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The disappeared is a fan fiction created by Salammbo. This story is supposed to be like a blog by Dina Caliente . Dina is a survivor of an airplane crash on a tropical island! Dina will meet other survivors scattered over the island, who can also add stuff on to Dina's "blog".Dina will be telling stories about her struggle to get back home and her experiences.

The disappeared
Name: The disappeared
Genre: fan fiction
Created by: salammbo

Succeeded by: Fanon:The disappeared (page 2)

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Rules of adding a new blogEdit

  • Only add a new blog once a new survivor has been introduced.
  • Only one person per survivor.
  • You must ask me before adding a part

Rules of adding a new survivorEdit

  • You can add sims from sims 2
  • you can only add pre-created sims.

Known SurvivorsEdit

Week 1,Day 1, 12:36, July 3rd, DinaEdit

I woke up in the jungle 2 hours ago. Confused, I started running, I didn't even know where I was going, but after about 10 minutes I arrived on a beach. I realized something must have happened, like a crash or something. I found a watch, a few suit cases and a large empty note book. I decided to keep a sort of blog, I don't know why but it might be important to do so. I hope my sister is okay. What if i'm the only survivor? I don't know how I could handle being alone. So that's me, Dina Caliente, I used to be the girl who everyone thought only married her husband for his money, who had an affair, who found love again with another wealthy old man right after my husband died, and now I'm a girl who is a survivor from a crash and that is afraid of spending the rest of her life alone.


I found two survivors! Twins! Like me! But they're only kids! One of them woke up, she was confused and scared but she still managed to tell me her name and her sister's : Angela and Lillith Pleasant.

Week 1, Day 2, 10:12, July 4th, DinaEdit

We set camp next to a lake and started looking for food, Angela got loads of fish, Lillith argued at first but she managed to get a lot of food. So I guess it's my responsibility to find the meat.


I managed to catch a bird so we had a good meal, I also found a body, a girl, about Angella's and Lillith's age, she had her passport on her so we know her name: Jules O'mackey. We buried her but then a bear came out of the jungle and started attacking Lillith. Angela and I managed to get her out of ther but she injured her leg and couldn't walk so we had to carry her. We have to be me more carreful.

Week 1, Day 2, 18:49, July 4th, DinaEdit

Luckuly for Lillith's leg, we found a first aid kit, so her leg is going to be okay.

The plane must have somehow split in half or something, that's why we find stuff everywhere. I can't remember much and the girls won't talk about it, Angela is terrified that another bear will attack us and Lillith pretends she's okay but she found her mum's bag and started reading her parent's passports, and I even think she cried, and Angela told me that she usually hates her parents. I think the crash changed the way we feel about people: I used to be annoyed by my sister, but now I would do anything to be with her. I hope she's okay.

We managed to make a shelter, it's not perfect but it's better than nothing. Angela was great at it, she said it was her dad who taught her, but he obviously didn't teach Lillith because she didn't manage very well, she was good at collecting wood though.

Week 1, Day 3, 12:56, July 5th, DinaEdit

This reminds me of a TV series that I used to watch when I was smaller, Lost.

Everyone is okay, Lillith's leg is pretty much okay now but she's still limping. She said that even though we're stranded on an island we should still have fun so we had a beach party, Silly huh? Well as long as we had a good time.

I have no Idea where we are and the curyosity is killing me, I know we're somewhere in beetween Pleasentview and Tiwiki Island but I don't know where.

Week 1, Day 3, 20:54. July 5th, LilithEdit

Beach party... what the heck was I thinking? I've probably made my leg worse. Angela's actually being nice to me for once. Before, we used to argue like crazy. I have a feeling it's all put on- I'm still the little one, the youngest, apparently.

I'm probably the least cowardly one. Angela gets scared of every little sound. It's actually quite entertaining to watch Angela being freaked out.


~Lilith >:)

Week 1, Day 4, 11:32, July 6th, DinaEdit

So we found another survivor, I don't like her, her name is Olive Specter and she freaks us out, which is not making Angela feel any better. I also found the flight manifest, there were loads of people on the flight. The weird thing is that Olive doesn't seem sad that so many people must have died.


Week 1, Day 5, 12:34, July 7th, DinaEdit

I can't believe it! What an idiot! This guy came to rescue us in a helicopter and crashed too! The worst thing is that nobody else knows where we are! And he also brought his son! The guy's name is Buzz and his son is called Ripp! When we saw the helicopter, we were so happy but then it crashed! Olive doesn't seem concerned one bit about it.

