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Chapter OneEdit

My ex-girlfriend was mean to me at high school. Very very mean. Luckily, I managed to collect all of the easter eggs. I wrote about it in my diary and made fun of new students at Pleasentview High School. She was s flirty and mean, that she was torturing me. I was friendly and unflirty. So so grouchy she was a vampire.

Chapter TwoEdit

So my ex-girlfriend found a better boy than me. I was so jealous that I ran away.She soon announced a wedding with my favourite foods and didn't invite me! She was also too young to get married. It was an illegal wedding, right? Anyway, she invited my BFF to go there and did not invite me! What is this moron up to? 

Chapter ThreeEdit

So I had a plan. If i disguised as my BFF i could join in. I got information from my BFF to disguise as him. I went in his costume and  looked around, beaming for food. The food stall was open and my BFF disguised as a prince. I ate some food and looked at my BFF while not getting caught. I talked to himlots and it was so fun!

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