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The Story Of Cassandra Goth
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Name: The Story Of Cassandra Goth
Series: The Story Of Cassandra Goth
Written by: Fanboy123

Previous chapter: N/A
Next chapter: The Story Of Cassandra Goth: Season 2

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Story PlotEdit

This is the story of Cassandra Goth when she was a child from The Sims 1 to The Sims 3 and all her adventures.

Episode 1Edit

On one lovely morning the young child Cassandra was getting up for school as she was having her waffles she notice that her mother Bella Goth was rubbing her belly. Cassandra then got out of her seat and then went to her mother.

"Mother, When is my little brother going to come?" said the young Cassandra.

"Soon Cassandra. Mortimer what are we going to name him?"

"I was thinking of Alexander. What do you think Cassie? said Mortimer.

"I love it daddy!" said Cassandra.

"I think its a good name for a good boy" said Bella.

"Okay then Alexander it is!" said Mortimer.

Then Cassandra was at school. She was an A student but very shy and no one talked to her.

"Okay then class, Cassandra would you like to come up here and do some long division?" said the teacher.

"Yes Mrs. Dunaway."

Not a lot of the students liked Cassandra but this one kid by the name of Darren Dreamer liked her. During lunch Darren went and talked with her.

"Hello!" said young Darren.

"Hi" said Cassandra.

"I'm Darren! Whats your name?"

"Oh, I'm Cassandra Goth."

"Ohh, You are from that creepy Goth family right?"

"Hehe. That's what they call us Creepy?" said Cassandra chuckling.

"Pretty much. Yeah!"

"Anyways, I better get going home Mother is going to worry about me." said Cassandra.

"Okay then bye!" said Darren

"Bye!" said Cassandra.

Episode 2Edit

On one clam evening Cassandra was looking out the window watching El Bandito strike again.

"Father, Hes back again" said Cassandra.

"Again!?" said Mortimer.

Cassandra laughed quietly as Mortimer was being attacked by El Bandito.

"You think this is funny Cassandra?" said Mortimer.

"No Father."

"I know you're lying thats it you're ground-" Right when Mortimer was cut off Bella said.

"Mortimer! Have mercy on this poor child! She is only trying to have fun. I think she is just too depressing"

"Okay, Cassandra. You're not grounded."

"Thank you Mother." said Cassandra.

"You're welcome sweetheart." said Bella.

After that Cassandra went up to her room and got her Diary.

"Dear Diary, Mother keeps on thinking that I'm depressing i just hope i can find a way to impress her. Anyways done with that now onto this kid named Darren. He really likes me maybe i should hang out with him tomorrow...

Episode 3Edit

And now back to the Bing Bling Talk Show!

"Boring!" said Cassandra.

"How old is my little girl turning today!?" said Mortimer swinging Cassandra around. While Cassandra is laughing.

"Okay! Okay! Daddy! I'm turning 10!" said Cassandra in an exciting tone.

Then Cassandra noticed something...

"Hey daddy where is mom?"

"Oh, You see she got a new job and she will be working but only today will she be working in the morning tomorrow she will be working in the afternoon when im here." said Mortimer.


"Oh, sorry daddy the bus is here bye!"

"Bye Cassandra!"

Cassandra then decided to get some of here late homework done because she been playing with her new doll.

"Hey! Darren! You will never believe what i saw yesterday!" said one of the students.

"What did you see?" said Darren.

"I saw a hot chick" said one of the students giggling.

"You saw a chicken?" said Darren in a confusing way.

"Ugh, You dont get now do you?" after that the students walked away.

"Oh! Hey Cassandra!" said Darren.

"Hi Darren." said Cassandra blushing

"Whats new with you?" said Darren.

"Oh, I'm turning 10 today"

"10!? Thats awesome! I'm 11 I'm a little bit behind..." said Darren.

"Oh no, With some work you can get ahead just put a little effort in it." said Cassandra.

"Okay then."

After that the bus stopped Cassandra and the rest came out the classes were long but worth it to Cassandra. Darren was struggling with his school during lunch so Cassandra helped him a bit and then school ended and Cassandra went home hugged her mother and then went to sleep.

Episode 4Edit

On one lovely morning Cassandra got news that school was out for the day because of a flood one of the pipe broke and went haywire overnight. Darren really liked Cassandra and you know kids and their silly thoughts of getting married. Well Darren took it seriously he started acting like an adult. He put all his toys aside and did all his late homework he would do the dishes and all that. Pf! For crying out loud he would even work!

"Madrona Elementary School third grade classes won new books in the district reading contest. After distributing 14 books to each of the 6 classes, there are 4 books left. How many new books did the 3rd grade get?" Said Mortimer doing homework with Cassandra.

"Uhmm... 88 books! 14 x 6 + 4 = 88!" Said Cassandra.


But Darren skipped all that and went right into the hard stuff.

"If A # B = (A x B) / (A + B) a) Calculate 9 # (10 # 10) b) Calculate 8 # (5 # 5)" Said Darren's dad.

"Uhmm.... 42?"

Darren's dad let out a huge sigh.

"No Darren. You are incorrect."