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The Time Lords or Time Ladies are a lifestate introduced in The Sims 4: Twiddling with Time. Some Time Lords also appear in My Sims 2, Sims Social, The Sims Freeplay, and technically also The Sims 3.

Time Lords seem to be some sort of alien, as they come from planet Gallifrey. But not all Gallifreyan are TimeLords, and there are human Time Lords too. Time Lords were based on the Time Lords from Doctor Who, but with a few differences. Quite a few Time Lords can be found on the Gallifreyan homeworld, "Clock Sunrise", even trough it does not comprise all of Gallifrey, but just a semi-peasant village near the Citadel. "Twiddling with Time" does not seem to actually be canon to Doctor Who, as there are slight key differences, in both how Gallifrey works and human companion family trees.

Time Lords are the only life state that can die of "eccess of regeneration energy". The ghost is yellow-orange, and has a slight clock pattern. Time Lords die once they've ended all 13 lives. This is because Time Lords can regenerate. Before regeneration, a Time Lord's lifespan is 2x that of a Sim, but after regenerating, it becomes 3x. Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers cannot be Time Lords, but Child and above can. Even trough, it's possible for these life states to be Regeneration Energy Excess ghosts, if you had a Time Lord or even regular Sim have a kid with one. Being in the TARDIS and using the Sonic Screwdriver too much while in your Eight to Thirteenth lives, can make a Time Lord's Eccess of Regeneration energy come closer than expected.

Time Lord AbilitiesEdit

REGENERATION: Once a Time Lord sim has a deadly accident or completes their lifetime wish, they get engulfed in an orange light, and emerge as a completely new person. They will still have the same name  and relationship levels, plus any aspiration rewards. There's a 5% chance of them becoming the opposite gender, and can regenerate into a Child (5% chance), Tween (10% chance), Teen (15% chance), Young Adult (25% chance), Adult (35% chance), Elder (10% chance). They will still have the same family tree, but showing numbers indicating in what regeneration the Time Lord married or had a child. The Time Lord's appearance would be different, and based on the sims said Time Lord is nearby, especially if those Sims were also Time Lords. The genetics would change accordingly. So would the traits, lifetime wish, and favorites. Past romances may fade if the other sim was not a Time Lord and their ages are now incompatible. They also can fade through incompatible traits. The genetics would also change for each regeneration, and it's possible for a Time Lord to meet themselves in past or future regenerations while time travelling in their TARDIS. But the appearance and personalities of these future regenerations can change with your actions, like befriending new companions, and\or deaths\pregnancies of these companions. Babies born as Regeneration Energy Eccess ghosts may not be able to regenerate, unless they look into the Eye of Harmony and\or eat the Fruit of Life and Death from the special Tree. This is also the only way to make Time Lord-ism genetic, other than the Looms and the Lifetime Reward for it.

Time Lords also will be able to read other's mind and timestream, sense other time lords and relatives of companions (the various Landgraabs are still considered relatives, even if they live at least 90 years from each other and do not appear on each other's family trees. For example, Laakhatea's first human companion, Nancy, use to be a Landgraab, so when she time-travels to a place like Disc Space Satellite in the far-future, she will be able to scope out Kei, Neevah, and Lushin Landgraab, but not Renzimyus, who is a cyborg dog, Denki, due to being adopted, or Tesla Landgraab (Kei's wife) because she is only related by marriage.) and will be capable of owning TARDISes, time machines that turn into decorative objects such as police boxes in DW canon, or stuff such as a creepy-looking statue, a tree, or a boat. 

History of Time LordsEdit

Time Lords from TS4: Twiddling with Time (excluding the natives of Clock Sunrise- 24 service NPC's, 12 dead Graveyard Ghosts, 27 homeless Townies, and 25 regular sims living either in the 6 Chapterhouses with their loom cousins, or in the 4 regular non-Time Lord-based "peasant" households)

