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This is my Life
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Name This is my Life
Game(s) Sunset Valley
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Characters Edit

Lizzy Hart- Aging toddler to teen. She has all the drama! Jane Hart- Lizzy's mother, and a big suprise waits in her future. She has always been single. Mortimer Goth- Remember, he's a child in the Sims 3! But he aged up into a teen in the fanfiction. Bella Bachelor- Bella, Mortimer's best friend. But she has a bigger suprise then Jane! Cora Francisco- Not the biggest character, just interfering with Lizzy's plans. Malcom Laandgrab- You know him too, right? He's jealous... of something. There are more characters, these are just the main characters! By the way, this is a true story about my Sims!

Introduction Edit

Hello! I am Lizzy Hart. This is my life, drama, romance, sadness, happiness, hard to explain! But I do know that it has a happy ending. I guess you could say I'm a... murderer. But it was for a good cause! I hope. The cops haven't arrested me, so that's good, though! Anyway, let's start going!

As a Toddler Edit

As a toddler, I wished more then staying in my crib, everyone cooing. I didn't know it would get harder! My life seemed so... easy! I knew nothing of school, phones, all the pressure. I was just a toddler! Lying in my crib, all day long! The hardest things I had to endure at that age was walking and talking! I saw the children and teens going home on their bikes, or on the bus. I didn't live close to the school, so I didn't know where they came from. Then later the walked to the houses by us, in front of us, behind us. And leaving with more people. Some days they went to the pool, sometimes the theatre. Or the art gallery, and library. Sometimes they went where the bus went, and came back looking like they had dumped paint all over themselves! I didn't know they were simply taking painting classes! Aging, aging, aging up!

As a Child Edit

As a child, I had more freedom. And this is where the magic happens! I went to elementary school, and met new friends, Bella, Cora, Malcom, sure. But there's something strange that happened. I saw Malcom, he was into me, I was into him, no biggie. We always hung out, after school, before school, on the bus, the walk back, to the theatre, to the pool, and so on. But one day, I met him. The real him. Mortimer Goth. I saw him, and immediatley loved him.Then we hung out after school, before school. He seemed to think of me as a best friend, nothing more. But I dropped subtle hints. I invited him to my birthday party. I didn't invite Malcom, he was already a teen! But I invited Bella, Cora, some nice adults I met. At one point, I walked into the den to watch TV, and saw Bella and Mortimer sitting on the couch, watching TV, and talking to each other. I took Bella to my side and asked if she liked him, and I'll never forget what she told me: "Listen freak, back off of Mortimer. We're going to be married as adults! He loves me so much! So back off you little >bleep<!" I shrieked, and went straight to the kitchen. To do something. The murder. I got a big knife from the cabinet. No one questioned me, or tried to stop me. I went straight to Bella, hid the knife in my bag, and dragged Bella from her dress. I dragged her into the bathroom, and closed the door. "Wh-what are you doing to me, freak?" she asked, obviousley terrified. "Heard of heaven? That's your next stop." I said, like a killer or something. Bella screamed. And I... let's just say... shut her up. I put towels all over the floor, put a little cut in my arm, placed the knife in Bella's hand, and came up with this backstory: She took a knife, and was starting to cut my arm in half, but I knocked it out of my hand, and it fell on her. It killed her, and I sobbed. And sobbed. When I told Mortimer, I finished the act by spraying pepper spray in my eyes, and I washed the knife off, with a tad of the blood on my cut. We sobbed together. I aged up into a teen that night, and suprise suprise, so did Mortimer!

As a Teenager Edit

Ah, the teen years. Well, that night, I asked Mortimer for a sleepover. He accepted. It looked like he noticed something about me. Maybe my hair? It was two braids that were tied together in the back. My green eyes? But after that, we started to hug each other and hold hands. When I asked him out, and he accepted, my mom, Jane, came over and slapped him a few times. When we had our first kiss, she did the same slapping. When he left in the morning, I didn't realize how hungry mom was. Around 5 hours later, she dropped to the ground in pain. I ran right in, to see my mom in the hallway, pale. I saw what I never thought I'd see in my life: The Grim Reaper! I was to busy crying to notice though. And later, my mom's grave was sitting there on the floor, and the Grim Reaper was gone. I spent around ten minutes engraving these words on the grave: "A good mother, friend, and in another life, wife." I was saying that she never married, though it was her wish. I wrote a love letter to Mortimer, then cleaned up the rest of the cake. I tried calling Mortimer, but it was too late to talk, being it around midnight. He denied my chat.