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The Story about how Sims and Fairies and other beings began and appeared. This is how the fairies and sims and other beings originate and born

Creation of the UniverseEdit

  • Queen Emilion, the first fairy, Lord Goth, the first sim, and Sister Cavendish, the first witch, are created from the empty void.
  • Queen Emilion and Sister Cavendish combined their powers and created the universe, while Lord Goth is tasked to take care of the Universe.
  • Sister Cavendish departed, creating her own land, which is the Hollow of Witches.
  • Queen Emilion and Lord Goth work together to create Sunset Valley.
  • Queen Emilion and Lord Goth divided the place into two, Fairy Valley and Sim Valley.
  • Queen Emilion created a female sim, with her magic, and introduce her to Lord Goth, which he fell inlove with
  • Lord Goth asked the sim and when she said yes, millions of sims are created and divide into small groups of people. Some go to Hidden Spring, Some to Appaloosa Plains, and many other places.
  • Appaloosa Plains became the main target for Queen Emilion to bring seasons.
  • Sunset Valley, in the Fairy Valley, became her main home.
  • After thousands of baby sims born, millions of first baby laughs are born, creating millions of fairy life. The Fairies divide into small groups and some stayed at Appaloosa Plains, some at other places such as Hidden Spring, Twinbrook, to look after nature of its place. Some stayed at Sunset Valley.

Middle AgesEdit

  • Lord Goth II was born
  • Lord Goth II created a plan to conquer all Sunset Valley and demolish the fairies.
  • Queen Emilion, knowing this, created a magical barrier to protect her fairies, And for her and her fairies sake, she sadly hide her Kingdom of Fairies from every places, such as the Fairy Plain on Appaloosa Plains, and the Fairy Spring from Hidden Spring.
  • Fairy World became invisible and untouchable from the Sim World, all because of Lord Goth II's silly idea.
  • The Cold side of Sunset Valley, Coldland Valley, is formed by a magical blizzard, and there many cold fairies reside at the Fairy Valley of Coldland Valley
  • Some sims reside there too, but they can't see the Cold Fairy Valley, due to the war between the sims and fairies.
  • Now, Sims starts to forget about magic, and abandon it. Magic is now left at Sim Children's minds and imaginations. Although some magical sims, such as Witches, Wizards and Sorcerers, believes in magic, only a few normal sims who believe in magic. From now on Lord Goth II, banned magic and created a rule, a rule that every parent must tell their kids that magic aren't real. Although every first baby laugh will create a fairy.
  • Sunset Valley and Other areas broke up and divided into small kingdoms, ruled by monarchs.
  • Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons and Other magical being, are created by Sister Cavendish.
  • Unicorn and Plantsim Population was created by Queen Emilion.
  • The Egyptians, Chinese, France, were formed.
  • The Egyptians wrap dead sims to mummies, and some magic left by Sister Cavendish, bring the mummies back to life.
  • The France are stitching some dolls to be given for children, but some magic left by Queen Emilion make the dolls live, which can only be real if each child who receive it believe in magic and became friends with it.
  • Genies from the Middle Easts, are stuffed to magic lamps and stored into a chamber of secrets, and was lost by then.
  • Aliens came out of nowhere, they were created by the essence of the Sims, and was sent to an unknown planet.
  • Some Mummies unwrap their body and turn into Zombies
  • Bigfoot revolved from monkeys, much like Sims does.

Modern AgesEdit

  • Lord Goth IIIV unite the places and name the SimCity
  • The Landgraab and Alto Clan started.
  • The Landgraabs do some scientific research.
  • Simoleons are created as currency
  • Sparks Faeriezest was born
  • Winter Faeriezest arrived, but in the wrong place, as she was meant to be a cold fairy.
  • The Fairies, Witches, and other magical beings are now no longer trust the Sims anymore, but maybe one day, a very special fairy, could break the curse placed by Lord Goth II, and reunite all beings like 10000 years ago.