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The Treehouse on Moonlight Lane - 3
Name: The Treehouse on Moonlight Lane - 3
Series: The Treehouse on Moonlight Lane
Written by: WikiBuilder1147
Release date: 5 April 2015

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You decide to visit 22 Moonlight Lane.

As you walk along the footpath in the direction of the home of your new neighbours, you see lots of trees growing in the back garden of the house. Some are apple trees, others are growing other various fruit.

The house looks spacious and warm. The balcony on the first floor is surrounded by a glass barrier. A telescope and an easel sit on the floor of the balcony.

You walk up the driveway and stop at the front door.

You take a deep breath. Here we go.


You step back, as if the door was a dangerous explosive of some sort.

The blinds covering the window next to the door rustle before it is slightly shifted to the left. It's a boy, around your age. His messy brown hair press against the glass and his shining brown-orange eyes sparkle with curiosity.

You and the boy regard each other for a few seconds. He then runs off, retreating further into the house.

You can just here what the boy is saying.

"Okāsan! Okāsan! There's a boy at the door!" he shouts.

A few seconds later, keys jingle and the door opens. There is now a woman at the door. She looks robust and energetic.

"Hello!" she says. She smiles.

The same boy from before takes a peek from behind the woman. He looks shy.

"I haven't seen you around before," the woman says.

"We're new," you say nervously.

"Ah," she says. "That explains it. Welcome to Tsukitani, then! I am Mitsumi Kita. This," she turns around and moves the boy to stand in front of her, "is Ryuunosuke, my son." She bows. Ryuunosuke gets out of her way and reluctantly bows with her. You quickly realise that returning the greeting is most appropriate.

"Come in!" she says. "Please take off your shoes before you come in."

You hesitate. Should you go inside or not? It might be rude, and you never know what kind of people they are. But your instinct tells you that it's okay. What should you do?

If you decide to go inside with the Kitas, click here.

If you decide against going inside with the Kitas, click here.