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The Witches' Wand is another Fanon Story Created By Freeworks, this one about the Adravandle Family, with has 3 witches, 1 human, 1 fairy, and 2 werewolves. Once again, the narrator starts out with different people, only this time every chapter.

Chapter 1Edit

My mother always said I grew up Like my Father, Broderick. But then I became a mother, only for my two sons to have their father die. My dear husband of 4 years had left us suddenly when a house party turned Vile. A fire, they said, had overcome the entire house. There was nothing nobody could do... My husband was one of the victims. So, I raised my children, Richard Adravandle, and Claude Adravandle, alone. Claude flourished Acedemicially while Richard became evil and mean. Claude soon married and I became a grandmother to two beautiful kids. But When Richard found out... He wasn't one bit happy. All his rage, went towards Claude now. There wasn't anything I could do. Now, we live in a big house ever since the MacDuffs moved away... And we can only make the best of it. At least... I can keep an eye on Richard.

Chapter 2Edit

"Gertrude!" I yelled out, shaking my slightly long black hair. My 5'0 Clock Shadow was slowly itching on my skin. Gertrude came down, in her pajamas. "For My sake, don't yell. I have a headache right now and I wish not to be disturbed! Think about your father, Richard!" Broderick. The scum, that llama he was when he was alive. "So... Gertrude, wanna have a bite together?" She just looked at me, her eyes as wide as an ocelot's. "No, I will not share my food with my evil brother-in-law!" Ah, that was her... An adult sim who sometimes acted like she was a teenager. That's only what drawed me to her even more. She is the mother of my nieces, Kennedy and Misty. And I am soon to be... her NEW husband. My plan is: I cast a love spell on her, kiss her, tell Claude about the cheat, and he breaks up. We get married. Viola. It is my masterpeice.