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This page describes the more important CAS characters of the fanon Time Paradox in a succinct manner individually. The characters will be organized by ethnicity.

Da Hellenes: οἱ ἝλληνεςEdit

  • Kallisto Syrakosia: Your big evil or good (depending on POV) bats**t insane founder of the Papal State, hellbent on destroying romance.
  • Stratonike Attalida: The first supersim and the pioneer who developed the simbot. Insane.
  • Hypatia Pydnaia: The great supersim and the one who started the idea of a multidisciplinary supersim, who used to hold hegemony. Hypatia was the one who institutionalized the idea of a scholarly household. Only one of the Big 6 to not be insane.
  • Lysistrata Amphipolita: The second to last Big 6. A tagalong, Lysistrata once was the biggest source of income. Tends to like the furry pets more so than the other Big 6. Insane.
  • Eurydike Alkmaionida: The first of the Big 6, if taken in the chronological order in which they are introduced in the fanon. Is the first of the Insane techy female sim archetype of the Fanon. Also is a part of the Resurrection alongside Hypatia.
  • Kallistrata Pellaia: The last of the Big 6, Kallistrata is a Kallisto clone. Kallistrata is also the creator of the Deutarchontes, and also one of the most active, spearheading the Mercantilist movement as well as other numerous technological advances in the Church. Insane.
  • Antigone Syrakosia: A third-party clone of Kallisto. Originally very much alike to Kallisto, Antigone took Chaos to the knee and turned "normal," putting an ok to romance that Kallisto hated so much and got screwed by Kallisto because of that. Now one of the active opponents of Kallisto and the Papal State.
  • Demetria Mykenaia: The original leader of the Beauty 4 in which Kallisto was a part of, Demetria is a hard partier and a hard rocker. So oriented her personality was to the likes of Bridgeport, Demetria eventually moved there, although Demetria did not want an hostile Kallisto.
  • Achaia Oropia: One of the Beauty 4 alongside Demetria, Kallisto and Thessalonike. Achaia is an artist/literature major archetype, with a romantic and sleepyhead tint. One of the first opponents of Kallisto post-Church (in contrast to the likes of Salina or Agnes, who were opposed to Kallisto more because of the rumors)
  • Thessalonike Thalamaia: One of the Beauty 4, Thessalonike is the Physical Arts one. A reputable cheater of substantial records, Thessalonike settled in, but more so grew more involved in the growing split between the Beauty 4 for the first time (asides from her conflict with Achaia, that is).
  • Philetairos Attalides: The head of the Attalid household, and a huge party lover alongside most of the Attalids. Philetairos has a good relationship with Kallisto, and intends to have it that way, and is kept by the promise of a hard partying palace.
  • Chrysanthema Pellaia Kinnamomona: One of the three disciples of the Church, herself, Esomena and Pyrrha, who are disciples of Kallistrata, Kallisto and Stratonike respectively. Also the de facto leader of the three, and is a steward of Ecclesiarchal Sunset Valley. Also a good friend of the Arabs.
  • Esomena Protogena: One of the three disciples, led to the ban of prom, as well as being the effective development manager of Sunset Valley. Much lazier than Pyrrha and Chrysanthema.
  • Pyrrha Edessaia: One of the three disciples, the hard worker and the loner. In fact, so fitting was Pyrrha's personality to the Church that Pyrrha is often looked upon by the likes of Kallisto as a favorite.
  • Okeanos Iolkios: One of the Mathetai Mouson alongside Zoe, Krinias, Seleukis, Melissa, and Persephone. He leads the household, which is also the household from which Esomena hails from.
  • Phthinophoria Eschateria: The first sim (storywise) to be a creation of both science and supernatural. Also the administrator of Papal Sunlit Tides.

The Non-Greek WesternersEdit

  • Tessa Swanson: A hopeless romantic basically psychically conditioned into service of the Platonic Church hellbent on screwing the idea of romance over. Same can be said of her two sisters, Nicole and Rachel.
  • Aneirin oi Lugos: Rachel's former husband, hellbent at screwing his rival Cocolitanos over to the point where Aneirin decides to cooperate with the Church.
  • Ray Dann: WooHoo fanatic who wants to get laid and be rich so that he can be called a titan of industry while not paying taxes to support the "parasites." If that's not possible in SimNation, he'll go somewhere else to make his Rapture.
  • Cocolitanos oi Aedu: The head of the Aidouoi, he is in a feud with the Arbernoi faction's Aneirin.
  • Divided Snake: One of the Patriots alongside United Snake, Snake of Retribution and Otakororo, he is a nativist who says no to the foreign influences, that is that of the Greeks and the Arabs at Sunset Valley.
  • Isis Stone: A evil genius with no sense of humor and sanity. Despite that, Isis has enough sense to make social maneuvers. Also a merchant in the black market. Submitted by Starmoonie. Soon to make an unexpected move...

The Africans and the Middle EasternersEdit

  • Ayham Bahri: One of the Al-Dar members alongside Usaim Hamdi, Omar Qutb and Anwar Arafat, he is one of the Muslim traditionalists kicked off a formerly Muslim country that went more western.
  • Usaim Hamdi: The leader of the Al-Dar.
  • Anwar Arafat: The engineer of the Al-Dar, tasked with nectar making and tinkering.
  • Omar Qutb: The military guy of Al-Dar, works in the Professional Sports, which Usaim likes.
  • Hippias Karchedonios: A Klerouchos of the Church hailing from a village at the ruins of Carthage, alongside Heron, Attalos, and Thrasymachos.

The Asians: οἱ ἈσιοιEdit

  • Taejong Kang: The patriarch of the Koreans as a whole in the Third Timeline. Note that the term Taejong isn't actually a name, but more of a regal name, which indicates the more rigidness in the social structure there. Travels with the rest of the head family to the Second Timeline Hekatonschoinos as Philoi.
  • Eun Jin Choi: A Philhellen, caused by countless web surfing and chatting with the Greek Butler at the Japanese household, Herakleitos. Also one of the first friends of the Second Timeline Greeks such as Kallisto.
  • Yuri Kang: One of the daughters of Taejong. Like Eun Jin, Yuri is also quite the tinkerer, although unlike Eun Jin Yuri is more towards actual invention (Eun Jin is more handy) and is also an stalwart environmentalist.
  • Daisuke Gozen'in: The Patriarch of the Japanese faction in the Third Timeline. Doesn't really care for the conflict, deeming it useless. Rather, Daisuke is more interested in raising the granddaughter Miyu, and assigns an Indian butler Chiranjivi to help with the needed social adjustments.
  • Miyu Gozen'in : the sole heiress to Daisuke. Is an introvert, gamer, and rather unskilled at most work requiring any sort of physical involvement whether it be endurance or dexterity, although quite able in academic fields.
  • Tao Tsing: The Chinese patriarch. Much more interested in getting the others to recognize them as superior rather than actually taking over.