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The Supernatural Diary Of Bella Goth
Name: The Supernatural Diary Of Bella Goth
Genre: Supernatural/Paranormal
Created by: OfficialNathanBanks
Rating: PG-13 (USA); 15(UK)
Number of chapters: Uknown

Original run: July 2013-
Status: In Progress

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The Supernatural Diary Of Bella Goth is a fictional account into the disappearance of Bella Goth. This story is different and un-related to the previous Fanon:The Life Of Bella Goth story. It consists of diary enteries from Bella's point of view and occasionally from other characters point of view depening on who writes in the diary. This fanon is actually a game played by ke OfficialNathanBanks, but instead of uploading it to Player Stories I've decided to create it into a fanon. So everything you will read has occurred in my game. The story is a Supernatural fanon and is based heavily on Vampires, Witches, Werewolves and other Supernatural entities in the Sims game. This is different to my previous stories because it won't contain screenshots of the story, it'll just have a few pictures here and there. I just wanted to share this because the idea was just something I was quite proud of and I'm still playing the game now, so the longer I player the more diary enteries there'll be for you to read. The story will be told in Volumes, so far there are 3 of them and this is the 1st Volume.

Notable CharactersEdit

List updated as story develops.


  • Martin Bertiger :: "The Curse Of The Necklace" (The vampire who stalks Bella, although his name isn't mentioned)
  • Ayden Van Gould :: "The Curse Of The Necklace" (Mentioned Only)
  • Dante Morganthe :: "A Strange Town..." (Part of the Supernatural Trio)
  • Argus Brown :: "A Strange Town..." (Part of the Supernatural Trio)
  • Violet Slymer :: "A Strange Town..." (Part of the Supernatural Trio)


  • "The Curse Of The Necklace"
  • "A Strange Town..."

Pleasantview; December 26th 2003 - IntroductionEdit

Got this for Christmas and have no idea where to start, so I'm going to start from the beginning. My name is Bella Goth, previously Bachelor. I live at 165 Sim Lane in Pleasantview, formally known as Sunset Valley - I live with my husband, Mortimer Goth (obviously, I don't know why I had to say his second name, I'm starting this formally though) and my two children, Cassandra Goth and Alexander Goth (same goes for them two!!). I've never had a Diary in my life, I have no idea why I even need this, but my husband and my children are persistant in my writing everything down because it keeps things organised apparantely. I have no idea what I'm supposed to talk about it in here - there's nothing much to talk about with myself apart from the fact that I love painting, playing the piano and I have a bit of an obsession with the supernatural and paranormal. Being obsessed with things supernatural and paranormal was the first thing me and Mortimer bonded on, we both loved stargazing for aliens and I personally adored the tales of Dracula  - those books were my life. Of course that's not the only thing me and my husband have in common, we both love each other very, very much - that's most important! Mortimer's research has given him proof that different kinds of creatures exist out there, but there's no concrete evidence to suggest that it's actually true. Me personally, I believe it! There's got to be something else out there other than just humans alive, the world is a preculiar place and life itself is different to so many species. Why am I writing this? No idea, but this is my thoughts Diary! So I hope these pages allow me to display my feelings and emotions, it may be boring, but who else will read this...really?

165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 15th 2004: 10:05amEdit

Dear Diary,

Sorry for the neglection, I've been so busy with the holidays that I've had no time to writ

165 Sim Lane

e in you. Christmas has been wonderful, it always was my favourite time of year. It was Mortimer's first Christmas without his Mother and Father with him (Cornelia Goth and Gunther Goth), so the family really pulled together to make sure it was as painless as possible. Part of my chores today is to sort out their old stuff in the attic - Mortimer hasn't the heart to go through it, so he asked me instead. I promised I'd sort through it for him, I don't know what he wants me to do with it, but I'm sure we can find places for some of their stuff around the house. I'll let you know how it goes later.

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 15th 2004: 16:47pm--

Dear Diary,

Sorting out the in-laws things was harder than I thought, seeing their old stuff provided me with a few memories, memories I thought were long forgotten. I seem to have stumbled across an old necklace of Cornelia's, it's kind of strange, it was boxed and packaged very well, as though it was being kept hidden from something, or someone. The necklace was lovely though, it was antique looking, so I decided to wear it as I'm sure Cornelia would spin in her grave if she learned her necklace wasn't being worn - it did look expensive too. Everything else consisted of statues and old books, some of the books were really, really old - I'll go through them another time, but I'm sure the books won't be of any value. Now I have to prepare food for my family, Mortimer's working later today so I'm sure a nice meal will be exactly what he wants. This necklace really is lovely though...

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 15th 2004: 23:45--

Dear Diary,

Mortimer is stressed! The new buildings on the other side of town are complete now and Mortimer is having to work extra long hours to ensure the houses actually sell now they've been built. One of them has sold already, to a man named Lothario, so at least that's something. I've given him a neck massage, the stress has had him all tensed up and I hate seeing him in such a state. He told me the story of the necklace by the way, apparently it has been in the Goth Family for generations and his Father (Gunter) gave it to Cornelia as a token of his love for her. He said it made his Mother feel young and she always said it possessed special qualities that "Mortimer wouldn't understand yet". He was happy that I was wearing it and said it really suited me and he was glad that I was wearing it - I was happy about that because I was terrified of him not approving of me wearing it or something, because I was really in love with it. Anyway, it was time for bed and I couldn't be more excited. I'll write in you tomorrow my Dear Diary.

165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 16th 2004: 04:30amEdit

Dear Diary,

It's burning! I've been awake for several hours now, I woke up with a burning sensation around my neck, the necklace has left a permanent mark on my neck and my chest. I got the sensation around 2:00am, but I thought maybe the metal was rubbing against me, still I continued to sleep with it around my neck. The burning got worse and I woke up - I refuse to wake Mortimer with this, he's exhausted as it is. The necklace has gone, but the burn mark has stuck with me - it's really sore. No amount of cream has managed to ease the pain of it and the mark stings whenever I touch it. Why was it burning? It won't be a reaction to the necklace, I've worn thousands over the years and none has burned me this much - I decided the best thing to do was to find the box it came in and see if I could contact the makers - sure the necklace was made a very long time ago, but someone would have information on it. I went upstairs to the attic and found the box the necklace came in - there was no information about the make, except for a telephone number on the back of the box. Strangely, it looked familiar, but numbers usually do to me - it's a habit. I'm going to try the number in the morning, until then I'm going to try and sleep.

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 16th 2004: 11:30am--

Dear Diary,

Mortimer was very concerned about the mark on my neck, I told him everything - he thinks it's a reaction of some sort, I'll let him believe that, but I still wanted to phone that number to be on the safe side. So I did! I was quite shocked at who answered - Mortimer's Aunt, Agnes Crumplebottom. I'm not a fan of her personally, she's miserable and cranky, but it's understandable considering her husband passed away a few years ago. She's had it rough and I did understand, I just avoided her when possible. I explained everything to her, told her about the necklace - she wasn't very chatty, she just demanded to see me this afternoon along with the necklace itself. I'll take it, although like I said, I'm not fond of Agnes as a person, but if she can tell me why my neck was burnt from this necklace, then I'll sleep easy and hopefully find a way for me to wear it. There may be some medication I can take that would sort it out. I'll report back later...

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 16th 2004: 03:00pm--

Dear Diary,


Agnes Crumplebottom!

