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Ran Away
This fanon has been abandoned and isn't likely to be continued. Please enjoy the story without asking the author to update it.
The Widow Named Death
Name: The Widow Named Death
Genre: Horror
Created by: Jason034
Rating: 12
Number of chapters: 3

Original run: Unknown
Status: Evolve

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The Widow Named Death is a Horror fan-fiction story created by a Plum. It involves a widow who lives on her own in a home in Sunset Valley. It will be done daily as I enjoy writing fanons. The story is mainly a diary by Agnes and some other characters will come into play, Maybe.

Dear Diary: Edit

Today: 23rd September, 1925.

Me and Erik are lounging by the pool on our lovely ferry, there's a beautiful view of Sunlit Tides and of course, the turquoise water. We spotted this seagull flying over our boat, which gave us a great idea to stop and look at the gorgeous birds. Erik spotted a colorful toucan. I got my camera out and took a picture of the elegant, multi-colored bird. Then Suddenly a 8ft tall wave went over the boat with other wave's which were only 6ft . Luckily this was harmless, until I perceived Erik, in the water! Erik could not swim, and also no one could survive on waters like that. I commanded the Captain to turn back.

 ~ Agnes 

Dear Diary: Journal 2 Edit

Today: 26th September, 1925.

Awful things had happened a couple of days ago; My husband drowned in a cautious storm, I miss him very bitterly and dearly, I wish he'd survive. (Agnes started crying whilst writing and that day, she became the most grumpiest, antagonistic and evil widow of all of her simkind. Her plumbbob turned red and so did her spirit)!

And she even forgot to sign "~ Agnes".

Dear Diary: Journal 3 Edit

Today: 30th September, 1925

I have recently acquired Erik's inheritance which was directed out of his SBA (Sims Bank Account). I haven't written in my journal for quite sometime now, I have changed in my spirit, I will now kill to survive .. unless it include's Antonio, My only hope and best friend.

 ~ Agnes 

Dear Diary: Journal 4 Edit

Today: 23rd September, 1926

It has been exactly a year after the incident. I still feel as if my life is so empty, Antonio's death, my own husbands death, my sister falling out with me and moving to Moonlight Falls, and even .. ZOMBIES are raiding SimNation. I have to get out of Sunset Valley, immediately.

 ~ Agnes