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The fanon has aspects of every Sim game, expansion pack, stuff pack, and contains things that only happen in real life. The story goes by human time, so it takes years for Sims to age, not days and weeks.

The Arrival of the Styx SistersEdit

The Styx Sisters moved to Sunset Valley with only their clothing and some things they had packed. They bought a plot of land high up in Pinochle Point and built a tiny cottage with barely any room. They relied on their last simoleans and the kind donations of the townspeople. Soon, they had settled and had earned jobs, except for Mara. She would stay home and clean, cook, and scraped a small income by painting and writing.

The Styx Sisters were not very sociable people. The only people close to them were the Bachelors and Agnes Crumplebottom. Other than them, they didn't mix with the people of Sunset Valley. They lived frugally, only buying the things they needed. When Mara got food poisoning, Mandy had to spend §50 at the hospital and Marissa threw a fit.

As the Styx Sisters became more unpopular, the residents of Sunset Valley's opinions of them ranged from "likeable" to "disgusting". Even the coworkers of Mandy and Marissa (both strong politicians) hated them. The Styx Sisters reminded themselves that they needed followers. They asked potential people. In the end, they managed to get five followers: Bella Bachelor, Cornelia Goth, Vita Alto, Holly Alto, and Zelda Mae. The blondes dyed their hair black and changed into their neophyte uniforms: a sleeveless black floral top, black jeans, and black shoes. The girls and women with short hair got extensions and were given full black makeup, except for Bella, who was a child. They untied their hair and let it loose. She painted black stars on her face as a sign of loyalty. The neophytes moved into the small cottage and rebuilt it into a gigantic cathedral-like mansion.

Every morning at 4:00 a.m., the family would awake and start their sacred routines of praying. They offered Hades fruits and vegetables and sometimes meals. Then, they'd drink juice from the bar (except Bella would drink juice from a carton). After they had drunk the juice, they took the "blessed" fruits and ate them for breakfast. Then, they would do things to raise their skills, like painting or writing.

The Romantic Cult of Eros CameEdit

People started to like the Styx Sisters now, but their strange cult-like behavior disturbed them. The families that were related to the neophytes were repulsed. Even Jocasta Bachelor couldn't stand to look at her daughter. Bella often wept over graves of loved ones, sometimes even praying for them to make her mother see through the stars that marred her face.

The Langeraks wouldn't have anything to do with Zelda. She came to the house for a visit, but was quickly thrown out. They wanted no part of it. They tossed her out and she was forbidden to ever step near the property again. She erupted into tears and left hurriedly.

Vita and Holly were scolded and slapped by Nick when they went back to their old home. He threw a fit. He ordered them out. They held their ground and refused to. When they did, they headed to the cemetery and burned Nick's parents' graves down. The blaze also wiped out the mauseleum and ten other graves. They were escorted home and plans were made.

The plan was to murder everyone who had taunted and hurt the Cult of Hades (what the Styx Sisters and their neophytes called themselves). They first burned the Langerak home, killing everyone inside. Even Illiana, who was on the porch, died. Nobody suspected murder. Next, the Bachelors were all drowned when their new pool's ladders were mysteriously taken away. Nick died when they flooded his house and he fixed his flatscreen and died of electrocution.

Soon, a new cult came. The Romantic Cult of Eros migrated to the town after their beloved sacred city, Twinbrook, burned down. The town was surprised to see two red Margeret Vaguestars drive down the lane. It was uncommon in Sunset Valley to see sportscars. Even the Altos and the Landgraabs, the two richest families, didn't drive Margeret Vaguestars. They drove Yomoshoto Evasions or Toyoto Camiries. The men of the town were surprised to see the women. Each were young adults. Their leader, Delia Mint, was the only natural blonde. Her waist-length blonde hair shimmered in the bright sunlight. They moved into Unabridged, a lovely Cape-style home with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. They sold the furniture and bought new expensive ones.

The men of Sunset Valley were soon drooling over the lovely women, especially Delia and the Caliente twins. Delia was always dressed in short tight dresses and the other girls or "servants of love" were also dressed in short dresses, but not as tight as Delia's dresses. They wore heels when in casual or formal, flats in athletic, and went barefoot for everything else. They were party animals. Well, except for Isabella Stork. She was different from her "sisters". She was the only brunette, the others being blondes and redheads. She wore her hair in braids and ponytails whilst the other girls wore their hair loose.

Isabella never partied. Whenever there was a gigantic shin-dig at the house, she ran to the library, her only safehaven. She would pack food with her and spend the night reading until the library closed. Then, she ran to Central Park and fished or read a book she had brought with her. Finally, she would lay down on a bench and sleep. In the early dregs of morning, she would run home to find her house completely messed up, with foul food and discarded drinks on the floor.