Gosh! This is going to be one big diary entry. My visit to Agnes was more than...mind blowing - what seemed like a nice visit to Mortimer's Aunt turned into a huge revelation. I showed her the necklace and as soon as she touched it - her face changed! She dropped the necklace to the floor and sat in her chair. After eventually returning to normal, Agnes told me that the necklace wasn't years old, it was centuries old and had been missing for years and years. Confused? Not as much as I was! Agnes got out one of her books and showed it to me, it was a picture of the Crumplebottom and Goth family tree's. Apparently the necklace belonged to the ancestors of Prudence Crumplebottom, who was the Grandmother of Mortimer himself. The necklace was quite a powerful object in its time, as it contained a source of mystical energy that would allow it's owner to have a large amount of power to attack it's enemy. Got that? Good! Because I was struggling to keep up at this point. Mystical power? Yeah right! I asked Agnes what she meant and how did the necklace contain this power. What she said next shocked me even more than the mystical energy mumbo jumbo. Apparently the power was sealed inside of the necklace by the Witch ancestors of the Crumplebottom and Goth family - Witches!! Yes, you read right...witches! Agnes told me that most of the Crumplebottom family were witches and that it has run through the family. Apparently Samuel Goth and Olivia Goth decided to test their magic with their friend, Prudence Crumplebottom - they discovered that they could create a large amount of powerful magic once their powers were combined. So they sealed it inside of the necklace, hoping to use it one day when it was really needed. Agnes told me that many other Supernatural entities have tried to posess the necklace since. There's more?! Yes! Witches weren't the only revelation. Agnes said that Vampires and Werewolves had made offers and were still searching for the necklace to this day. The most frequent was one of the oldest Vampire's in history - Ayden Van Gould. When I asked what happened to Samuel and Olivia Goth, Agnes said they died years ago - but their spirits were restless, although she had no idea where they were, or why their spirits weren't at peace. When I asked Agnes to prove that this was real - every item in the room began spinning in thin air - it wasn't my mind, it wasn't my imagination - it was in the air and floating birds in the sky. Agnes told me that the necklace burning my neck was a sign...a sign that someone was aware it was being worn again - it was another witch somewhere in the world that was using their powers to find the whereabouts of the necklace. It's safe to say, I'm terrified! Agnes couldn't say if the spell had worked or not, but she did say that it takes a witch of high power to do a locator spell like that and that if the spell had been successful, I was in grave danger! Honestly? I have no idea what to think, I'm so confused and...well...I just don't know what to believe now. I've decided that after I've wrote in this that I'm going to dig out Cornelia Goth's old books from the attic, you never know what's in there...

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 16th 2004: 10:56pm--

Dear Diary,

Today has been one heck of a day! After talking to Agnes everything I once believed has been shot completely out of the window. Things are best left unknown, but this...wasn't one of them! I am more than interested in what I have discovered and it's leading me to want to know a whole lot more. I went through Cornelia Goth's old books upstairs and despite the odd bit of old junk appearing on in the books, one of them was titled "The Difference Between Day & Night" - this was the most helpful. It spoke about the olden days when a Dragon Hunter moved to a town named Dragon Valley and began looking for a way to become immortal when fighting the Dragon's he wished to hunt. One of the suggestions was life after death; the normal human would die having being drained, but being left with just enough to keep the body functioning after death. However as there was no possible way to test if this would work, the best way to achieve it would have been for a Witch to create one using a human willing to offer themselves as sacrifice. A gentleman in the book, who refused to reveal his name, managed to find himself a witch by the name of Maeve Eames - he offered her and her family a large sum of gold in return for the experiment. The Witch, who was struggling to make ends meat agreed and decided to help out the Gentleman; The experiment went according to plan and the man awoke almost instantly from the Witches incantation and ritual - the witch herself became startled by the name's change in appearance; his teeth developed fangs and his eyes began to glow. Instead of keeping his end of the bargain, the man attacked her and the rest of the Eames family, turning them all into Vampires. The man then went on a murderous rampage, this time he wasn't hunting Dragons, he was hunting humans and had left a set of Vampire's across Dragon Valley. The townsolk began fearing for their lives as the civilians were becoming Vampires at a mass rate - still the civilians tried to fight back, they launched a war against the Gentleman and the rest of the vampires who had joined him in their quest for blood - although the war itself saw many people killed and history states that the Gentleman disappeared straight after the battle, he wasn't seen again and many believed he went into exile in fear of being the hunted rather than the hunter. The book itself stated that the civilian's believed they'd destroyed the Vampire race before it spread any further, although the reports of disturbing attacks ever since has lead people to believe that some may have gotten away. Interesting huh? Who am I kidding, I'm beyond interested here! I really need to meet one, I'm just too intrigued not to find someone like this! I'm not telling anyone what I've found until I've had the chance to meet one myself. How was I going to do this? I have no idea! But I'm going to find a way or another...

165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 17th 2004: 07:00amEdit

Dear Diary,

Today is a new day and after the heavy news I had from yesterday, I decided I was going to take it easy when I woke an hour ago. But my mind is still racing, Mortimer's been talking to me about a new family moving into the new homes in town... I love him, but I really don't care about anyone new coming to town, unless they're supernatural of course. I just needed to know more about what was happening - I needed to start from the top! So I've decided my plan for the day IS to focus on finding out more information, I'm going to head to the library and see what I can dig up through the archives of the town, who knows - maybe Pleasantview had some experiences with Vampire's years ago, when it was called Sunset Valley? We'll soon find out, right now I need to get back to being a Mom, Alexander is late for school...

--Papyrus Memorial Library: Pleasantview January 17th 2004: 02:20pm--

Dear Diary,

The trip to the Library provided me different part of information. I found that Pleasantview (or Sunset Valley as it was known back then) had experienced no kinds of attacks until when I was a teenager. I remember the Alto Family and how they just disappeared from town, I just never learned why they left, or where they ended up! According to numerous articles I found, no one ever found them again, except for their daughter, Holly Alto, who was found dead near an old mine on the outskirts of town. Her death was allegedly an animal attack, but the fact she had bite marks on her neck and her body was drained of blood told me otherwise. There has hardly ever been reports of Vampire/animal attacks in Pleasantview over the years, so instead I decided to expand my search to worldwide. There's one town that continues to pop up and there's one town that has had more than too many Vampire attacks - Moonlight Falls. I've never heard of it before this discovery, but I now know that according to these attacks it seems like some sort of Vampire city. I just don't know how I'd be able to get a Vampire to come from Moonlight Falls to Pleasantview - I'll keep you posted...

--Paypus Memorial Library: Pleasantview January 17th 2004: 02:54pm--

Dear Diary,

After the last few minutes of contemplating how to get some sort of visit from a vampire that resides in Moonlight Falls, the answer has suddenly slapped me across the face - why did the necklace burn in the first place? Someone was trying to discover it's whereabouts and who was wearing it. You get my answer? I need to find a way to contact whoever it was that was searching for it in order for them to know where it is so they'll come looking for it. I know, if my Mother was alive she'd tell me how risky it was and how I wasn't being cautious etc., etc... But I don't care, I no longer care anymore - holding my hands up, the discovery over the past few days has officially made my curiosity get the best of me. Anyway, I've decided that Agnes could help, she could use some of her magic to help the message get across to anyone that was willing to come for the necklace. I had to go and see her again...