Laakhatea, Toorehiki, & Watalu (& the House of Sweptlifar): Even trough she first appeared in TS4, her backstory actually extends to TS3. It's actually possible to have her in TS3 trough a special CC download named "Swept Tales" and in "The Sims 3: Swept Tales" for PS4. Laakhatea and her twin brother Toorehiki were the last members of the House of Sweptlifar. They were 8 years and a half at the time, and were considered orphans. They were loomed by Paathehiki Sweptlifar to be in the Child stage. They lost Paathe's TARDIS when it fused with his remains, so they do not knew where it was. Paathehiki also appears as a Regeneration Energy Eccess ghost in Clock Sunrise. When Laakhatea went to Sunset Valley, Earth, her and Toorehiki were found by a human woman going by Nancy Landgraab, who became Laakhatea's first companion, or at least the first one that was not related to her. Laakhatea took on fishing, while Toorehiki was looking at the stars, playing catch, and games of logic. Nancy became mayor due to her time spent socializing (with Laakhatea's different regenerations. Tori Kimura did not know about regenerations, so she trought the 13 Laakhateas and the 13 Toorehikis were 26 people and not 2. And so did Bessie Clavell, and most of the other population of Sunset Valley.), her son Malcolm turned into a teenager and fell in love with Kaylinn Langerak, and Nancy's husband Geoffrey (who was born with the Chesterton surname) fell in the fields of the local everyone-loves-her-girl, Tamara Donner. Laakha and Toorey also became teenagers. Geoffrey Chesterton divorced Nancy and had a son with Tamara, Ian Chesterton, named after the Doctor Who character. Malcolm and Kaylinn had a twin son and daughter, Mimi and Dudley Landgraab, and right after, a rift in space-time from Watalu's TARDIS-home (Watalu Myloto is a teenage Time Lady who spends almost all of her time gardening, moved to Sunset Valley a few minutes later than the twins did, Iliana Langerak became her companion 1 or 2 days after. Her whereabouts were all pretty boring, but she lived in a weird-looking house that was actually her TARDIS, and it was just near Stoney Falls.) teleported Kaylinn 25 years in the future, where she decided to stay and apparently became a maid, like her friend and idol, Kate Pistachio. This caused Malcolm to turn evil and marry a woman by the name of Mom McCrimmon (No, really! Her parents were hipsters!) who already had a son by the name of Jamie McCrimmon (the protagonist of Sims 1 for console). Watalu gave a piece of TARDIS coral to the Swept Twins, which the two and Nancy used to grow a TARDIS for themselves. They went to the past to prevent Mom McCrimmon's move to Sunset Valley and marriage to Malcolm, but it involved saving Nancy's mother Queenie from the fire she died from in the 1st timeline. The result was that Malcolm was married to Hannelore Grant, and had a son named Adrian, younger brother to Mimi and Dudley that went to live away in another town. Nancy realized that, as Tamara of the 2nd timeline was born to the Ansari's instead of the Donner's & was Ayesha's half-sister on mother's side as Mrs. Donner - birth name Dodo Chaplet - drowned as a Preschooler in the 2nd timeline, Ian did not exist at all, and she could go marry Geoffrey Chesterton again! As 2nd timeline!Malcolm never knew who his father was, they did a DNA search, and found out both 1st and 2nd timeline's Malcolms were the son(s) of Geoffrey Chesterton, who was living in a bachelor pad with his roommate Victoria Waterfield, who had a slight crush on him. Nancy and Geoffrey (re)married (now Geoffrey was 6-5 days until Elder and Nancy was 10-9 days until Elder, so she was now younger than him via timetravel) and Nancy was pregnant for the second time, from 2nd timeline Geoffrey. They had conceived twins on the Swept kid's TARDIS. Laakhatea and Toorehiki told Nancy to name the twins after themselves. And so it was. Nancy gave birth to a boy named Toorehiki Kermit "Tory" Landgraab, and a girl named Laakhatea Kristine "Thea" Landgraab, to honor both her favorite twins and her grandparents. When Tory and Thea turned into toddlers, Laakhatea and Toorehiki were called away to Gallifrey with their TARDIS, and so did Watalu. Victoria wanted to come with them, so she looked into the Eye of Harmony, and got a permit to become the new owner of the House of Sweptlifar, and loom new Time Tots from Laakha and Tooreh's genes, but also Watalu's genes. Victoria Waterfield became Victoria Sweptlifar (and also became one of the residents of the Sweptlifar Chapterhouse in Clock Sunrise, where you see her in her 2nd body), and Laakha and Tooreh decided they preferred Earth, so they stayed in Lunar Lakes (one of the only places where noone would have noticed the twins' weird DNA and would have known they were aliens\Time Lords) long enough to become forensic specialists and get their lifetime wishes... and regenerated into their second bodies! So they went back to Sunset Valley - now renamed Pleasantwiew - and looked for companion relatives. Kaylinn just happened to live there as a maid. She now was the second wife of a certain Daniel Pleasant. She told them that "her" Malcolm was now an elder, and that her twins, Dudley and Mimi, died in their last days of Young Adult while in a car crash. And that she was jealous of Hannelore Grant, because she was prettier than her, and also because while she did not exist in the 1st timeline, when in the 2nd timeline Iliana aborted the baby that would grow up to be Kaylinn in the 1st timeline, Iliana and Dustin Langerak took Hannelore in (Hannelore and Kaylinn are\Would be the same age so Iliana took a baby in, her biological parents were way too immature to raise a kid) and she did everything Kaylinn did in the 1st timeline but way, way better. And she also told the twins about Mortimer, Bella, Alexander, and Cassandra. Kaylinn asked Laakhatea 2 and Toorehiki 2 to save Bella. So, Laakhatea asked Kaylinn to come and help her and Toorehiki save Bella. Laakhatea knew that Kaylinn's mom Iliana also use to be Watalu's companion, so Watalu came. Watalu wanted to be a World Renowned Surgeon, and guess what, she just did, and she was also in her 2nd regeneration, which looked kinda Asian as opposite to Watalu 1st's white-haired look (How white? White enough to make Boyd Wainwright almost look like he has bright yellow hair! Or "Stark White" for short. Yeah, this word was actually invented by Toorehiki and Laakhatea to describe Watalu.). So, Laakhatea\Toorehiki\Watalu\Kaylinn all used the twin's TARDIS to search for Bella Goth's genetics. Kaylinn just happened to have a lock of Bella's hair in her childhood shoe, from when they swore friendship to each other back in Sunset Elementary School. They found a clone fabric with many Bella clones and also of other people like lore sims or people with "interesting" genetics like Nervous Subject or Flamenco Caliente. And also of people like Goopy GilsCarbo or Meadow Thayer to "export" in other neighborhoods far away. When they found the real Bella, Laakhatea used her sonic screwdriver (it came with the TARDIS) to make her regain her memories. Laakhatea told Bella everything, Bella believed what Laakhatea and Toorehiki said and actually remembered them from her childhood even tho they now looked completely different. So, Bella was returned to Earth to be with Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander, creating an ever-peaceful 3rd Timeline. The player of Ts4 can decide to participate or not to an opportunity to help the Swept Twins, Watalu, and Kaylinn save Bella and create the 3rd Timeline. If you accept it, a very-old Bella and Mortimer go to live with Cassandra Goth, now Cassandra Dreamer, and her husband Darren. They have a Tween daughter named Deliah, and a Teenage son named Droybes. (black people have weird names sometimes.) While the Swept Twins, Watalu, Kaylinn, and Fancy Landgraab (a kid clone of Nancy Landgraab) go form an household named the "Time Warped". If you do not accept the opportunity, Mortimer will still be an old-age ghost, and Bella will too, and they will be buried in the main Goth Graveyard, in the main Goth Manor inhabited by Alexander, his wife Lucy (Burb), and their preschooler twins, Hermann (the boy) and Zalvinia (the girl). Fancy will not exist at all, Kaylinn will be named Kaylinn Pleasant and live with her Young Adult son and Teen daughter from Daniel, Parkins and Jenna Pleasant, respectively. (Yes, they're named after their aunt and uncle.) Also, she will be on her second day of Elder, instead of being slightly after the middle of the Adult stage. Laakathea, Toorehiki, and Watalu will just be regular homeless Townies of whatever town you're in and any next town you play. But that does not mean they will be TARDISless.

