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"Where did I go?" asked Kevin, no response was heard only a faint, "Begin it."

The Leals a loving family with a father who loves to take care of his family,a fortune hungry teenager and a knowledge seeking wife. A generic normal family... for now.

Chapter 1: The Filler Stuff


From right to left, Kevin, Veda, and Questa.

The Leals were a poor family, they lost most of there money after having to quit their jobs to get ready to move to Strangetown and buy the house itself.

However, Veda was very knowledgeable and wanted more! So she bought a quite expensive telescope, this caused a fight between the two. The first fight in years in fact! They realised they weren't that kind of couple and went back to being friends, just like that. After the fight Kevin wanted to cheer everyone up by 

making some snacks, after walking thru the oddly placed kitichen, Kevin put the toast pastries in the oven. Kevin was just about to watch TV, and did for a few minutes; quick realising that his food was burning he ran up and thankfully there was no fire, he thought they would get even maddier at him for burning their food. Thankfully everybody didn't care about the burned food: they just sat and talked about what they were going to do.

After eating Kevin went to find a job because just a few minutes ago the papergirl had dropped off his newspaper, after searching nothing. So Veda grabbed the newspaper and found I job she wanted, nay needed it! The Science career back in Pleasantview all she did was save lives, who needs that? After that she was to apply the following day, however a neighbor went to say hello. Veda was surprised! he h

ad green skin and black eyes. What else would he be? He was an Alien. Veda poiletly asked, "Psst, I know your an Alien, if you just say you are one we can still be friends." The man replied he was not an Alien and was very angry, (he was an Alien of course.) Kevin quickly grabbed his wife and said, "Aliens are not real you are offending that man." Veda whispered, "Than explain his face." Kevin said, "I think he's just a bu-


The Fight.

rn victim or something keep it quiet." Veda apologised but knew he was still an Alien.

Then hours later it was dark, Kevin walked outside to look at the telescope. He looked thru it and loved it; he was addicited to looking at all the different planets in a minute! So came along the next day.

Kevin was waking up from his bed and walked outside, he noticed his papergirl was here. He thought about tipping her, I mean he was going to get newspapers everyday from her! So he went and tipped her 100§ after that he went and smiled, as he was walking inside a crazy looking man ran past him, and than shoved Questa while she working out and than ran out... wut?

Hours later everybody but Veda was at work, (She worked at 11:00pm.) and was drinking water and thi

nking about how happy she was that her husband was getting into logic also! Once everybody was back Questa worked on her homework as much as possible, (she missed doing homework yesterday); this caused her to miss work and was just falling apart.

Tomorrow Kevin stayed up all night looking at the telescope! He noticed two old newspapers on the ground and just picked them up! He did it for so long he missed work and his daughter was just back from school. Questa brought a friend with her, he them remembered and said "Oh, Questa Sushi is for dinner tonight." Questa's friend was a vegan and did said she would leave if she even saw the Sushi, Kevin didn't want to deal with that and just agured with her as she walked away. Questa got back from work and wondered where her friend was, she ends up asking and he angry as she agures with her father; she manages to cool 


Questas friend walking away.

down at least. While her father wonders, "Why is everything so different from Pleasantview here?" 

The next day Veda had the day off and would just watch TV be a slob, when the newspaper arrived she went and made a paper airplane out of it!

Chapter 2: The HappeningEdit

It then was night and Kevin was just looking out telescope, that's when he saw something it had an oval top and a stretched oval body, "It couldn't be" thought Kevin he was than brought up to the sky everybody saw and paniced. As he was brought up he was scared of fear, Kevin had no idea what was going on as he strapped down (No this is not fifty shades of grey.) he screamed, "Where did I go?" All he heard was a faint, "Begin it." The rest was all black, he remembered falling from the sky and his wife running straight up to him and hugging him tight. It was late and Kevin went to sleep, Kevin ended up w-


aking up in the morning vomiting. Kevin right away sells his telescope and buys a chess set, later that day while he is on his chess set he just didn't feel himself he felt more serious, but this was just stress from his horrific abduction. While when it was night Questa woke up quite early and got a glass of water, while drinking Kevin comes up to Questa telling her he gained some weight and now he has to wear some old clothes when Veda was going to have Questa. Kevin sat done to relax but the TV was broken, he called some help and got it fixed for a price. Because Kevin was not so exicited with his old bed awkward bed he bought a fancy new one! And was getting a tiny bit tired and thought why not try the new bed? And to his bed with his wife. That's when Questa ran inside waking everybody up, she got an A+ report card! They all cheered for a bit but than went back to bed, at around 7:30 Kevin had a horrible pain, it was worse and worse. Than the next thing he knew a baby arrivied an ALIEN BABY! He paniced none of his family knew he thought of the first thing in his mind he was so quick to think he already had a name, "Yaxha" (Has an origin of meaning Green Water). Panicing the family heard his pains and asked what was wrong, once they saw that thing, Kevin knew said he would leave he could not live here anymore, he could not take this panic. Veda was not scared she loved it! But Kevin kept thinking it, and left himself.