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 17th 2004: 06:00pm--

Dear Diary,

Got lots to report now! Agnes wasn't exactly thrilled about helping me out, but she did anyway. Now for me, this was a double test of her powers and to re-confirm that things she said were true. She proved it! I told her my plan and she expressed her disappointment and said how risky it was - I get that! But as I said to her, I need to know. If she didn't help me, I'd find another way...somehow. She told me that she felt half responsible for this, so she decided that helping me was the best thing. She took the necklace and placed into the middle of her dining room table; she then began lighting up several candles and placed a large, thick book into the middle of the table. She told me that we'd need chant "Pleasantview" when she said so - I was all for it! In fact, the butterflies took over me. As Agnes began chanting different words and repeating a spell that was located inside of the giant book - the candles began flickering, things began moving and before you know it, she started changing "Pleasantview"; I joined it! I did my chanting quite clearly too - the necklace began to rise into the air and spun round extremely fast. Suddenly, above us a cloud of smoke appeared and as everything began to stop a shard of paper fell from the cloud as it disappeared. Agnes picked it up - the look on her face was worrying, I'd seen this grumpy old woman have a look of anger, sadness and anxiety - but never the look of fear. She handed the paper to me and as I opened it up she said to me - "This seems to be some sort of warning..." - the piece of paper said "Your mistake, Bella...". Saying that the paper didn't startle me wouldn't be true, I was kind of scared and even after Agnes gave me a speech on how the necklace could bring about great evil to Pleasantview, I still refused to move into the fear department. I wasn't scared, in my eyes there was nothing to be scared of. When I left, Agnes told me that she didn't want to do me any favours any more and that she really hoped I'd put my efforts into being a wife to Mortimer and a Mother to Cassandra and Alexander. In my eyes, I can still do all this and be the perfect wife and mother! So that's what happened, Cassandra's birthday is coming soon, she's growing up fast, she won't be long until she's left School to start a life of her own - I need to start making plans. Seriously though, I wonder what the paper meant? Whoever it was threatening me and you know something? I wanted to see the threats play out, because I genuinely want to ask this person everything I need to know if they come to town...

165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 18th 2004: 02:00amEdit

Dear Diary,

Mortimer is starting to suspect something, he says I'm not listening to him when he talks and he says I've been distant lately. I'd love to tell him, but I've got proof to show him that what I'm saying is the truth! He needs to stay oblivious to what's going on, so I've told him I've just been feeling under the weather lately. He says he's going to plan a surprise for me tomorrow night - I love him, but is it wrong for me to be unexcited for this surprise? I just want to see if this spell that Agnes did was going to work, I was keeping my eye open every time I went to the door and the window.

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 18th 2004: 11:07pm--

Dear Diary,

Mortimer's surprise consisted of a romantic evening at the bistro for the two of us. It was lovely, he spoke about how he was happy that we'd come this far and how he felt our love had grown stronger since our parents passed away. I agree with him and I must say the realisation has made me sit back and re-think things. I do love Mortimer and I love my family! I'd know the past few days have been different for me and my priorities have been lost along the way, but there's nothing I can do! No one's turned up today so I don't think anythings come of it, I've decided that I need to move away from this, Agnes was right. Mortimer brought me back from the Bistro tonight and we've just had the most romantic love-making we've ever experienced! He's right, after all these years I still love him and nothing is ever going to change that. My priorities are in check now and my life is back on track!

165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 19th 2004: 01:30amEdit

Dear Diary,

Had the fright of my life! Just walked downstairs to get myself a glass of water, I've been beyond thirsty tonight, so I was comfortable walking downstairs to quickly fill up my glass. I did my usual, opened the fridge and poured it from our Fridge filter - what happened next shocked me to the point that I dropped my glass onto the floor in fright! A man's face was at the window in my kitchen. The face was pale with a hint of pink - it was like something out of a horror movie! When the face realised it had started me it just smiled and then disappeared as quick as lightening. It's smile was something out of the had...dare I say it...fangs! I know exactly what it was a Vampire of some sort, it had come looking for me. It knew where I lived and it knew that I was afraid! What have I done?! Will this have some sort of effect on my family?

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 19th 2004: 10:55am--

Dear Diary,

Picking up from last night, Mortimer heard me! He came down and asked me what was wrong so I told him what I saw. I didn't tell him what it was, but I told him that I saw someone with a pale face looking through our window and that it darted off when I screamed. Mortimer called the police, he believes it was an attempted burglary - but from what research I had gathered, this person couldn't even enter the house, let alone steal from us. The police told us that the neighbourhood had seen a few incidents involving burglary over the last few days and that it was normal, he said we should keep our doors and windows locked at all times. I played it convincingly, I asked the officer why he had a white face and his response was that the man was probably related to drugs. Did I mention that I DIDN'T tell Mortimer that he had fangs? Too much detail was what I thought. I've decided to pay a visit to Agnes again, although I feel strange keep calling in on her like I'm doing. I'm about to get ready to pay her a visit...

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 19th 2004: 12:45pm--

Dear Diary,

I went to Agnes' home and she wasn't there, all I found was a note on the door saying she'd gone visiting family - what family?! Mortimer was her only family left from what they'd both told me, so I can't understand who she'd be visiting. I tried to look round the back to see if she was in, because Agnes is the type that would put that on the door just to stop people from visiting. I walked round the back of the small home and luckily, when I tried the back door it opened! I was surprised, knowing Agnes she'd probably lock it. She'd gone somewhere for sure, her wardrobe was more or less empty - I don't know why I was even looking round her home, but I needed to see something...something that could help me. I saw in her living room, the large book she'd used to find her spells and encantations. I glanced through it, for some reason I was more nervous than ever - what if someone came to visit and saw that I'd technically broken an entery? What if this mysterious vampire at the window of my home had planned something and I was right where he wanted me? I decided to take the book for myself, I'll return it, but I can't stay in Agnes' home reading this, there was something uncomfortable about it. Since I've gotten home, I've noticed that different spells require different ingredients for them to work; the lists are strange, ducks legs, frogs eyes etc...not the kind of thing you can find at the average local shop. There's an address at the back of the book, it's the address of an old store on the outskirts of town - I'm going to try there, there's a spell in this book that can turn an object of personal importance into a weapon against Vampires. I say weapon, it just says it stops them from being able to attack the person wearing it. I need quite a few things, so let's make a list.

  1. Snakes Eggs x3
  2. Rats Tail x1
  3. Bottle of Apple Juice
  4. Ducks Legs x2
  5. Bottle of Plasma Juice
  6. Object of importance (My wedding ring)

Heading out there to the "Magic Shop" now, I'll update you later...

