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Chapter 1 : Simtown Edit

There once was a young Sim known as Jacob Germinston. He lived in a small brown brick house on Sim Lane. The house adress was known as simple 2 Sim Lane. Now the small house he lived in didn't contain much, as Jacob was not a wealthy Sim. The outside was painted with Brown bricks that contained a large wooden oak double front door. There was a larger verander window of green colour on both sides next to the door and on the second floor was a red tiled balcony protected with black landings. Jacob was a perfectionist Sim, he was nicknamed by the townsfolk as Cleanity Simity. This naturally annoyed Jacod as he considered his perfectionism to be a gift not a curse. Jacob worked at the local Hospital and was a Brain surgeon. Curing many fabulous dieseases such as Bloaty Head and Slack Tongue. But one day his luck was to end as he got a notice stating he was needed in another town known as Bridgepoort. Naturally Jacob was not too pleased to leave his hometown as he had lived there since he was born, but unfortunetly for him he was forced to do this.

As Jacob returned to his house he noticed a for sale sign was posted on his door. A mad and rather anxious Jacob ran towards and pulled the sign to his face. The sign read,"For sale, as this person is leaving the town, signed Marcus Sackville Germiston". Jacob threw the notice towards the ground and got red very quickly."Curse that Sackville thinking he can sell my property without my knowledge, I am going to give him a piece of my Sim mind. Jacob tucked his red tie in his brown jersey and very angrily walked towards the mansion of Sackville Germiston. Marcus was lying at the pool, as usual, and was reading a newspaper when he felt a cold bit of lemonade run down his chest. Flustared he looked up and saw his cousin Jacob staring at him very angrily."How in Sims name did you think you can sell my house Marcus". Marcus evily smiled and said,"Your property is mine cousin, you are going out of the town, and there is nothing you can do about it". Jacob quickly grew very silent and walked out the mansion garden, his cousin was correct, as long as a Sim doesn't have a job in the town, he couldn't live there.

The next day Jacob packed his clothes in his bag and waited outside for the Taxi. The driver promptly picked him up and off to Bridgepoort they went.

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