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The curse of Twikkii Island
Twikkii Island
Name: The curse of Twikkii Island
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Number of chapters: TBA

Original run: 16th of September 2012
Status: Under Construction

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The curse of Twikkii Island is a horror/thriller fan fiction created by ColinThePanda. It is about a spoiled little girl from Riverblossom Hills who goes on a vacation. While on the vacation, she does something to upset the island, bringing a curse to her neighbourhood, killing everyone in it.

Chapter 1: VacationEdit

Klara was a spoiled little girl. She got anything she wanted whenever she wanted. Her parents were flithy rich and had enough money to buy SimNation! The problem was that Klara was never satisfied. She had all the toys any kid could dream of having but it just wasn't enough, she wanted more than just toys.

It was Summer and Klara was fed up with playing with her stupid friends. She demanded to be taken on a vacation, but her parent's vacation had not begung. It was rare for Klara to not get something she wanted. She began screaming and kicking the walls.

"I WANT IT!" She'd roar, "I NEED to go on a vacation!"

Her parents would try and cheer her up by buying more toys for her. They even tried to get friends for her, which she never had much of. She'd hit them and continue to scream about how that's not what she wanted.

Klara's father finally managed to convince his boss to give him some time off. Her mother was already on her vacation. Her parents were afaid that Klara would eat their heads if they never went on a vacation, literally. Klara was pleased but then her face quickly turned red and her smile turned into a frown when she found out that the flight was next week.

"But I want to go NOW!" She screamed with all of her rage.

Klara, once again, never got what she wanted. She waited impatiently for the week to go by, destroying everything in sight, but it was finally time. The plane was taking off today. Klara and her family rushed to the airport, Klara still nagging that the car was going to slow. Once they arrived, Klara kicked the car door open and ran in forcing her parents to carry her four suitcases filled with clothes and toys.

The family went through all the airport procedures and were finally waiting on the plane to lift off. Klara was kicking the seat in front of her due to excitement, severely annoying the person sitting there. Klara felt the plane move. They were beginning to take off! Klara's heart raced and she imagined all the fun things she was going to do on her vacation. Twikkii Island here we come!

Chapter 2: Twikkii IslandEdit

It was the third day of the Bell family vacation and Klara was bored. She had done everything there was to do, well, everything she wanted to do. She didn't want to go to some boring educational ruins! This was a vacation, not a field trip!

Klara wandered around the hotel again and again in hopes that a new thing to do would magically appear. She screamed at her parents about wanting to go home. Her parents were not very pleased. After an hour of convincing, her parents made Klara go to the ruins. They wanted the vacation to be worth the money.

The family had arrived at the ruins. Klara surveyed the area, strongly judging it.

"Ew!" She exclaimed, "It's all boring and old! I want to go home!"

Her parents ignored her. It took an hour for them to walk to the ruins and thought that it was time for them to relax. They tried some local beverages. Klara was not used to this kind of treatment, so she huffed, crossed her arms and lay against the wall with a nasty look on her face.

Suddenly, Klara felt the wall disappear behind her and tumbled down a set of stairs, screaming. Once Klara had finally hit the bottom, she rubbed her aching back and looked up to investigate what had just happened. She panicked for a second when she saw that the wall was sealed up again and that it was clear that no one heard her. She looked around more, this place looked really strange. There were all sort of tiki items in this room, it was sort of like a treasure room.

Klara examined all the items, she was actually intrigued. She played about with the items until she caught something with the corner her eyes. In one of the corners, there was a sort of doll, surrounded by torches. Klara slowly crept towards. There was something written but Klara couldn't understand it. She assumed that it was ancient Simlish. Klara loved the little doll and decided to take it for herself and then decided that it was time to find a way out.

Klara walked back up the stairs and before she could think of a way to exit, the door opened. Klara quickly dashed out. She met back up with her parents who were relaxing in a hot spring. The sun was beginning to set.

Was I really away for that long? thought Klara, It was early in the afternoon when he came here

The family then left. They arrived at the hotel and decided to pack up some things for tomorrow. They were going back home, even Klara's parents were getting bored. Klara snuggled up in bed with her new doll. Her parents were a bit weary about it, it was very freaky after all, but if Klara was happy they were happy.

It was morning and the Bell family were ready to head to the airport. Klara couldn't wait to show all her friends her new doll. The family went through all the airport procedures once again and were on their way back to Riverblossom Hills. The family were rather relieved to be going home but oblivious to the horrors that awaits them when they get home...

Chapter 3: The Curse beginsEdit

Klara was beginning to get quite superstious on the flight home. She felt really uncomfortable and visioned horrible things such as the plane crashing. Something was just getting to her and she didn't know what. All she could do was wait and see what would happen.

After a few hours, the Bell family were finally home. They took a taxi to their house. Klara was clutching to her new doll, she just felt a strong feeling of unease. Something just wasn't right. What if the car was rigged? What if a bad person was following her family home? Klara's head was packed with thoughts of her and her family in a dangerous situation.

Finally, the family had returned to their house. Klara smashed the door open and ran straight into her house, leaving her parents to carry her bags. Her parents sighed and grabbed her heavy bags. Suddenly, a loud bang came from behind Klara's parents. They found themselves lying on the ground. James, Klara's father, managed to stagger to his feet and see what was going on. He couldn't believe his eyes.

Right in front of him was a blazing inferno that used to be his house.

"KLARA!" He cried. He couldn't just leave her there! James decided to be the hero and ran in after his daughter. The smoke was thick and James could barely see. He managed to climb up the crumbling staircase, his colourful Hawaiian shirt turning black. James navigated his way to his daughter's room, coughing crazily.

James had entered his daughter's room to find nothing.

"Klara!? KLARA!!?" James was beginning to panic until he tripped over something on the floor. He twisted his head to see what it was. It appeared to be a small black lump on the floor but what could it be? After more examination James found his conclusion. That is the charred body of what used to be his daughter. James had cracked. He lay there glaring at the dead body of his daughter letting the flames kill him.

Lydia, Klara's mother, lay there on her knees staring at her house. She was wondering what was taking James so long. The taxi driver had drove away, taking their luggage with him. Lydia didn't know what to do. She began pulling her hair until another loud bang came form the house. This time, part of the house came flying off.

Lydia was now not on her knees but on the ground. Part of the house had impaled her, piercing her lungs causing her to slowly suffocate to death. Investigators came by the next day. Everyone in the household was dead, including the servants working at that time. However, there was one item remaining completely intact, clutching in Klara's hands. In Klara's hands was the doll from Twikkii Island...