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 19th 2004: 07:20pm--

Dear Diary,

Quite a lot to report! I went to the store and I was surprised to find it was called "Willie's Magic Shop" - very public, considering I've never even heard of anything like this until recently. The place was dark and creep

Creepy magic shop!

y, like you'd imagine. It was filled with all sorts of little jars and bottles and live animals inside of it; I went up to the man behind the counter, I presumed this was Willie. He helped me out with what I needed and gathered the ingredients for me. So I left the store and returned home, I could have asked him some questions but I honestly didn't feel it was right, the guy was too quiet to be questioned for information about the supernatural. On my way home, I got the distinctive feeling I was being followed and watched - it may be paranoia, but it was there and it was very unsettling. I got home and hadn't realised that Cassandra was home from school; she was being moody as per-usual, she kept telling me about how she was excited to be finishing school this weekend as she was annoyed at how easy some of the tests were. She was a brainiac and she knew it! I made her tea and she went off to do her homework - shortly afterwards Mortimer walked through the door. He was pretty happy that he'd sold more of the condo homes that he'd arranged to be built. He was going about his normal routine of explaining about his day, then he said he was going off out again for a work meeting, he asked if I'd like to go with him, but I told him I was going to stay home and watch the kids. As he went, I realised now was my time. I got a small pot from underneath the sink and I took it upstairs into the attic - I started following the instructions carefully - candles, check - water filled bowl, check - object of importance, check - now it was time to follow the instructions carefully; which I did. Once the ingredients were added, I was then told I needed to add the object of importance; so I placed my beautiful wedding ring into the pot of bubbling witchcraft and it began to rise from it slowly. It spun around and then the lights begun flickering, eventually it stopped and the ring fell into the palm of my hands again. It felt warm, I had no idea if it had worked so I just placed it onto my finger; then cleaned up the mess I'd created and returned to the house as normal. I've decided I need to take the magic book back to Agnes' home, so I'm about do that now. I have no idea when she's back, she did say she was away visiting family though, so I presume she's been gone at least over a day?

--Woodland Park: Pleasantview January 19th 2004: 09:45--

Dear Diary,

After leaving the baby sitter to take care of my children, I decided to return to Agnes' home. I didn't knock or go anything, I just went to the back door and let myself in again - everything was the same, for some reason I was expecting the home to have been tampered with, maybe the vampire had somehow got inside? I placed the book back into its original place and swiftly got out of there. I've been walking around Pleasantview for a few minutes since and I've found myself sitting on a bench at Woodland Park. Everything felt so surreal for me, over the last few days I'd gone from being a quiet, mysterious housewife, to being secretive, a liar and a Vampire baiter. I didn't want to put my family in danger, they meant too much to me. Mortimer was the love of my life and he was working so hard to make this work for us. Whoever this person was, he was looking for me, or...the necklace! That necklace belong to Cornelia Goth, it was her property and it fell into my hands just through sorting out her possessions. As I've been sat here, I can see in the distance a large moving van near the new condo's that have just been built - Mortimer's work was paying off and if he found out about this he'd never forgive me for putting myself and my family in danger. It was curiosity of someone who was a little bored that lead to all this! It's time for me to go home anyway...

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 19th 2004: 10:10pm--


You're the first person I've turned to! I returned home to pay the babysitter, but when I returned I opened the door and heard a loud smash coming from the living room. I ran towards the door and shockingly...I saw...him! The Vampire from last night, he was feeding off the babysitter; her body was motionless in his arms, he saw me enter the room - he didn't flinch! He continued to feed off her, before eventually dropped her like a bag onto the floor. His mouth was surrounded by blood and he was smiling maniacally - he spoke to me in a husky voice - "I want that necklace?". I was speechless, how was he allowed to enter my home? I knew he couldn't hurt me though, so I wasn't as afraid... "I don't have it!" was my response. He started laughing and then said - "You have until tomorrow night, if you don't give it to me I'll feed on every member of this household...". Before I could say anything, he'd disappeared! Just like lightening, he'd gone! The babysitter must have invited him in by accident - how was I supposed to hide her body? How could I give him the necklace when Agnes told me the power it would give Vampires and what they'd want to use it for? I needed help, really badly...I was alone in this and there was nothing I could do. He said he was going to kill my family! I just...don't know what to do...

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 19th 2004: 11:55pm--

Dear Diary,

I've done it! I've lied to my husband, I've done the un-thinkable and covered up a young girls death. After I last wrote on these pages, I decided that I needed to cover up the corpse of the woman who was now dead in my living room. The only way to do this was to bury her, the garden surrounding my home is big enough and there's more than enough corpses out there, so the best thing I could think of was to dispose of the body out there. I just couldn't have any of my family finding out about this, it was too risky and I didn't want to lose Mortimer, or my children. I carried the lifeless body outside and dug up some of the terrain in the cemetery area, then I placed the body inside and covered it up with the dirt I'd already dug up. It was perfect, the ground looked untouched and as I finished making the ground seem secure, I went back inside for a shower before Mortimer came home. He's back now and currently sipping on a cup of coffee in the living room - he hasn't suspected a thing and I'm getting far too good at keeping secrets from him. It's really starting to worry me, because I'm not sure how much more I can take of this...

165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 20th 2004: 07:30amEdit

Dear Diary,

I woke this morning to do my usual routine, make breakfast for my family, see my husband and children off to work, school and playschool and clean the house whilst they're gone. This wasn't like any other day, I was plagued with nightmares from last nights events - the burial ground outside my house was screaming at me louder than ever, it's as though the guilt is getting the better of me. I wish Agnes would come back and try and help me, thing is this Vampire guy wasn't threatening my life, he was threatening my family's. I had to give him this necklace back tonight...but how on earth could I do that? The necklace would give any Vampire an unlimited amount of power and that would allow them to dominate over the human race. I'd be signing everyone's death sentence in doing that. Thinking about all this stu...


GOSH! Just had to leave you there Diary, I heard something from the garden and when I've gone to check it out...there's a gaping hole in the middle of the cemetery area! The body of the woman has gone! But where?! Where could it have gone? I've got no idea how it could have been moved, unless someone saw me. Unless it's that Vampire playing tricks on me?


After relaxing a little, it's hit me like a bolt of lightening - the girl died from being killed by Vampire, therefore...she's returned to life as one now. It all makes perfect sense, she's returned to life; that's another Vampire on the loose in Pleasantview. I need to go and sort out the man hole in my garden before someone suspects something. Gosh, what have I done to this town? What if this Vampire starts a killing spree? Like I said last night, I don't know how much more I can take of this...

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 20th 2004: 13:08pm--

Dear Diary,

I'm sitting in my bedroom staring at the necklace in my hand. I've spent a good few hours just cleaning and contemplating what to do. I'm still at square one, I have no idea what I'm going to do with this situation, everything is just...a mess! I really want to tell Mortimer, but I can't, I need to protect him from this as much as possible. What's more, I've just been reading an email sent to mine and Mortimer's account confirming the names of the new residents in town - I recognised the name "Caliente" instantly. Dina Caliente was my husband wife when he was living abroad, I never met her, but they were married just before his death. She must still be grieving for him as I have been for some time now. She's moved here with her sister, Nina, again I've never seen this woman either. Next door to them is a gentleman named Don Lothario - the neighbourhood really is expanding. What with Cassandra's last day at school just two days away, I feel like the world is moving on and I'm stuck in this bubble. I've been a good Mother, but right now I'm failing miserably. I've hardly spoke to Cassandra these past few days and Alexander is always looked after by babysitter's instead of me because of all this! I just wish I'd never looked into this stupid necklace story, looking at the old thing now, it's really not worth it. But it contains so much power and in the wrong hands, it could be deadly. I've not decided what I'm going to do yet, but this day can't get any worse.

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 20th 2004: 16:55pm--

Dear Diary,

I've decided! I'm not going to hide away! I've just had a visit from an old friend of mine, Mary-Sue Pleasant lived just across the street from us and she's always been quite a family woman. She's popped round to see if the electricity is working alright because hers keeps flickering - she said to me that I seemed quiet, so I told her that I wasn't having the best time lately, instead of asking why, she just said "I'm sure you'll sort it, you're the strongest woman I know...", then she walked away. It's like her saying that has given me a boost - I am a strong person, I won't let this Vampire push me around, or my family. I know what I'm going to do, the necklace will remain hidden and my family will be protected. Even if I have to take them on an extended vacation, I'll do it because it's my job. That Vampire may be scary, but he's messed with the wrong woman...

