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The Treehouse on Moonlight Lane: 1
Name: The Treehouse on Moonlight Lane: 1
Series: The Treehouse on Moonlight Lane
Written by: WikiBuilder1147
Release date: 4 April 2015

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The Treehouse on Moonlight Lane is a second-person drama fan-fiction series being written by WikiBuilder1147.


You slowly open your eyes.

You are in a car, being driven through the middle of nowhere. Hmm. That's funny. The last you remember, you were sound asleep in your bed in...wherever you came from. Everything's a haze...why can't you remember where you came from? Where are you now? Who are you? ...What are you?

As you start to regain control of your senses, you begin moving your head. You look downwards. Your body is small. You are wearing a T-shirt with blue and light blue stripes, and beige-coloured shorts. Your socks are white. Your shoes are red with two white stripes. You realise you look...different. The last you remember, you many years old? You can't remember. You silently curse yourself for your lack of memory.

You look up. You see two strangers - adults - sitting in the car. One man, and one woman. The man is driving the car. Have you been kidnapped? Are you on your way to utter doom and destruction?

Then you realise: they're your parents. Oops.

You look to the right. On the other end of the car is a little girl, a bit smaller than yourself. Who is she? Your sister?

Your new memory congratulates you. Yes, this girl is your younger sister, May.

Strange. So strange. All this is so alien, yet familiar at the same time. Oh well. Might as well get used to it. are talking in a strange tongue. It almost sounds like gibberish. But the even freakier part is that you can understand them.

"We can make a fresh start in Tsukitani," Mum says. "Getting away from the city buzz of Bridgeport will be nice."

"Yes," your father agrees. "It'll be nice not to have to deal with the congested traffic and late trains everyday."

Dad looks up at the rearview mirror and notices that you are now awake and giving your utmost attention to the conversation.

"So, kiddo," Dad says. "What do you think of us moving to Tsukitani?"

Well, at least you still have your name.

"I'm fine with it, I guess," you find yourself saying. You have no idea where, or what, Tsukitani is. You're just going to have to find out.

"Great!" Mum says. She laughs.

Around forty minutes of driving through nowhere later, a road sign appears.

TOWN OF TSUKITANI - 8 MILES, it announces. On the horizon are buildings and houses.

And the seaside.

"Wake up, May!" Mum whispers. "It's Tsukitani! The seaside."

May opens her eyes. Her green eyes sparkle with excitement.

"The sea!" she squeals. "The sea!"

As your family drives through Tsukitani, you can see people going about their business. Kids rushing to school. People selling their wares in their stores. People going to work. Just like Bridgeport, wasn't like Bridgeport.

You are so confused right now.

You reach your new home, 20 Moonlight Lane. It is a modest size, and looks quite modern. It has a nice-looking balcony. Through several windows you can see a spacious backyard. That excites you. You haven't lived in a house with such a backyard for think.

You help your parents unload the luggage. The removal truck arrives soon after. The removal men disembark and begin moving furniture into the house. You carry your luggage into the house, up the stairs, and into your room, as directed by Dad. It looks quite big. You look out the window. A view of the seashore. Awesome.

After all the luggage and furniture is brought in two hours later, you are feeling exhausted. Your parents allow you to go and visit some of the neighbours. You try to decide who to visit first.

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