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This fanon is dedicated to "Time Paradox" author Mathetesalexandrou. Thank you!


The Union is made of several members of the different groups that moved to Sunset Valley after Twinbrook burned down. Time to meet the groups.

Styx SistersEdit

The Styx Sisters were three sisters Mandy, Marissa, and Mara. They were identical triplets. Each had long waist length black hair, pale skin, and piercing crimson eyes. They dressed alike: dark purple sleeveless top, black shorts, and black strappy heels. Though they got along just fine, they had different personalities. Mandy was a lucky flirty genius with tastes for fishing and gardening. Marissa was an absent-minded athlete who loved to smooch, liked to steal items, and was a natural cook. Mara was a little different. She was an artistic bookworm who was good, hopelessly romantic, and clumsy. Each sister possessed the Makes No Messes hidden trait because their mom was a maid.

The Styx Sisters had had a rough childhood. Each was forced to study hard and work at part-time jobs after school, except for fragile Mara. Mara studied hard, but she sold the produce that she grew to the store. Their mother, Metis Styx, was a maid and had died when they were little. Their father, Cronus Styx, gave them to a close friend before committing suicide by drowning. The sisters then started a group and prowled to find people who agreed with them. They have stupendous skills, maxing out almost all of their skills. Their patron deity is Hades, King of the Dead.

Romantic Cult of ErosEdit

The Romantic Cult of Eros is a group consisting of Delia Mint, Isabella Stork, Lolita Mares (Lolita Goth with a made-up maiden name), Marsha Cunnings, and Dina and Nina Caliente. These girls are all about romance. This particular group has an initiation that is a little.....intimate. They must WooHoo with two men and dump each one publicly. They worship the Greek god of love, Eros (also known as Cupid).

The group once started out as a romance book club with Hayley, Delia, Isabella, Nina, Dina, and Lolita as the members and co-founders. Then Marsha came all the way from Greece as an exchange student and the group is still together, even when the members are single young adult women. These girls are obsessed with romance. They spend their days scheming about lovers and writing romantic novels. It is not surprising that they don't work and earn their incomes by writing. Each woman has maxed out Charisma, Writing, Logic, and Body.

Genius 13Edit

Again, thank you to Mathetesalexandrou. Genius 13 wouldn't have a name without Beauty 4!

Genius 13 is a group who seeks infinite wisdom. The current members are Hestia Ironside, May Collens, and Dena Mini. They are a group of women who were widowed or left by men. They are looking for followers. They have maxed out every skill but Charisma, which they think is necessary to learn but unhelpful in life. They pray to Athena, goddess of wisdom and a virgin goddess.