--165 Sim Lane: Pleasantview January 20th 2004: 21:38pm--

Dear Diary,

I've constructed the perfect plan! Although there's a problem within it! It's come over me all of a sudden; I've sent Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander on a mini break to the cabin on the outskirts of Pleasantview. My excuse for not going? I'm doing my rounds of chores and then I'll join them. I need them out of the way tonight, there's no way this Vampire is going to hurt them, so they're gone. The problem in the plan? The new neighbour, Don Lothario is his name, he's invited me over to his new condo to welcome him to the new neighbourhood. As much as I really don't want to, it's the perfect excuse to get away - the necklace is safe too, I've buried it somewhere. I'd love to reveal all, but in case something should happen to this diary, my lips are sealed as to where it is. I've got to visit this guy now, hopefully the Vampire will realise I'm not there and disappear.

Woodland Park: Pleasantview January 21st 2004: 03:20amEdit

Dear Diary,

My writing may be a little shaky, for that I apologise. A lot has happened since I last wrote in you, things have changed and my life itself has become the complete opposite of what it was when I first begun writing. Let's start from where I left off - Don Lothario! He invited me round to "welcome" him to his new condos; started off okay, seemed like a lovely young man, being nice and offering drinks. Talking about the neighbourhood and how he'd always wanted to move to here - fresh start! That's what he wanted, a new beginning. I thought this guy seemed like someone that could b

Looking through Don's telescope

e a friend to me. He showed me round his house, I told him how my husband was part of the reason they were built and the design was half his - he then took me to the outside of his condo, which was quite well decorated, although he spoke about getting his stereo system set up outside there. He showed me a telescope at the top of the condo and told me he had a bit of a liking for all things paranormal - I thought this was weird, but I went along with it anyway. He asked me to look through it and said it was quite good that you could see so far in one of them. He was right, the view was fantastic but there was something a little off about Don, he was TOO nice. When I finished stargazing through the telescope, I turned to him and he had this look in his eye, it wasn't a good look; he seemed like a little boy eyeing up a new toy. He said "My god, you really are beautiful", originally thinking I'd heard wrong, I just asked him what he said and his response was -' '"From the moment I saw you earlier, I just had to get you alone...", he wrapped his arm around my waist and tried to kiss me. I pushed him away, but he continued to try and kiss me. I was married to Mortimer, didn't he realise this?! I pushed him away and shouted "Don! I'm married...". I just wanted to get away, I was disgusted that he'd tried anything like that with me... I mean...I was married?! I ran towards the front door and left that horrible house. For the moment, I forgot all about Vampires and supernatural beings - I was just so annoyed that I'd been played the way I had. I walked round the corner and suddenly... BOOM! I saw him, the Vampire was there; his teeth were visible and he had an evil look in his eye. I was annoyed at Don, but I wished I'd stayed there now. "Where's the necklace lady?he snarled at me; I was in a bad mood anyway, so I said "You'll never find it! Ever, it's gone!". He replied with "That necklace belongs to Ayden Van Gould, he'll be very upset if he doesn't get it..." - I heard about Ayden from Agnes, he was evil, but to be honest I really didn't care, I was sick of my life at the moment, I was sick of running from these creatures, besides...I had my wedding ring and that protected my from being harmed. "I don't care, there's nothing you can do to me..." I said, confidentely. The Vampire smiled and said "You haven't done your research, I can hear and see things more than you think..."; before I could respond, he grabbed my wrist, ripped the wedding ring off my finger and threw it away - he then grabbed my hard and made my neck visible and started feeding off me. That pain...I can't explain...the feeling of his teeth sinking into my neck was unbearable - I screamed, hoping someone would turn up. Nobody came - before I knew it my knees were shaking and everything became dizzy.

I woke up on the floor where I'd been stood, the pain had stopped and it was very quiet in the street. I got to my feet and inspected my neck, there were two big gaping holes in my neck from where that beast had bitten into me. I wasn't sure what time it was, but my skin felt different, I couldn't feel air - the tree's where moving, but the chilly wind I'd felt before was gone. I couldn't feel a thing, I got to my feet and ran towards the only place I believed was safe - home! I ran to 165 Sim Lane; I opened the door only to find I couldn't enter my own home. There was something stopping me - as the confusion sunk in...a worrying thought came over me - had that Vampire turned me?! Why couldn't I enter my home? What was wrong with me? Before I could say anything, I heard a police siren from behind me, I had to get away, if they could see me or find out where I got these bite marks they'd surely tell my family and everyone would think I was crazy. I've hidden out the way round the side of the house; the two officers tapped on the open door and...again, surprsingly, Mortimer appeared and said "Hello gentlemen..." - Mortimer wasn't in hiding?! What had happened?! The officers walked into the house and shut the front door. I decided to go round the back for a closer, but safe look. There I stood, trying hard to listen to what was being said - for some reason, my hearing seems more enhanced and as I concentrated harder, suddenly, the entire living room of my home came into ear focus, it was like I was there...but I was outside? It's strange. I can hear things this clearly? It's strange! I listened carefully to what the officers were saying; my children weren't there, but before I had time to panic Mortimer told the officers that Cassandra and Alexander were upstairs. Before I could become more curious, the officers sat down and said "So you've phoned us because you believe your wife is missing?" said the plump one - there's always one plump and skinny officer, it's a stereotype. Missing?! Mortimer thought I was missing? "Yes, it's not like her to be away so long, she was supposed to meet us at a cabin on the outskirts of town, but she's not shown up and when we've returned home she's nowhere to be seen" said Mortimer; the look of pure heartbreak on his face was soul destroying - he looks so worried and to think, this is all my fault. The skinny officer began writing down details and asked him different questions like what I looked like, had I been acting different lately (to which Mortimer said I had been a little distance but nothing serious), what I was wearing, if he had a picture etc., etc. They said they'd keep their eye open and get back with details; the officers left and Mortimer has been sat in his arm chair ever since. I've retreated to the park for now, I'm just...facing the realisation that everything has changed - I'm not...human...anymore. I can't be, my emotions are higher and I'm starting to just...I don't know diary, I really don't what I'm going to do...

