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The Story Of 3 Young Adults Part 4
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Series: The Story Of 3 Young Adults
Written by: Fanboy123
Release date: N/A

Previous chapter: Fanon:The Story Of 3 Young Adults Part 3
Next chapter: Fanon:The Story Of 3 Adults Part 1

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Chapter 13:Causing TroubleEdit

It was night time Randy and Grace were sleeping early Ryan's adrenalin was pumping he needed action. So he got some junk and wood he doesn't need anymore got matches and went to the campus park where all the gangsters hang out. When he arrived there they were talking and drinking so Ryan started to talk.

"Hey guys." said Ryan trying to act cool.

"Yo bro whats up with the bag?" said one of the gangsters.

"Oh its just some junk. And some matches..."

"Whoa dude! Now your talking!"

After talking a bit and drinking Ryan got into a fight.

"Hey wimp shouldn't you be going to your little finance? Eh? Wimp?"

"Why how dare you mock Grace!"

"Whatcha gonna do fight me?"

After that it got into an all out battle.

3 SIM 22

While Ryan was fighting Grace and Randy was getting worried.


"Yea do you have any idea where Ryan went?"

"Not a clue."

"Do you think hes in the park?"

"Well he did say that was his favorite spot. Maybe we should check it out."

When they arrived there first words that Randy say is...


Grace almost passed out so Randy went there and broke the fight. And the gangsters ran away. Ryan was all bloody the guy even pulled out a knife on Ryan so he was all bloody and cut up.

"Ryan!!" said Grace almost in tears.

"No Grace i'm fine just some bleeding that's all." said Ryan.

"Dude what was the meaning of that?" said Randy.

"That guy made fun of Grace." said Ryan.

"Ryan. That was no reason to fight just walk away from it!" said Grace.

"Come on bro lets go home and fix you up." said Randy.

Chapter 14:Just Hanging OutEdit

Ryan was just hanging around his hot tub chilling with Grace in his arms and Randy on the other side they were talking about what they are gonna do after collage.

"I'm gonna find a girlfriend." said Randy.

"Of course." said Ryan.

"Come on Ryan give Randy a chance his trying very hard to find one." said Grace

Randy was thinking about it then he said...

"Hey Ryan, What are you gonna do after collage?"

"Marry Grace."

"Really? Thats all Ryan?" said Randy.

"Yep pretty much."

"I'm not the kind of person who digs through the future that much." said Grace.

"Ryan have you ever wondered what happened 50 years earlier then 2013?" said Randy.

"I wish Dad could tell you or Mom..." said Ryan.

3 SIM 25

Ryan's Dad as a child.

"He said that Pleasantview was once called Sunset Valley?" said Ryan.

"I wonder if Bella Goth knows your dad Ryan." said Grace

"Yeah Ryan maybe she does!" said Randy.

"Pff! I doubt it." said Ryan.

"Come on Ryan its worth a try!" said Grace.

"Ugh. Fine we will go tomorrow." said Ryan.

"Awesome!" said Grace and Randy.

Chapter 15:A Lot Of ThinkingEdit

Ryan promised Grace and Randy that they were going to visit Bella Goth but then Ryan wanted to stay Randy and Grace was A-Okay with that so then they left and Ryan got in his hot tub. And he was thinking he had un-dying love for Grace and he wanted to drop out to be with her so when they came back the talked and it and Grace agreed but Randy didn't want to go. But since its his friend he let them go and Randy stayed.

"I'm sorry bro i didn't think i was going to leave like this" said Ryan with a tear running down his eye.

"I'm sorry Randy but its my turn to move on." said Grace sobbing away.

right when the taxi came they said goodbye and hope to see him again.

After a few days Grace and Ryan were getting ready to get married

"Ryan! This will be fun! We can invite Rand-" Grace cut herself off just as she remember that Randy couldn't make it to the wedding.

"Its alright Grace..." said Ryan whispering to Grace.

After everybody came they were going to say the vows.

"Ryan, Do you take Grace to be your lawfully wedded wife? Till death do you part?" Said the minster.

"I Do." said Ryan.

"Grace, Do you take Ryan to be your lawfully wedded husband? Till death do you part?"

"I Do."

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

3 SIM 26

Chapter 16:Update On RandyEdit

"Dear Randy, How are things going around there? I'm doing fine here i got married to Grace i heard you are in junior year i hope you can finish collage and i cant wait to see you again. Your Friend, Ryan.

"Ryan finally did it..." said Randy as if he was holding back a tear while looking at the photo of the wedding day.

"Dear Ryan, You and Grace must be having a lot of fun and yes i am in my junior years and i hope to see you again but i don't think i will be coming back very soon Your Friend, Randy."

"Is Randy doing okay Ryan?" said Grace.

"Yeah hes having fun." said Ryan.

"Ryan, I'm not feeling very well."

"What are you feeling Grace?"

"I feel like puking."

"Uh oh i think i might know what this is." said Ryan.

"You don't mean..."

"Yea i mean it. You might have a little son or daughter in there." said Ryan smiling a bit.

"I'm gonna take the test to see if i have a little baby in there."

After she took the test it came out that she is pregnant.


"Really!!?? Let me see!!" said Ryan.

After that Ryan sent a letter to Randy telling him the news.

"Dear Randy, I'm very happy because Grace is pregnant with a kid! I'm gonna be a dad so i just wish you could see us. Your Friend, Ryan."

After Randy saw that letter he was going to take a few days off to be with Ryan and Grace until the baby is born.


"Coming." Said Ryan.

When he opened up he was shocked.


"YEAH BRO ITS ME!!" said Randy.

"Ryan who is that at the door?" said Grace coming down the stairs.

"Grace look its Randy!!" said Ryan.

"Randy oh my gosh its you!!" said Grace.

After that they all gave hugs and then Ryan broke the silents.

"So what made you come here?" said Ryan.

"I took a few months off to be with you until the baby is born."

"No way! Really!?" said Grace smiling.

"mmhmm. Really."

"Well welcome to our house!"