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Ran Away
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The incident was plainly displayed by way of burned furniture. The firefighter called to duty had evidently not been one to do the job at a fast pace, nor had he troubled himself in arriving hastily, for the damage appeared poorly attended to. None of their neighbours in Twinbrook had thought to report the case to Social Services, and the Griffiths kids were too afraid to notify Social Services themselves, for fear of being separated. Thus, they survived without parentage for several weeks on end, utilising the wages K.J. earned from her Part-Time Job in Film shrewdly, and opting to salvage wreckage from the fire whenever they were able, in attempts to save as much Simoleons as was possible.

The fire not only took their parents’, Janet and Keith’s, lives, but that of their neighbour, Willy Simmons, who’d come in to see what was responsible for the commotion, and they, too, had been trapped in the midst of the flames. Their Baby brother, Noah, however helpless he was, regardless of being confined to his crib, had been sleeping in the opposite end of the house, and looked relatively unharmed when the kids returned, save being upset, provided his needs had not been tended since before the fire ensued. Had it not been for their Labrador, Percy, howling in alarm, the fire may have spread throughout the house, and no one may have come to put the remnants of the fire at rest, as the Firefighter had only done so much as to bay it.

As was the case, Noah’s primary care had suddenly fallen in two minors’ hands, along with enlisting the help of a Babysitter when they were out. Soon after, Noah had aged into a Toddler, and K.J. was faced with the daunting task of having to teach him to walk, talk, and potty train him, all in the seven days. And manage this between school and work hours, subsequently having to quit Sports Club, as there were no Day-Cares to send him to, (K.J. loathed that they did not exist,) and the Babysitters didn’t teach him anything. K.J. and Bryce wished there had been a Nanny to call as one of the reoccurring Services, who could stay during the long nights to care for their brother, and stay for the days, should it be necessary. If Home-schooling was an option, it would have sounded very good, too. The thought that Soccer would soon be at her dispense kept K.J. motivated, although Bryce hoped for other sports to eventually be available.

I wish we could afford a butler, K.J. sighed, as she was removing Noah from his Highchair late in the evening. Bryce was already asleep – K.J. always insured he was well-rested, and took the burden of Noah’s midnight cries as all her own.

Next day, K.J. skipped school. It was a Friday, so she could simply tell her teacher that she and her family had gone camping on the side opposite the main city life. Besides, it was easier not to leave Noah in the hands of a stranger. The lie would seem more believable if we could go on family vacations to resorts, she thought, but she knew that they most likely wouldn't be able to afford it, anyway. Or maybe if we could get sick and call in, so then our grades wouldn't get worse for not showing up, and our work performance wouldn't get worse, either. Noah, of course, didn't understand their low-financial stability at all, being as young as he was, and didn't hesitate to cry for things when he wanted them.

When Bryce returned home from school, he was concerned as to why his sister didn't attend school that day. K.J. quickly dismissed his question, by suggesting they play catch with a football, and he agreed, deciding better than to argue about things K.J. would never disclose.

The weekends were most difficult of all – it was a time that was supposed to be reserved for amusement for kids, not doing chores that were usually the responsibility of Young Adults and Adults. K.J. had, in a sense, very much become a mother to her siblings. And this didn't seem right on any level. Bryce did the things he could to help out, such as keeping Noah entertained and feeding him when K.J. needed sleep or the toilet; baking in the toy oven for additional food, (and selling some of the goods for further funds,) cleaning around the house; along with other things, but Child Sims can only do so much.

"Can you make supper with the Toy Oven, Bry?" K.J. asked. Bryce nodded.

Next day was Sunday. The Griffiths kids despised Sundays most. That day, anxiety over everything seemed to surface more often. Wondering if the Babysitting would ever realise they themselves had no parents, what their classmates would think if they discovered their odd little secret, and what Social Services would do once they were tipped off.

On Monday, K.J. attended school. However, as a consequence for missing school on Friday, she received an After-School Detention. With this in mind, at lunch, she warned Bryce that she'd be home much later than usual, and to prepare meals using the Toy Oven.

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