--Road to Nowhere: Pleasantview January 21st 2004: 11:30am--

Dear Diary,

After last writing in you, I sat for several minutes alone in the park in Pleasantview considering what I should do. Everything swept into my mind, I realised that my past life was pretty much a distant memory. The pain and heart ache that I had put my family through was providing me with undeniable guilt - Mortimer's face when he believed I was missing was still fresh in my mind. could I do this to them? I couldn't go back and tell them everything, pride wasn't in my way, neither was guilt - it was just the feeling of them turning me away and how I'd become this awful wife and mother that really didn't deserve a family. To me, I'm dead... what I'm feeling is heightened and I'm no longer alive. The woman Mortimer married wasn't around any more, the Mother Cassandra and Alexander needed was never going to return - not in the way I would want to be. It was in these desperate moments of self-loathing that I came to a decision - one that would effect my..erm..future...and the future of my family. I'm forcing myself in exile! I needed to get away from everything, I needed to leave things as they were right now. I didn't want my family seeing me in this state. I was going to leave, but I had no idea where I was going to end up. I just...I wasn't thinking straight. One thing I had to do though, I had to look at my husband one last time - I went back to 165 Sim Lane and knocked on the door; Mortimer opened it and before I could hide, he'd seen me! He gasped and shouted my name, I couldn't move, I was just still. I said "Mortimer!" - he threw his arms around me and squeezed me like everything was okay again. For those 2 seconds, seeing his face light up, seeing his heart beating properly again, I forgot about everything. It was only when he kissed my cheek that it sunk in - I couldn't feel the kiss like I used to - the warmth of his lips, it had gone. I looked to the ground and he said "What happened to you? Where have you been?" - I couldn't stay in his company, I looked at him and said "Can you invite me inside please?", he looked confused, but he said "Erm...okay...come in..." - I could do it! I walked into my house again! I looked around at the grand hallway and it looked breathtaking. I turned to Mortimer and I said "I just need to go and check on the kids, I'll be down soon...", he didn't question it, his face was happier and I think he was just glad to see me again. I walked up to the room of my eldest child, Cassandra. She was sleeping peacefully. I had several minutes with her - tears were flooding down my face; I just knew  that she needed time to grow up and become a woman and dealing with the pressure of my being a Vampire? No, she needed to be away from all that! She needed protecting - so did Alexander. I kissed Cassandra's forehead and whispered "Goodnight my little Princess". I walked into the room of my youngest child; tears continued flying down my face, I stroked his little head - he was growing up now and I knew I was going to miss the smell and the touch of my baby boy. I couldn't control myself - I hated what I'd done to my family, we were so happy and me being curious and stupid lead to this happening. They were better off away from what I'd become, it was too dangerous and I needed them to be safe. I kissed my son on his forehead and walked back downstairs. It was the last time I may have ever seen them, but the feeling of doing what was right was keeping me going. Mortimer hugged me again when he saw me in the living room; I didn't respond, but eventually he noticed the tears rolling down my face. He was concerned...DON'T BE NICE! I just thought! "Bella what's wrong?" he asked, I couldn't stop the emotion; I just said "Mortimer, I've done a terrible thing...". He kept asking what I'd done, I just said "I...I'm dead Mortimer..." - the comment didn't seem to register properly, he looked more confused than ever. I told him everything! I told him that I'd messed around and that I'd destroyed my life, I told him that things existed that I didn't even believe in until now. He was so confused, but his face completely changed when I said "Mortimer, this family doesn't need my as I am...I'm sorry...but I can't stay here..."; he came forward and grabbed my hand, he said "Bella, we can get through this...whatever it is...". My husband...he was too nice and he hadn't even noticed my wedding ring was gone! I said "I need you to forget about me..."; sorry diary, but I'm still emotional and it's a real struggle to write this...

The look on his face...he didn't want to forget me...he said - "Bella, I can never forget you...I love're the love of my life and you always will be...". I just sobbed, then I remembered something I read in the library... Vampires could compel someone, it didn't matter who it was. I looked at Mortimer and said "I love you..." - I needed him to say it one more time... "I love you too, Bella". I had it! I grabbed his head and made direct eye contact with him (don't ask why, I have no idea why I know this stuff?) and said "You've not seen me, I'm still missing. Forget everything since the police visited - I'm missing...I've been abducted my aliens! Tell the children that, I've been abducted." Mortimer shook his head and before he could open his eyes, I ran for it! I took one last look at 165 Sim Lane, blew a kiss to it and my family and left! I've been on the road to nowhere since. I have no idea where I'm heading, but I've just done something I didn't think I'd ever do! A lady stopped in the car when she saw me and asked me if I needed help - I didn't need help, I needed her car. She got out and saw I was crying, so she put her arms round me. I don't know what came over me - anger? aggression? Hunger? I bite into her neck and began feeding off her. There's something strange about it, it's horrible, but it's so satisfying at the same time! She collapsed in my arms and I dropped her by the road side. I've since been in her car - guilt yet again has come over me, what have I done?! She was an innocent woman asking if I needed help, but I just...killed her? The feeling of guilt was disappearing, because I had a satisfied lust for blood. Although as I'm writing this, I can feel myself getting hungry again. The sun started coming up and I completely forgot about things I'd read, but the burning sensation across my body was enough to make me remember! I couldn't travel in daylight; so what I've managed to do is park the car inside a car park for the time being. It's indoor and connected to the gas station. I saw a sign on my way down for a town I could possibly head to, that's where I was heading. 200 miles and I was away. I'm going to get some sleep now, but in the morning...I'm heading for Strangetown.

-- 94 Road To Nowhere: Strangetown January 21st 2004: 10:00pm--

Dear Diary,



After waking up I sat waiting in the car for a few hours; I've never been more eager for night than I ever have today. It usually arrives around 7ish, so by 8pm I was well away. I've not stopped driving, following the road signs - eventually the beautiful greenery became sand and houses seemed a million miles away. Eventually here I am, a small desert town called Strangetown - it is strange, compared to Pleasantview this town was incredibly small. The houses are spaced out quite a distance from each other and it's very...quiet. There's no frequent traffic, in fact it's like an post-apolocalyptic town. I parked the car and began walking down the long road of Stangetown; there wasn't a soul in sight, not even a car driving past. There's a local pool though, that's where I am right now - sat by the pool, but there's no one in sight, the building at the side of the pool is closed. I have no idea where I am, but the name of this town matches what it actually was...and that was strange...

13 Dead End Lane: Strangetown January  22nd 2004: 12:16amEdit

Dear Diary,

Okay, so I've found myself a home... I was joined at the pool side by a nice woman, she didn't reveal her name at first, but she was kind enough to ask me if I was okay. I told her my situation, told her I was homeless, hungry and I really felt alone, the woman was kind enough to offer me a place to say. Her name is Olive Specter and her home is called 13 Dead End Lane. I know what you're thinking, that's the strangest name for a street, but who was I to complain? I was a Vampire and I couldn't afford to be picky. The house itself is nice, very sweet...sickly sweet! I don't know what's come over me, but I actually hate the house! Everything is just so, Olive is sickly sweet too, she's offering me biscuits, food and has even told me to make myself at home. What's wrong with me?! Why do I feel slight hatred for this woman? I did well and I kept it hidden, I'm playing it cool for now. Although I gave in and I've literally JUST compelled the old woman - I'm hungry, but because she's been nice I don't want to kill her.

Olive Specter

I've fed from her wrist and after some...persuasion, she won't reveal my secret and will allow me to feed on her for as long as I needed. This was the perfect get away - since being here I hadn't had the time to think about...home...or...Mortimer...or my children. I wonder what they were up to now? Probably worried sick, but trust me, it would be worse if I was there - what if I'd given in and fed of one of them?! I need to stay away from Pleasantview and if that Vampire was still looking for me, he'd surely be drawn away from Pleasantview, he'll think I have the necklace. It's still buried in Pleasantview and no one will ever find it! Right now, I was still tired; my teeth are kinda sore, since I've developed fangs and all. They just appear when I smell blood, it's strange. Usually I've read stories were Vampire's faces changed when they start feeding or smell blood, but mine doesn't, it stays the same, it's just fangs form. It's odd! I still have a lot of research to do, but it's time to relax for now.