All Was Well......NotEdit

Soon, Isabella was fed up with the constant drinking, partying, and waking up to find random men sleeping in her bed without knowing how they got there. Still, she endured it. Without her "sisters", she had nowhere to go, not even another friend's house. She lived through it by escaping the parties and living mostly on the streets. The only times she ever got to sleep in her bed was on the nights where all the other girls were too hungover to host another party.

Isabella didn't have to wait long for a companion who shared worries with her. Bella Bachelor was beginning to drift away from the Cult of Hades. She felt very guilty about her family's murder. Once she had aged into a teen, she ran away from home. She avoided the police by spending nights with various friends. She could always count on the elderly Gunther Goth to provide her with a shelter and money.

One day, Bella met Isabella at the cemetery. They instantly bonded. Bella moved in with the Romantic Cult of Eros. The house was now more than cramped. Every servant of love was crammed into one room and Delia, the Queen, had one room to herself. Bella was forced to sleep on an EmotiCot in the kitchen. She didn't protest. It was better than having to sleep in a tiny airless room with Holly Alto.

Sometimes, she returned to Goth Manor to assist Gunther in his old age. Love blossomed between the two. Gunther treated Bella like she was the granddaughter he never had, since Mortimer died in a fire when he was still a child. But once Bella became a Young Adult, their love was a little more intimate. They were married three days after Bella's birthday. Gunther didn't live very long after that, but he lived long enough to impregnate her and see his children born. Bella gave birth to triplets. Two boys and a girl. The boys' names were Andy and Mark. The girl was named Sophia. Gunther died soon after.

The Romantic Cult of Eros's house didn't have room for three cribs. Bella and her kids were tossed out. Isabella, who was now an Adult, lent money to them so they could buy a house. Bella moved into Shotgun Style and bought cheap yet comfortable furniture. She had a little trouble though. She couldn't leave the house for any reason. She couldn't afford babysitters everyday. She could only earn a small income painting and soon, she would run out of money to feed both herself and the babies.

She couldn't collect Gunther's house or his fortune until Cornelia died. Cornelia wasn't dying anytime soon. She had fifty Death Flowers in her inventory and drank Age Freeze Potions every week. To even separate herself from elderhood, she became a Young Adult again, courtesy of a bribe to Grim Reaper. Bella clearly couldn't support herself. Bella could sell the house and all of its fixings and furniture, but then she would be homeless and on the streets. Even with the money from selling the property, she wouldn't have enough money to buy land and build a house.

But she didn't fret long. Genius 13 arrived. The small band of rejected women was lead by Mrs. Hestia Ironside, a once-beautiful old widow who ruled with an iron fist. You could tell by the horn rimmed glasses that she was very wise. The other girls, a widow named May Collens (young adult) and a lovesick teen named Dena Mini, followed her lead in everything. They found the half-dead Bella begging because her Lucky trait became Mooch via Midlife Crisis. As soon as they built a big house by the beach, they let Bella move into the basement. She earned her keep by going on errands in between work. Soon, her Mooch trait became Lucky once more.

It wasn't long until Bella's children became Child Sims. Andy, Mark, and Sophia were encouraged to work hard in school. They were popular, but not snobby. They were very smart. Soon, they had reached the honor roll. Bella lived long enough to see that. After that, she came down with a case of the flu. Her overworked body sucummed to the disease and she died in her room in the arms of Isabella. She was buried at Goth Manor beside Gunther, Mortimer, and Prudence Crumplebottom.

Hestia came to love the orphaned children. She had married once and had children and grandchildren. But her children despised her very much because of her indefinite wisdom. She took care of the young orphins and acquired a special bond with Sophia. But as everybody knows, happiness doesn't last very long. Hestia passed away on the triplets' birthday. Tragedy continued to strike. A deadly wave of pneumonia hit Sunset Valley. Mandy Styx, the newly elected mayor, set up an outdoor clinic after the hospital overflowed. The sick were kept away from the healthy.

The sickness couldn't be contained. It raged on and on. In just a matter of days, every household had lost at least one member to the sickness. In the Cult of Hades, Mara and Vita died after just a few days of sickness and malnutrition. Mandy and Marissa were devastated about their youngest sister's death. They buried both women in the backyard in an elaborate ritual complete with feasting. In the Romantic Cult of Eros, Marsha Cunnings and Nina Caliente perished after a combination of pneumonia and the flu. Genius 13 lost Dena Mini and Bella's oldest son, Andy. Sophia and Mark were kept in their rooms for fear they would die. Only May Collens was left of the once great group. She bolted her doors shut and locked every window. She sealed every crack and in every corner stood a houseplant to keep oxygen going.

