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Name Thomasburg
Game(s) TS3WA Icon The Sims 3: World Adventures, The Sims 3
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Thomasburg is an urban neighborhood based off Louisville, Kentucky. The city is 80 miles from Simington, which is based off Lexington, Kentucky. The city is aside of Lake Georgia which is based on the Ohio River. The reason it's a lake is because the city is Sunset Valley except it is extremily remade. The city has skyscrapers which is really supertall foundations with reflecting stones. The city has 4 swamps in the abandoned countryside. Much of the countryside of Thomasburg is uninabited and has only 2 families.


The town is beside of Lake Georgia which is based on the Ohio River. The city is based in a valley and has numerous mountains about 1 mile away from Thomasburg, which is Stoney Falls. The city also has rolling hills and foothills.


The city's hills have a nectary. Although Patch 12 isn't downloaded, the building is still a nectary. Most bourbon wiskey is made in Louisville then there is a few nectaries in the town. The busiest is the Thomasburg Hills Nectary.


Since Louisville has near 750,000 people then Thomasburg has the same population. The population is exaggerated. The city really has 200 people. The most populated place in SimNation non exaggerated.


The city has 3 families that are green and bald. The aliens are really Sims with green skin. There are 5 households of aliens but only 3 families. The families are Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter. They are named after planets.


  • The road leading out of Thomasburg toward the Landgrabb mansion is Interstate 64 toward St. Louis and the road leading out of town toward the Crumblebottom house is I 64 toward Simington also but the road toward Fort Gnome is I 65 because Fort Knome is based on Fort Knox and Fort Knox is south of Louisville. The road on the peninsila toward the Wolff house is I 71 because Lake Georgia is based on the Ohio River.
  • Indinapolis does not exist because the bridge to Indiana does not exist and there is no other routes out of Thomasburg.
  • Cincinnati exists because I 71's parody exists. Plus, Columbus might exist too because it is along I 71.