--13 Dead End: Strangetown January 22nd 2004: 03:00pm--

Dear Diary,

I've found a way behind my sunlight problem! Curtains! I've told Olive to shut them when the suns out and she has done. Phew! I'm going to explore this...strange town later tonight. Olive's gotten a little curious earlier, she asked me why I was here and where I'd come from. Honestly? I really refuse to say anything to her! As nice as she is, I want no one to know. So I pretended I couldn't remember anything! I told her I didn't know where I was, or how I got here. I just...appeared here! She said she thought I was suffering from some sort of amnesia! Yeah...and the rest sweety. I've inspected her home and there's a few pictures underneath her bed of her and some guy, no idea where he was and no idea who he was. If he was a partner, he may be dead because she is kinda old. She told me her teenage niece, Ophelia Nigmos is her name (awful name to be honest) was due to move in with her because her parents had passed away recently. The poor girl, I just kept thinking of my own daughter, she must be feeling like she's lost me too. As much as I feel bad for this young girl, I didn't need anyone else knowing about my current...state...I kinda hoped she wouldn't turn up...

13 Dead End: Strangetown January 23rd 2004: 01:01amEdit

Dear Diary,

After spending most of the daylight sleeping, I've got some bits to report. As soon as night fell, I decided to wonder round Strangetown to and try...get a grasp of the place. I noticed that my friend has a large garden, I wonder why she's never done anything with it? Olive had time on her hands, yet the empty garden was just left to stand on its own unattended to. One thing I have discovered, is that the town itself rarely gets any traffic, that's brilliant for someone like me, who doesn't want to be found or seen by anyone that could potentially know me. I walked down the to the main road of the town and tried to see if anyone was about - like last night, it's a dead town! There isn't many people around to talk to and it's as though something has scared them off. Although I came across something quite interesting - the first human I saw since Olive Specter. A blonde woman, her hair was tied back and she wore a long pink dress - she saw me and appeared from a yellow house on the main road. She looked very worried, she looked towards me and said "Are you human?". I was quite shocked at this, I'd not been asked this since I turned, I just said "Erm...yes...of course...". She seemed very trusting, she came towards me, but still looked around her - "They're coming, you need to go indoors...". I was surprised at this, I didn't know how to react - "Who? Who's coming?". She shook her head, took a large gulp and said - "I can't tell you, you just need to get indoors...we don't wonder around at night because they come...they've been searching for it for months". I needed to know more, but before I could speak, she turned away and ran back to her yellow home and shouted back - "Get out of here!". Was she talking about Vampires, or something else? I wasn't stupid enough to not take the warning, I needed to get back to 13 Dead End before whatever was coming came and saw me. I have a lot of questions for Olive Specter, but I have no idea how to ask - did she even though? The old lady was wondering around herself at night last night? I needed to find away to walk in the daylight, but how the hell could I achieve that? I needed to speak to that blonde woman in the day where she wasn't petrified. It's not as easy as going to the Library, or going to see Agnes to find out some answers, I had to do my own research...somehow...

--13 Dead End: Strangetown January 23rd 2004: 04:50pm--

Dear Diary,

Sorry I don't get chance to write in your much, the hours in the day are muddled up for me lately - adjusting to being a Vampire is harder than it looks. Anyway, since I last wrote in you I've done quite a bit of research, granted Olive Specter told me that the town has no library, which is just typical. I asked her why everyone had to stay indoors at night and she said she didn't know why, I compelled her to tell me the truth and she did so - saying that she didn't know, she just went along with it. That blonde woman knew something, but I needed to get to her and I can't walk in the sunlight. After learning that I can't visit the library, I decided to compel Olive to drive down to the nearest electrical store and buy me a computer - she went and got back about an hour later. This is one thing I love about being a Vampire. She came back with a gentleman who set it up for her and told us to enjoy it. I couldn't let him leave without a bite to eat, so I fed from him and compelled him to forget it happened - excellent! Now I had the Computer set up, I decided to do my investigating into the old archives of the witches. I proved I could do spells by using the protection on my ring, if only there was something I could find. Funnily enough, nothing much appeared although there were some discussion on some witches forum between a group of fresh in-experienced witches who were discussing a way to allow a Vampire to walk in the sun. One of them claimed that ony several Vampires know how to do it and  that it required a great deak of personal strength and experience with witchcraft. Great! I needed Agnes Crumplebottom, she was the only witch I knew and she'd be able to help me for sure. The only other solution would be to actually visit the yellow home at night, but I'm a bit cautious as to what's out there. Nevertheless, I've decided to go for it! I'm going to visit the house tonight and if some creatures step in my way, then at least I can say "curiosity got the better of me!".

--13 Dead End: Strangetown January 23rd 2004: 11:59pm--

Dear Diary,

I've learned what I needed to! I walked down to the yellow building as soon as the night fell and knocked on the door. The blonde woman answered and seemed quite shocked I was there - "You again?!" she said as she saw me. I told her I needed some help, I was new round town and I had nowhere else to go - she said "Okay, come inside then..." - bingo!!! I walked in and she lead me through to the room at the back of the house - the house was narrow compared to how it looked on the outside. I sat down, I could hear children somewhere - "You have kids?" I asked, she said "Yes, three, they're upstairs - do you?". I denied all knowledge of my chidren, I told her I didn't know! She seemed confused, I loved playing the lost girl with amnesia, it seemed to go down well in this town. When she sat down she said to me - "I rarely get any visitors, but then this time of night it's a ghost town...". Which brought me to my question - "I came because...what is up with this town? I don't understand...". The blonde woman sighed and looked around, she started what seemed to me like it was going to be a long tale. She said "This town isn't like any's the mid-section between different fact you can reach every town in Sim City from this road here..." - she said all this and all I could think was "Where's this going?" - "But this is one road where it's existence isn't's just a set of houses built together, there's no police station near by, there's no Mayor, no one cares about this town. If all of us died, no one would really care because many people don't even know we exist...". That explained a lot, but I still didn't know why everyone was so scared? "So, this place isn't on the map?" I asked; "Oh yes, it's on the map, but it's not acknowledged as a town, it's just a spare road" she replied. I then directed my next question at why I was really here - "So go on, why does everyone stay indoors at night?". The woman let out another deep sigh - "Because no one cares, there's no one tell and because there's no one to tell, we're an easy target..." easy target for what?! "An easy target...for who?" I asked. She avoided eye contact with me, then she said - "If I told you, you probably wouldn't believe me...". I just raised my eyebrows, there's nothing I wouldn't believe any more, I believed in everything. "You'd be surprised..." I said to her - she responded with "There's a town not far from here, it's called Moonlight Falls..."; that famous town pops up again, I really need to go there, it's linked to nearly everything that I've discovered in the past month. She then said something that was familiar with too - "There's there named Ayden Van Gould..." - the famous Vampire! The one who was responsible for destroying my life as it was? Yes, I knew who he was... "He's a Vampire and I know that sounds crazy..." she said; I stopped her in her tracks - "It doesn't sound crazy, I know they exist, I had...dealings with them in the past...". She nodded and then continued - "Well, there's a group of three people who live in Moonlight Falls, they're his followers and they come to Strangetown to...well...they come for an easy meal..." she said; I understood, but to make it clear I said "I don't understand..." - "No rules, no police, no one cares...we're easy to be eaten...". She had a point, I guess Strangetown was easy access for Vampires. "But Vampires can be killed?" I stated, but she shook her head - "It's not just Vampires we're dealing with. There's one Vampire in the pack - Dante Morganthe, sadistic and one of Ayden's most loyal followers. The other two are... Argus Brown, a werewolf and a very fast one at that..."; A real werewolf? I'd never come across them before, I knew how to kill a Vampire, but a werewolf was a new one. "The third is one that...makes it impossible to get away when they're after you; a woman named Violet Slymer, she's not human, or a Vampire, or a werewolf or even a witch...she's a ghost" finished the woman - a ghost?! Never heard of ghosts walking around, but anythings possible to be honest. "A ghost?!" I responded; she nodded and said "Yeah, so how do you kill a ghost, huh?". I was clueless, I needed to do more research - "They've haunted this town for many years now, for us who know - we get away, but every time someone new has arrived in town they've been a meal between those three, they get some sort of sadistic kick out of it" said the frightened blonde. "So why haven't the people of the town done anything yet?" I asked - "This town? You're dealing with lunatic scientists, aggressive my husband, even aliens..." she responded with. "Aliens exist?" I asked, I already knew because of something I read, but I asked anyway - "Yes, he's nice enough though the alien in this town, but they do exist." I just shook my head and looked around - "That's why you need to find yourself a way out of this town, it's not safe for a girl like you..." she advised - "What about you?" I asked, she seemed a little shaken by me asking about her - "You said your husband was aggressive?". She put her head down - "Yes, he's...violent. Our divorce will be finalised in the next couple of days, but until then I can stay here." I just said "I'm sorry about that...". Afterwards, she told me her name was Lyla Grunt, but she was going to be known as Lyla Vandermorgan soon. I told her my name was Bella Goth and she said that I should go and get out of here before I got caught. I said my goodbyes and I've headed back to the Specter household - I should flee? Get away? Forget that! I'm going seeing this trio, I wasn't scared of them, what's the worse they could do to me? Besides, I had more than a bone to pick with Ayden Van Gould anyway...

