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The Story Of 3 Young Adults Part 3
3 SIM 18
Series: The Story Of 3 Young Adults
Written by: Fanboy123
Release date: N/A

Previous chapter: Fanon:The Story Of 3 Young Adults Part 2
Next chapter: Fanon:The Story Of 3 Young Adults Part 4

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Chapter 9:Welcome To The Collage Dirk DreamerEdit

It was a clam afternoon everything was coming out good then a newcomer came along Dirk Dreamer he wasn't able to rent out any houses and all the droms were full so he came to our 3 sims for help.


"Coming!" Said Ryan.

When he opened up Ryan knew he was new.

"Hello there I'm new around here and i can't seem to find a dorm to live in

Ryan was convinced to help the second he said he needed help.

"Wait just a minute sir. RANDY, GRACE WE GOT A NEWCOMER!!"

"You didn't have to scream Ryan."

"Sorry. But look a new guy"

"Oh hello!"

"Hey there. my name is Dirk Dreamer and what is your name?"

"I'm Randy Owen and this is my friend Ryan Smith."

"Anyways I heard work around town that you guys could build me a dorm."

It sounded like a good idea to Randy and Ryan.

"Well we could do it but we need to buy a few things like bricks and paint but sure we can do it."

"Thank you Ryan and Randy!"

"Anyways what made you come here?" said Ryan.

"I had to get away from my girlfriend i wasn't to start things with her yet so i came here."

Randy's and Ryan's jaw was wide open when they heard that but they still wanted to make the dorm. And after a few months they finished it.

"Wow! It looks awesome thanks for letting me stay at your place for a while."

"No Problem. But you gotta share it. Part of the law around here.

"Fine with me. Here take this."

When Ryan looked at it. It was 100§

"Jee Thanks Dirk. You didn't have to do tha-"

"No take it my dad gave me 800§ when I came here.

Then right before he left he took a good look at it with the carefully painted roof to the magnificent wine coloured rugs and the beautiful orange sofa right next to the neon glowing coffee table and he said in his mind "Wow..."

Chapter 10:Update On Bella GothEdit

One foggy morning Grace was bored out of her mind. Ryan and Randy are stuck in a traffic jam. so Grace went online to see if there was any interview with Bella Goth or something but sure enough there was she clicked on the link and started reading.

"Mrs Goth. What did you see in the UFO? Anything you should warn us about?"

Bella's face frowned a bit and it was a pretty serious face.

"Yes I over-heard this plan that Pollination Technician was talking about he said his next target is a pair of Sims in Sim State."

"Do you know the names of pair?"

"I don't know which Sim he was talking about but they need to be careful when they star-gaze."

Grace was shocked that PT knows students from Sim State and who knows which Sim he was talking about...

Chapter 11:Some Time In The ParkEdit

One sunny afternoon Ryan and Randy was watching one of the stupid romance TV shows that they make fun of in Saturday Night Live.

"Oh Please! This is the worst television show ever!" said Ryan.

But then it snapped Ryan knew what he gotta do. He needs to propose to Grace. So he was talking it over with Randy alone.

"I need to tell you something Randy. I want to propose to Grace."

Such strong words! Randy knew it was time for him to make his move.

"Yea dude go for it. But do it in the park."

Ryan was sorta nervous he was shaking and his hands were cold. Then he ask Grace if they can go take a walk in the park. Grace accepted then they drove there.

Ryan was just saying in his mind

"Just let it out..."

"Grace I was meaning to ask you something."

"What is it?"

"Will You Marry Me?"

Grace was in shock she loved Ryan very much so she Yes.

"Yes!! Ryan!! Yes!!"

3 SIM 19

Randy was there but he was spying. But when she said yes he came smiling and gave Ryan a pat on the back. But Ryan knew the wedding cant be done until they get home. which was a bummer.

So they went home and then since Ryan propose in the campus a whole bunch of students came to congratulate him on it.

Chapter 12:Passing The First SemesterEdit

Another day has passed and study, study, STUDY! Ryan is working his butt off and so is Grace and Randy

3 SIM 20

"Grr!! I was never good at algebra!" said an upset Randy.

"When I act I cant stop giggling!" said Grace.

Then some students came to tell Ryan and the rest something important.


"Coming." said Randy.

"Hey Randy its me Dirk. I heard some of the teachers saying that if we don't pass the first semester we get expelled!"

"I don't get it. Don't we get 2nd trys?"

"No. That rule ended! Its just one try only! And I can see you guys are behind you gotta get to it!"

Randy told everybody about the new rule so they needed to get ahead.

After days of waiting it was time to see if Ryan, Randy or Grace could pass the first Semester. And they did!

"I got a B+" Said Ryan

"I got a C+" said Randy.

"I got an A+" said Grace.

Ryan and Randy glanced at Grace with shock.

"What?" said Grace.

3 SIM 21

"Anyways its been a long day why don't we go to a club or something?" said Ryan.

"Hmm good idea what about it Grace?" said Randy.

"Sounds good to me I'm in." said Grace.