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The disappeared (page 2)

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Welcom to the second page of The Disappeared (created by Salammbo). I am happy that this page is getting feedback from a few users. This story is supposed to be like a blog by Dina Caliente . Dina is a survivor of an airplane crash on a tropical island! Dina will meet other survivors scattered over the island, who can also add stuff on to Dina's "blog".Dina will be telling stories about her struggle to get back home and her experiences.

Rules of adding a new blogEdit

  • Only add a new blog once a new survivor has been introduced.
  • Only one person per survivor.
  • You must ask me before adding a part

Rules of adding a new survivorEdit

  • You can add sims from sims 2
  • you can only add pre-created sims.

Known SurvivorsEdit

Week 3, Day 1, 12:44, July 16th, DinaEdit

Sorry I didn't wright in a while, we've been really busy lately... There was a huge storm and it tore our shelter apart and we had to make a new one. But I like it better now.

We started thinking of ways to get off this Island, Ripp thought of making a raft but Angela and I decided to wait till we find more survivors. Lillith thinks we should wright HELP with sticks and stuff, it's a good Idea but it will take a while. Angela thinks we should put a message in a bottle, my idea is pretty similar to Angela's, except we should put the message on a bird's leg instead of in a bottle, but it would be hard to catch a bird. Maybe we should do all, just in case..

Week 3, Day 2, 11:59, July 17th, DinaEdit

I just realized we've been on this island for 3 week's', I mean that's a lot...

Anyway I was right, catching a bird is hard, we keep trying and each time we are sooo close but then the bird flies away! It's so annoying. I mean, can't a bird stay still for 2 seconds? We don't want to hurt them! I know, I'm over-reacting, but I hate it when this stuff happens.

Ripp has been having a sore tummy, I hope he's okay, maybe he ate something... I wish Dina was here, she's a doctor so she would figure it out in no time, I knew we would need a doctor at one point.

Week 3, Day 3, 12:56, July 18th, DinaEdit

I found Nina! I can't believe it! I found her! She's safe! Traumautized, but Safe!

Week 3, Day 3, 3:27, July 18th, NinaEdit

Hey, guys. I can't write much. I have to say, I'm too weak. Some doctor I am...

Well, anyway, long story short here, I'll tell you the rest later, just... I feel so drowsy...

I fell into the Jungle. I managed to survive. I don't really get how. I don't know if my baby's dead or alive. I went looking for food this morning. Found the beach. Triggered a trap, I suppose. A tree landed on my leg. I screamed and blacked out. Dina found me, brought me back. I'm stuck in bed for a while. And I think one of the people on this island set a trap for me. If I find out who it is... I honestly don't know what I'll do. I'm just too lethargic to think right now...