After months of terror, the sickness was finally defeated. The remaining scientists at the lab had finally found a cure. It took several weeks for people to finally readjust their lives. Three quarters of Sunset Valley's population had disappeared in only five months. Many graves laid scattered around town. The survivors started to band together. There were many orphans to take care of. Miraj and VJ Alvi were given to Yumi Sekemoto to take care of, but it wasn't needed. VJ left Sunset Valley with Lisa Bunch to start a different life. Miraj was quickly adopted by Erin Kennedy. Yumi took care of Sam, her grandson, and Roman Beaulieu. Roman's sister, Carla, was adopted by Blair Sw0rd (Blair Wainwright after she married Cycl0n3 Sw0rd).

The remnants of the old cults and groups banded together. They became The Union, a group of women who sought domination. Mark was never see again after The Union's first meeting. Some say that he was sacrificed. Others say he was shipped of to Bridgeport. There was no sign of him until a month after his disappearance. He was found in the mauseleum, half-dead. He wore only the tattered shreds of his once-new clothing. It looked like he was fed only apples and life fruits. He was dirty and unkempt. His experience took away his ability to talk. He never uttered a word again. He communicated by writing. He died of malnutrition and hypothermia.

Imminent DangerEdit

It wasn't long until The Union became a real faction. Their leader was Mandy, who had supreme power. Their general, the one who taught them to fight, was Marissa. Their healer was Holly Alto. She took care of the ill. Their gem collecter was Sophie, who was barely a teen. Their bug and seed collecter was Delia Mint. Their gardeners were Cornelia Goth and May Collens. Their maids were Dina and Lolita. Their cook was Isabella. Soon, they became the rulers of Sunset Valley. They built a huge house for single parents to live in. Then they built a marble mansion for the remaining orphans. They were extremely popular, but they didn't know that darkness would catch them soon.

The lovely cathedral mansion burned down one lonely winter night. The blaze swept through forests and destroyed many houses. All that was left was the tiny gardening shed with its tin roof and oak walls. They lost everything that night. All that was left was the nightclothes on their backs, §500, and the everlasting friendships of the town. As they huddled for warmth, snow began to pour from the sky.

The Union finally settled in Goth Manor. After many months of cleaning and remodeling, Goth Manor was finally restored to its former glory. After a while, Mandy and Marissa received a phone call from the lab, asking if they wanted to resurrect Mara. Of course, they accepted the request, thinking that the lab would bring their sister back to life. In some sense, they did. Imagine the horror when they saw their sister's purple ghost. They still loved their sister but they feared her undead appearance.

Once Isabella reached Cooking level 10, she crafted a near perfect ambrosia and served it to Mara, who was fully resurrected. Holly, thinking that Isabella could resurrect Vita, began to hoard ambrosia ingredients, installing numerous refrigerators in her room to hold the life fruits and vampire fish. She was a very good fisher and a flawless gardener. Of course, the others found out about her obsession. Isabella was ordered to make ambrosia and store it in the fridge. Holly was ordered to sell her refrigerators and cease all smuggling of the supernatural plant life that flourshed in Goth Manor garden.

What Holly didn't know was Vita was soured by death, meaning none of her possessed kindness. Evil Sims can still care for others, but Vita was different. Death did not suit her and her heart hardened.They brought her back as a ghost and she wasn't as bad. But then, she ate ambrosia and instantly, a reign of terror began.

Mandy came down with a case of severe food poisoning after eating some spoiled waffles at Hogan's Deep Fried Diner. She was bedridden, leaving Marissa to lead the group. This was the time The Union abandoned all religious practices that was once a part of Union life. Alas, Mandy had to resign from being the leader, as the food poisoning would render her too frail to lead. She left Marissa as leader and general. Mara became her personal caregiver. Marissa was strong and smart, but she wasn't a born leader. She often had to consult Mandy about various things.

Vita knew that this was her chance. If she didn't strike now, her chance would be lost forever. She convinced Holly, Dina, and Lolita to aid her. First, they would have to rid those who were close to the Styx sisters. Cornelia Goth was an easy target. Without her Age Freeze potions and her Death Flowers, she was an ordinary woman. Dina crept into Cornelia's room and set fire to the whole stock of potions and flowers and stole every Death Flower seed she could find.

Lolita was the one held responsible for destroying the garden, but all evidence points to Vita and Holly. Eventually, Cornelia did die of old age. Not even a Life Fruit could help her. Vita quickly disposed of Dina and Lolita, as she no longer had any use for them. Dina was incinerated after a freak accident concerning a fireplace and an old rug. Lolita was killed by a deadly swarm of flies. Marissa was finding the string of deaths suspicious and unnerving. Soon, there were reports of innocent people around town disappearing, starting with a young Daniela Ursine (Claire Ursine's daughter).