More to come...

Actual list of Time LordsEdit

Paathehiki Sweptlifar (deceased)

Laakhateea Sweptlifar

Toorehiki Sweptlifar

Watalu Myloto (loomed on planet Otolym - 40% Gallifreyan\60% Otolym hybrid)

Victoria Sweptlifar born Waterfield (human Time Lady)

Actual list of Companions to Time LordsEdit

(Laakhateea and Toorehiki are always companions to each other as the Swept Twins, and Watalu and the Swept Twins are always companions to each other as a trio.)

Nancy Landgraab (Laakhateea & Toorehiki I)

Iliana Langerak neé Mae (Watalu I)

Kaylinn Pleasant previously Landgraab neé Langerak (Laakhateea, Toorehiki, & Watalu II)

Fancy Landgraab (Laakhateea, Toorehiki, & Watalu II)


The "Swept Twins" weren't in the same savefile as Watalu and thus they never met.

Watalu was'nt designed as exactly a "Time Lord\Lady" but merely a weird, eccentric, skillful, alienish teenager who may or may not be actually a Time Lady. Laakhateea and Toorehiki were designed as more true to Doctor Who canon, wearing Prydon Orange, being children instead of teenagers, and have more... Gallifreyan-like names.

There were never any sims of Victoria or Fancy. Fancy being a Voucher Clone presumably looks like a child version of Nancy. Victoria (in her original form) presumably looks like her Whoniverse namesake , who was played by Deborah Watling. 

Someday I will download the Dragonsire mods and make actual TLord sims. Not necessarily the canon ones from DW, though.