Angela and Lillith haven't written much since the crash, maybe they think it's a stupid Idea.


Week 1, Day 6, 21:45, July 8th, LilithEdit

I love the sunset. It's beautiful. Reminds me of the time when I was with Dirk for the evening. We just spent the day outside, and we even watched the sun go down in the evening.

I miss him.

Ripp's a major wimp, it's quite funny. Angela picks on him a bit. But hey, what I am supposed to do?

I don't like the General. He's harsh, super harsh.


Week 1, Day 7, 16:55, July 9th, DinaEdit

Olive is crazy, nuts! I woke up this morning and everyone was gone except me and Buzz. We found them: Olive had tied them up to a tree and was doing a sacrifice ritual! We stopped her and she said it was to be with her true love. Crazy!

They're okay, luckily. We abandoned Olive in jungle. I never trusted her.


Week 2, Day 1, 14:34, July 10th, DinaEdit

Buzz! Don't die! We all cried as he said his last words "Ripp, I'm so sorry I wasn't...". He was talking about not being a good father. Why??? Why did he eat those berries? We tried to warn him but it was too late. It all happened so fast, we were looking for food and the next second he was lying on the ground screaming in pain. Ripp can't get over it, his mother died 3 years ago and even if his father was never there for him, his last words really marked him. We can already feel that he's different, he's more courageous, less open about his feelings but inside I can tell he's hurting. So much has happened since the crash. I just hope Nina didn't eat any of those berries.

R.I.P. Buzz Grunt, we will always remenber you.


Week 2, Day 1, 17:56. July 10th, RippEdit

Why!? Why must life just slap me in the face? I can't do this anymore. Dad, you may have been tough on me, but deep inside I still knew you care about me and I loved you. The death of mum really hit us...

Sorry, I had to take a break there. I began crying like never before, this is so strange. I should feel really upset but I think I'm still in too much shock to realise what is actually happening. Another thing that's strange is that even Tank is full of emotion, I've never seen him cry before. I just can't handle this.

I've been contemplating suicide, thinking when and how I'm going to kill myself but then that girl Angela came over to me. I think she can read minds. She consoled me and told me to be brave. How can I be brave? My mum, dad and my little brother are all deceased, she doesn't understand! I do appreciate it, though. Actually, she's kind of cute. I think her angelic smile has made me feel a bit better, I'm just happy that she isn't picking on me any more.

Well, I'm going to go now. Being around Angela makes me forget about the world. If I never add to this again then I'm most likely dead. --Ripp

Week 2, Day 2, 01:54, July 11th, LilithEdit

I can't sleep. I'm in too much pain, both physical and emotional. My leg is killin' me and I miss Dirk so much. I feel sorry for little Ripp, he's lost both his parents from what I've gathered. He's considered suicide on multiple occasions. He's too young, probably a year or two younger than me.

Angela's stopped picking on him. Good thing too. I would have intervened if it continues, and I doubt Angela would have beeen able to miss my flying boot.

I'm a good aim, so anyone else who gets on my bad side had better watch out! Yeah, this thing is LETHAL!

~Lilith >:)

Week 2, Day 2, 16:45, July 11th, DinaEdit

I just reallized something, when Olive was doing the sacrifice ritual she had a chicken!!!!! And unless you can bring live chickens on an airplane, she must have found it in the jungle, and I have to find where!!!!


Um, that was weird... I was delusional from the heat and lack of water (dirty or sea water = not good). Ripp and Angela found me half an hour ago talking to a coconut, I was mostly speaking Spanish but they did understand "honey, don't leave me!", it must have been hilarious... But now I've decided to drink every 2 hours even if the water isn't good.

I found Nina's suitcase, and there was a picture of her and this guy called Don Lothario, he used to be the town womanizer but he stopped and proposed to Nina. They're supposed to get married in 3 months because Nina is pregnant... If only four of us can get off this Island I want it to be them, Nina is starting a family and Angela, Lillith and Ripp are so young. I have nothing at home, all I want really is to fall in love and enjoy life, fulfil it to the most...

Uh, I have to go, Ripp is doing a rain dance on the beach, that guy needs to drink more water...


Week 2, Day 4, 10: 56, July 12th, DinaEdit

Uh, being the only adult out of four people is not easy. Ripp was playing Tarzan the other day and he nearly killed himself, Angela wants to make clothes out of leaves and Lillith complains about being bored.

I love sleeping on the beach! They are a lot more stars here than at home.... I miss home. I miss my life. The island is nice, but everything just seems so strange in the moment...

I wish we could find other survivors or get off this island....


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