13 Dead End: Strangetown January 24th 2004: 05:00amEdit

Dear Diary,

I did it! I found the Supernatural Trio. It was easier than I imagined actually, I left the Specter home at about 12:14am and went searching for them, funnily enough I heard the sound of growling coming from further down the street. There was a man stood there, he had longish hair and bright yellow eyes, as I approached them he spoke and said "I think we should terrorize the Smith's house..."; suddenly a well built man appeared from around the cornor of a house and said "We can't get in..."; the long haired, yellow eyed man replied with "We can't go in...but we can terrorize them from the outside..." - the pair chuckled maniacally. Before I could announce myself, I heard a woman's voice - "I smell cheap perfume and a dead heart..." - then I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned to see a long haired girl behind me. "I wonder what death wish you're on?" she whispered to me - the two men came walking towards me, funnily enough, I wasn't afraid of them because I had something that they needed. "I take it you three are the Supernatural Trio?" I said to them - the long haired, yellow eyed man laughed and said "That's us, the fact you know of us seems pretty cool...". This is who this town were affraid of? These were Ayden Van Gould's loyalist servants? "What would a beautiful woman like you be doing wondering around on her own?" said the well-built man. I presumed this was Dante Morganthe - "Steady on there Dante, I'm already dead...". He stepped back and looked at Argus Brown and Violet Slymer - "I thought we drained everyone we killed round here, so they couldn't come back?". Argus looked very worried, he scratched his head in confusion - "My name is Bella Goth..." - the three of them looked at me; "And I know what your Master is looking for". Violet laughed - "What's that then?"; to stop this arrogant ghost from feeling above me, I said "A necklace, with the power to provide any Vampire with enough power to overthrow everyone that stands in their way...". Dante seemed to mock what I was saying - "Everyone knows about the necklace...", he looked to Argus - "She's bluffing..." he said to his werewolf friend. "I'm not, I know where it is...because I stole it and took care of it myself..." I said to them; Argus rushed towards me and grabbed my throat, she slammed me against the brick wall of a home that I hadn't seen in town before and said "Hand it over, or we'll rip your heart out of your chest". His grip tightened around my neck and suddenly I started laughing - "Kill me and you'll never, ever find it...". His eyes rolled and he loosened his grip - Dante walked towards me and said "Tell us where it is...". I found it laughable, I really don't see why these three are feared? "No, I think I'd rather Ayden come and get it himself..." I replied - Violet let out another laugh - "Do you really think it's wise to summon Ayden like this?", I adjusted my hair and said "Yes, I want to see him...". Dante stepped close to my face and looked my up and down, he was almost intimate, he whispered in my ear - "I know your story and I know your family, I know you secretly care for people and I assure you, if you don't hand over the necklace I will make sure your family in Pleasantview are tortured to death; I'll make sure they beg for death before the end..." - this did pierce my heart a little, but I wasn't going to be knocked off my perch right now - "What makes you think I care?" I said confidentially. Suddenly a familiar voice fell over us - "LET HER GO!!" - it was Lyla Grunt, she had a cross in her hands; Dante stepped away from the cross and Violet flinched a little, but Argus wasn't effected by it in the slightest. "Leave her alone; Bella get out of here..." said Lyla - sighed and said "Lyla, just go home...". She was irritating me, I get she was looking out for me, but she was going to ruin everything at this rate. Lyla turned to me and said "Are you crazy?! Get outta here..."; as she turned, Argus grabbed her from behind and made her neck visible - "Tell us where the necklace is or we'll feed off her..."; the look on Lyla's face was enough to make anyone feel guilty, but I couldn't right now, she had stepped into this and it wasn't her battle, she was in the way. "Like I said, what makes you think I care about...people any more?" I replied, keeping my cool. Lyla looked confused - "Bella...get help..." she kept whimpering. Dante laughed and stepped forward - "You're trembling Bella, I think you desperately don't want to see her hurt - you'll never make it as a Vampire, you care too much..." he said. Violet also let out a cackle. I noticed that Dante was carrying a small dagger around his belt. I needed to prove that I wasn't someone to be messed with. I grabbed the dagger, rushed towards Argus and shoved him to the ground; before anyone could react, I ran the dagger across Lyla's neck and went deeper until she was decapitated. Her head rolled onto the floor and her body soon followed. Argus gasped, Violet placed her hand over her mouth and I licked the blood off the dagger and said - "I really don't think you realise who you're dealing with here..." I dropped the dagger to the floor and moved towards them - "Now you go back to Moonlight Falls, tell Ayden I want to see him and tell him everything about tonight, also tell him that he's going to regret the day he ever crossed me...okay?". I ran away as fast as I could, running since being a Vampire seemed to go really quick. I was away and I'm back at the Specter home now - I did feel a hint of guilt for Lyla Grunt, but in the end there was nothing I could do, she had gotten in the way and it proved to those three idiots that they underestimated me. Now I just needed to wait for Ayden to arrive, if he even will - I also need to bury Lyla's body somewhere before it's found...but where could I put it???


The story itself is based on a game played by its owner, it takes the readers back to just before Bella Goth's disappearance and adds a twist to the original tale created by Maxis. Many loose ends will be tied into this story, Bella on Don Lothario's condo will be explained; Bella appearing in the fireplace will be explain and even the reason behind Olive Specter's murderous antics in Strangetown - everything will tie in. The story was developed after the game was played, the ideas just came naturally rather than planned and there's much more that appears in the story than just what happened in EAs timeline. Despite most supernatural creatures appearing in this story, Fairie's will NOT appear, every other supernatural life state may appear in some shape or form at some point, even Mummy's. The story is on-going and will be finished when the writer believes that it can go no further.