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The five great families of Neighbourhood
Neighborhood 2
Name: The five great families of Neighbourhood
Genre: Historic
Created by: Artesox
Number of chapters: 1

Original run: 21/01/2012
Status: Completed

Preceded by: N/A
Succeeded by: The lost generation(Coming Soon)

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When the Landgraab started to invest in real state, one certain regions seemed to be destined to complete failure, it was overpriced, isolated and had no structure, they were so sure that the region wouldn't sell a single plot that they didn't even gave a name to it, on the map it was just called "Neighbourhood"...

 But the region became lively, the stage of many interesting events, the house of five great families: The ambitious "Magnato'; The odd "De Valour; The lively "Heartland"; The sneaky "Pomeranian" and the humble "Sakura"

First Era, First Epoch: Settling Edit

The first family to arrive at the still empty 'Neighbourhood" were the "Magnato", a family from Monte Vista, that was seeking peace and better opportunities. Composed by Consolota and her son Carlo. Meanwhile Consolota settled in the south of the city, Carlo, tired of his grumpy Mon, settled in the north. Consolota Magnato started to invest heavily in the south, that would later form the "Old town"

After a year, formed by Pierre and his sister Amelie, came the "De Valour", the town was quickly filled with rumours about them. Potions that creates evil twins, magical lamps and abductions became a common topic in the region. Those rumours got the attention of Carlo Magnato, who started courting Amelie De Valour.

Soon after them came the couple Berry and Drake Heartland, they brought life to Neighbourhood, every week they would throw a party, they became friend of all the local families and despite not being as rich as the Magnato or De Valour  they had a great influence over the region, and usually were the ones to schedule reunions about local problems and projects.

A friend of the Heartlands, Frederick Pomeranian, came to visit his friends, he truly liked the region (And it's ladies) and decided to live there. His fame of Don Juan and compulsive dater quickly became notorious around the town, and that notoriety went sky high when he seduced Consolota Magnato.

Finally, came the Sakura, composed by the couple Haruka and Kaito and their son Kazuo. They were a timid and rural family, and yet, they became quite famous for their farming and contest winning pets. Haruka however didn't like any of that, she dreamed high, she wanted to be a movie star. They became best friends with the Heartlands, despite being quite the opposite of each other. 

  • Carlo and Consolota Magnato
  • Pierre and Amelie De Valour
  • Berry and Drake Heartland
  • Frederick Pomeranian
  • Katio, Haruka and Kazuo Sakura

Consolota Magnato died, and instead of leaving her inheritance to her son, she left all to Frederick. Meanwhile, the Heartland decided that Neighbourhood was not the best name for a town, and scheduled a meeting to discuss a new name.

First Era, Second Epoch: Ambition Edit

The meeting didn't solved the name problem, but got the attention of Carlo, who was truly frustrated that his mother exclude he from her inheritance and desired for a pay back. He would build a gigantic mansion, one that would overshadow all the others and give him the chance and influence to change the name of the town to something like Magnatia or Carlesburg. 

Later that year Carlo and Amelie married, and with her sister leaving his house, Pierre started to truly fell lonely, he decided to get a Vacation and visit the Simaican islands. There he met and felt in love with Kalliope Arpeggio, who got pregnant and started to live with Pierre at Neighbourhood. Later that year she gave birth to Dauphine De Valour.

Meanwhile, Frederick noticed Haruka's dream, he had contacts with studio town and took advantage of that to seduce her. Kaito and Haruka broke up and she went to live with Fred, later Frederick II was born. To commemorate that and Haruka's success, the Pomeranians scheduled a great party in their house. 

Carlo Magnato didn't get happy with the news, he had to make the party before! He decided to rush his mansion, the Magnato Château, sold all his proprieties and went to live there even before it was finished. Amelie didn't like the rushing, she had a bad felling about that, but she was pregnant and decided to delay the eventual discussion to later. But when the twins Viola and Alexandra were born, she decided to not talk about it

  • Alexandra and Viola Magnato
  • Kalliope Arpeggio and Dauphine De Valour
  • Daniela Heartland
  • Frederick II

At 20:10, as scheduled, the families started to arrive, a letter from the Sukura came saying that Kaito wouldn't come, because he was sick and didn't want to see his ex-wife. The party went as planned, first an introduction, then he showed his new house, then they had ball, and now all that was left was the great dinner and finally his proposal of the name of the town...

Magnato 2 0000

One of the sides of the Magnato Château, with a look to the Dining Room, Kitchen and Living Room.

However, when the main dish of the dinner came, the waiter felt to the ground, the oils of the dish spilled in the direction of the fireplace, creating a fire right in the front of the only exit from the room. There was no telephone, there was no fire alarm, Carlo thought that such objects would not be needed until later.

Some ran to the kitchen, some stayed at the dinner room, Carlo however knew of a secrete passage behind the fridge that would lead for a room with windows big enough for a kid to go through. This also would lead to the living room; Carlo, Pierre and Frederick lead the way to there, to see if the flames had already engulfed that room too. Luckily it didn't, but as soon as they looked back to where their families were, debris felt in front of them, blocking the way. After that it was pure horror, Berry Heartland managed to go through the fire as soon as it started, the kids left trough the window, Carlo, Pierre and Fred managed to leave, but... Amelie, Kalliope, Drake and Haruka perished in the flames and the whole mansion was turned into ashes.

First Era, Last Epoch: Remains Edit

Pierre, knowing the things that his sister said, knew that what happened was Carlo's fault and that information quickly became widespread trough the town. Pierre was the first to leave the neighbourhood, he lost his wife and sister and didn't want to ever again look at anything related to the Magnatos.

Frederick was heavily affected by it too, he went from an outgoing gregarious man to a reserved serious man. He left the suburbs and went to the big town.

Berry also left, she believed that the fire was caused by Carlo's blind ambition, and since then she became what some would call a "Hippie", she wanted to live content life far away from civilizations. A month after the fire, she discovered that she was pregnant, the baby was a girl and was named Daniela.

The Sakuras, ironically, became the only family with wealth in Neighbourhood, and quickly Kaito became the local mogul and mayor.

The social assistance took Viola and Alexandra from Carlo, who then went to live an isolated life on Magic Town, there is rumours that he became a great wizard before his death.

With that the First Era ended, yet, the five families were still linked, and in a few years another encounter would happen...

Trivia Edit

  • This whole history is based on the my five first years playing The Sims, 2000-2005. In its core, all the events truly happened and the outcomes were exactly the same.
  • The next chapter is the same thing but about my The Sims 2 experience. Until a few days ago you could access some fragments of it trough the now deceased The Sims 2 site.