells at people. Ryan was a bit confused too; he didn't know what he did wrong that got him angry.

It was school the next day, and Ryan and Grace were ready but Randy was just locked himself up in his room
3 SIM 8

Ryan's new look (this was taken at night.)

"Come on Randy! Its been days! How do you pee!? What do you eat!?" said an upset Ryan.

"Why do you you even care about me!? Why don't you go crawling back to your girlfriend!?"

"Ryan knew exactly he meant by "Why don't you go crawling back to your girlfriend!?" He knew it was jealousy so he had to clam down.



Then he broke the door.

"Dude look at yourself! You are a mess! You look like a decroded piece of crap. We care for you and I know I'm a manly guy but this hurts me seeing my best friend like this I'm sure that's also hurting Grace. Please, dude, for me?" - he said calmly.

Randy was thinking about it after that he made his choose.

"Okay dude I'm cool with that."

"Thanks man."

3 SIM 9

Then Grace came back from shopping.

"Okay you two I know you're up to something. No boys are always this quiet!"

"Holy mother of Sims! She' back!" - said Ryan.

"Don't panic. I have a idea. Turn on the Maxis Game Simulator" - said Randy.

"Okay guys im coming in!"

3 SIM 10

"What...? Don't you yell at the top of lungs when you guys play SSX?"

"Not really."- Ryan said concentrating.

After that Grace went upstairs.

"What the heck guys! why does it look like the door was knocked out!?"

"Ummm, Randy wanted it down!" - said Ryan trying to think of a story.

"Oh dang it! I left something in Melissa's house!" - said Grace.

"Well go get it!"

"It will only take a minute okay?"

"Sure thing!"

Then Grace made it to Melissa's house.

"Hey Melissa! I just came here to get my new pair of jeans I left here."

Melissa then started to talk about Ryan

"Hey Grace! How's Ryan?"

"Sigh... He's okay."

"So I heard you were cuddling in the Diner."

"So what? Nothing's wrong with that."

"Did you lock lips?"

"No. he never bothered. Only thing we were doing was just cuddling."

"To bad he is the the shy one. Anyways, see you tomorrow Grace!"

After she came home something unexpected happened.

3 SIM 11

Ryan was sorta unprepared for this to happen so all he said was...


"Didn't see that coming now, did ya?" said Grace

"Not really."

Chapter 7:What Happened With Skip Broke?Edit

Not a lot of people know what happened to Skip Broke so Randy, Grace and Ryan takes a break from school to solve this out.

Randy was just minding his own business when all of a sudden the bullies came to mess around with em.

"HAHA Look at this little wimp!! Hey Randy you peeing yourself again!!" Said one of the bullies in school.

"Haha Very funny guys i best be going now."

"Hey what the heck happened with your hair? Trying to look cool? Not working little wimp!"

after that the bully shoved Randy into the trash can

"You really need to know how to fight man" said Ryan.

"Nah. They did this to me ever since grade school."

"I'm telling you you are never gonna get a life if you don't learn."

"Hey Ryan! Hey Randy" said Grace with the other girls

"Hey Grace!" Without knowing a thing Randy stepped on a banana peel and grabbed Ryan to fall with him.


"Randy!! What was that for!?"

"What i had to save myself somehow!"

Back to the girls.

"So Grace did you kiss him yet?"


"Oooo!! You did!? How did it feel like!!??"

"Magical :)"

After that Ryan and Randy did research on Skip Broke the man who died in his pool.

"Some say that the ladder fell off!" Said Ryan

"Other may say that it was Brandi Broke" said Randy

3 SIM 12

"You know what Randy we are going to Pleasantview!"

"WHAT!!??" said a shocked Randy.

Randy knew that was pretty far away and he didn't wanted to meet up with his dad. But he didn't mind seeing his mother.

"Wait Guys there is no Way you guys are gonna go there! Pleasantview is way more father then Downtown Pleasantview!"

3 SIM 13

"Oh Please Grace! I haven't seen this kinda thing in ages!" said Ryan.

"Fine. But be back for diner."

"You got it Grace."

After having a little snack they were ready!

"Wait Ryan! You forgot to give me a kiss."

"Oh Yeah. Almost forgot!"

3 SIM 14

When they arrived there they met Brandi and Dustin

"Hello Ma'am we are here to check out what happened with Skip Broke and the ladder thing."

"Mom who is this stranger and how does he know dad?" Said Dustin.

"Dustin my name is Ryan and this is my friend Randy. We are here to find out what happen to your dad"

"Sigh..." Said Dustin

after that they took a look.

"Hmm... Mrs. Broke was he sleeping when he was in the pool?"

"Yes it looked like it."

"I see... Who in the family has good eyes?"

"Dustin has them." said Brandi

"Dustin Get over here." said Randy

"What sir?"

"Did you see anybody on the lawn sneaking? or anybody?

"Now that mention it it looked like Gordon King was here."

"hmm... I see it now it looked like Skip was sleeping in the pool but when he was sinking he made a slip and tried to get to the ladder but i think Gordon pulled out the ladder before he could get to it." said Ryan

"But Gordon is my friend!" said Dustin

Brandi gasp in shock "Dustin! How could you befriend a criminal like that!"

"Mom please. Okay, okay i work with the criminal's we break into houses okay! I told you"

"Dustin. You do know that working in that job could causes big problems with that girl you like?"

After that Randy and Ryan went home to leave the rest to Dustin and Brandi.

"You guys back so soon?" said Grace.

"Yep. We found out who it was." said Ryan.

"Well who was it?"

"The master criminal Gordon King."

"That guy!?"

"Yea him. And the kid Dustin was friends with him."

"No way!"

Chapter 8:Haircut Time!Edit

One Morning Randy, Ryan and Grace was going for a haircut lets see what could happen!

"Randy you go first you look like that crazy sim that went streaking the other days." said Ryan.

"Haha Good one Ryan." said Randy

After having some toast with butter that went to the nearest hair salon.

"Hello There! i haven't seen you here in Sim State Before!" said one of the workers.

"Well we are new around here. And here are my friends Grace West and Randy Owen. And i'm Ryan Smith"

"Nice to meet you Mr Smith. Can we start with Mr Owen? He looks like he needs it."

"Sure! One of the main reason we came here."

After some cutting Randy looked awesome. But also geekish in a way.

3 SIM 15

Ryan was looking better than ever!

3 SIM 16

Grace was looking awesome!

3 SIM 17

Chapter 9:Wait? Is that Bella Goth?Edit

Grace woke up one morning to get a few things done she opened the windows and was cooking. Ryan woke up along with Randy

"Good Morning Grace." said Ryan as he was yawning

"Morning Ryan and Randy."

Then all of a sudden Randy said


"What!!??" said Grace as she was in shock.

"No way Grace it is her!!" said Ryan.

"Talk with her!!" said Grace as she was almost done with the eggs.

Then Grace heard the door open and she heard talking.

"Hello There!" said Randy.

"Hello! I just remembered that i was in a UFO and i need to get back to Pleasantview to my husband and my kids." said Bella.

"Wait. So you didn't lose your memory?" said Ryan.

"No not at all! I see you have a car can you drive me home please?"

At the time Bella said that Grace was already outside before thinking about it Grace said

"Sure thing! We can drive you home!"

"You could!? Thank you so much! How can i ever repay you!?"

"Its on the house!"

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

After a long drive they made it to Goth Manor

"Thank you guys!"

Ryan was in a rush so Grace didn't have time to have her long chats. She was pretty P.O about Ryan doing that even tho she let go to the Broke household and didn't complain about it.