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Ran Away
This fanon has been abandoned and isn't likely to be continued. Please enjoy the story without asking the author to update it.
The Truth
Name: The Truth
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Created by: AsherÉire
Rating: PG
Number of chapters: 6

Original run: 31st August - 1 September 2012
Status: In production

Preceded by: The Lost Boy
Succeeded by: Walkabout

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The Truth is a fanfiction written by a user who still can't go without writing. It's the second installment of the Confusion trilogy, following the journey of Danny Pleasant, who is trying to remember who he is.

Chapter 1: "Seriously?"Edit

"My name is Daniel... Pleasant." I say. The boys look at each other.

"Listen," Drew says. "you're coming with us."

I'm on my guard. "Why? Who put you in charge? I'm here to find out who I am! If you're not going to help me, then get out of my way!" I shouted. This is so unlike me.

The other boy steps in. "We are trying to help. You see, you said your name is Daniel Pleasant."

I'm getting really miffed with these two. "Yeah," I say in a sarcastic fashion. "what's your point?"

Rachel appears beside me. "Where ever Danny goes, I go, so you start explaining now."

I can tell Connor's getting really annoyed now. "For goodness sake! This is family business, OK? You really don't get this, do you? Drew and I are cousins and our granddad has the same name as you! Pleasant is the maiden name of our mothers! You just turn up here and you don't have a clue who you are? Are you messed up in the head or something?!?"


This gets him. My shout is echoing around us. Drew sighs in defeat.

"You may want to come with us. We've got a lot of explaining to do and we need to get the whole family together."

Chapter 2: "I Get It Now."Edit

So, Drew and Connor escort me to this house. Rachel is clinging onto me and Johnny is following behind. Connor and Drew let us in.

"Hey Mum, guess who I found." Drew announces.

The woman looks like me. Weird.

A man comes downstairs and instantly recognises Johnny.

"Alright Dirk?" Johnny says cheerfully.

"Johnny?" the man says. "It's been a while! How are you? And your family?"

"Yeah, it's all good."

Drew drags me to his mum. "This," he says. "is Daniel Pleasant- apparently." The shock on the woman's face is enough to tell me something is definitely up.

The evening involves a lot of phone calls. I'm dragged to another house, where an elderly couple live. One is called Daniel, like me, and his wife is called Mary-Sue. So we're in the dining room. The woman, who I learnt to be called Lilith, is with her family; Dirk, Rose, Ellen and Drew.

Lilith's sister's family is also here. Connor's younger brother and parents. All of the attention's on me, and I don't like it.

"So, your name is Daniel?" says Daniel. I nod politely. "And you were coming here in a car?" I nod again.

He scratches his head. "Can you remember who you were with?"

I lick my lips before starting. The stress is making them dry. "In the car was a man and a woman. They both had red hair and green eyes, like me. They were dead. I have a feeling they were relatives of mine. I don't think I have any brothers or sisters." I pause briefly.

"If it helps, I can speak two languages. Simlish and English."

The woman behind me gasps. "Marcus..." And she starts sobbing.

Chapter 3: "It's Always Me, Isn't It?"Edit

I quickly take a sip of my drink before choking. I've just remembered something!

"My parents were called Marcus and Nina! I'm from the US and I was told I was visiting family here."

"You got a lot more than that." Connor mutters.

Rachel turns to him and snaps: "Shut up, you! You have no idea what Danny's been through!"

So, to explain things easier, I'm the only son of Marcus and Nina Pleasant. I was born in the US, but they're from Pleasantview. Daniel Pleasant, the man in front of me, is my grandfather. Mary-Sue is my grandmother. Connor and Drew are my cousins. I am an orphan.

I was named after my grandfather, which is why Drew and Connor got confused.

I swear the world hates me.

Chapter 4: "I Don't Believe This."Edit

All the memories have flooded my mind. I can't sleep, so I've been looking at the family photos.

Angela and Lilith as kids, Dad graduating, the whole family, Dirk and Lilith, Angela and all of her friends... I wish I could turn back the clocks. I wish none of this had happened.

I can't go home. No way. So I'm probably going to be staying with Granddad, or Angela or Lilith. Family basically. I wish I could stay with Johnny and Ophelia. They're the only people I've liked straight away.

I flop back onto the sofa. I've just about given up with life. I hear someone walking down the stairs. Rachel, or Johnny probably. The door clicks open.

Yep, it's Rachel. She comes in and sits on the sofa, by my feet. I sit up. There's no way she's going to fall for my fake-sleeping mode.

"Danny, I'm so sorry about what's happened." she quietly whispers.

"It's OK." I say. "I'll cope." She smiles, but I can tell she's really sympathetic.

Since there's more room for her now that I've sat up, she shuffles closer to me. Without warning, she leans closer and her lips brush mine. She then smiles before getting up and heading upstairs.

Why am I such a heart throb?

Chapter 5: "Do I Need This?"Edit

I've just had enough. Everyone thinks I'm heartless because I'm not crying.

Pff, like I'd care what they think. All I care about is being on my own. I hate everyone. Everyone except Rachel, but no one can hate her.

It's actually been good hanging around her. In the past few days we've known each other, she already loves me. But she has a really good judgement in character.

Some thugs had recently given her a hard time because she's green. I knocked 'em flat. It felt good putting them in their place, but this isn't normally like me.

Hey, if it keeps Rachel happy, then I'm willing to do it. I hate those who are racist or xenophobic.

Chapter 6: "Can I Cope?"Edit

I'm been moved to Connor's family. I'm now living with my aunt, uncle and two cousins. They're alright. Richie got along well with my dad about 17 years ago. Paddy is confused. I don't blame him- no one even knew I existed.

I feel like I'm in a cage- no matter how much free space I have, it will never be enough. Johnny and Rachel are sticking around for another week. Johnny's best friend is Connor and Paddy's uncle. Two birds with one stone, huh?

I'm thinking of going for a walk later.

And I'm not coming back.