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The Treehouse on Moonlight Lane - 7
Name: The Treehouse on Moonlight Lane - 7
Series: The Treehouse on Moonlight Lane
Written by: WikiBuilder1147
Release date: 12 April 2015

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You decide not to go inside. It might be a bit rude to just barge inside like that. Even if you were invited.

In order to make your refusal sound as polite as possible, you attempt to make up an excuse.

"Uh…I'd love to, Mrs Kita," you say, "but we're not quite done unpacking yet, and I have to help out. I only came to say a quick hello."

It appears to work. "I see," Mitsumi replies. "That's alright. We can get to know each other another time, then."

You nod in agreement. Then you bow. "It was nice to meet you, Mrs Kita."

Mitsumi and Ryuunosuke bow. "Nice to meet you too, err…," Mitsumi leaves her sentence hanging.


"Nice to meet you too, Anon." Mitsumi tries again.

"See you at school tomorrow…maybe?" Ryuunosuke whispers. You nod again. You turn and begin to walk away. You wave goodbye. "Bye!"

"Goodbye!" they call. You speed up into a run as the door shuts behind you.

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