Chapter 3: Living AloneEdit

Kevin realised what he to work with, he knew what pain it was to raise a child, and he did that with his wife; Kevin was on his bed while watching TV and thinking this thought. Kevin was had the felling for some toast he went and grabbed the bread to cook, while cooking he can't humming this tune he made up years ago; it goes: "I know would be, I know what could be, but I don't know what should be." When he went to sit down he was just reminded of his wife and daughter, but he knew it was for the best I mean... his daughter wouldn't be able to stand a minute with him, and his wife would treat it like an animal! Right? I mean he couldn't of just wasted most of his money to buy a cheap house with a cheap computer, cheap TV, cheap bed, cheap everything and become so poor. But even if that was the truth that they would've done those horrible things to him he does not and wouldn't of thought any lesser of them. He couldn't take it he ran up to his phone and called his daughter, he asked for her come over! But strangely hours later Veda came she said that Questa had to go to work and she didn't want to talk for long, Kevin loved her though he kissed her and they both knew they both still had love in the air, she ran away after that. That's when he realised he had to head to work he went to call a nanny but no-one accepted to care after such a beast, that's when Kevin realised how stupid he was, he was calling to Pleasantview of course nobody would come here to Strangetown, much less take care of an alien there! He called a Nanny in Strangetown she accepted but Kevin had to cancel after realising he missed his carpool and could just take of Yaxha himself. Around 40 minutes later Kevin got a call saying he has 2 Vacation days left, and he should remember to go to work this time! Kevin got up to his coffee machine and made some coffee, as he drinking he heard people yelling outside! Outside a woman was yelling at the mailwoman as the mailwomen was putting in the bills, she thought the mailwoman was an Alien; the mailwoman had enough and insisted Alien were not real! Kevin heard that but thought it was coming from the woman and showed her little Yaxha, the woman screamed and ran outside as Kevin thought the only person who would not care if this baby was human or alien would be his wife. After that thing... Kevin went outside to check the bills the bills were 200§! That's not that much in real money but normally bills in sims are like 40-90§ Than paying he grabbed an newspaper he knew he would not use and thru it out.

Kevin had to call Veda once again, but she was at work and just hung up the phone. After that Kev

in went grab Yaxha and put him in the sink to bathe him, after that Kevin went to bed for a while; Yaxha had became a toddler, the next Kevin did was teach Yaxha to walk on the first day and than talk on the second. Kevin than thought to make a nice TV dinner! Kevin was watching the cooking channel for some tips while eating his TV dinner, after that Kevin would go to bed but Yaxha had gone and snuck out of his crib, he went to turn on the TV and watch the Kids channel. Kevin heard the TV and ran he saw Yaxha watching TV and put him back in the crib. Hours later a Nanny came: Kevin thanked her for coming so ea

rly. When he got back from work he was fired for such his poor performance, Kevin begged and begged and telling them he was just a single parent, they thought and thought and gave him a demotion instead but that was it. The next day Kevin was asked by a strange(town) man if he had seen any Aliens around, Kevin was offended and told Aliens are not real and he should leave right now. Instead the man went trimmed his bushes and pulled out his weeds (for some reason...) And then went on Kevins computer. Kevin ran in and locked his door ran and


Older Yaxha.

yelled at that man to leave. Finally it was late and they went to bed, Kevin was so caught up Yaxha becoming a child, he forgot all about Veda and what's her face. Kevin played with Yaxha that whole night and couldn't wait for Yaxha to become a child. Kevin went to buy a toybox and nice oven for Yaxha he had the cake ready and brought him as he aged up! Right away Yaxha had tried the stove sadly his first attempt burned, Yaxha feeling ashamed went to bed to get it off his mind when he woke he ran and tried again! as you guessed it burned... Kevin was cleaning up the house making his bed, cleaning his toilet, etc. After about to throw away the newspaper a little girl walked by Kevin was quite lonely and just said hello, Kevin told her a joke and she walked away. Kevin worked on a machine this was being worked at work, Kevin was politician and don't ask why they needed to be younger, by the way it made people younger, you guessed it the elixir of life! Yaxha sneakily took some but it backfired it turned Yaxha into a teenager. Yaxha paniced but all of a sudden his whole childhood flashed before him everyone else aged the day was different, strange it was. Kevin not knowning that Yax-


Teenager Yaxha.


The family back with each other forever.

ha had his childhood flash before his eyes so not really experenice it. Kevin realised he raised two teenagers today, one is now an adult, he called Veda over right away, when she came he asked her in a heart beat to move-in again. She accepted, then they lived happily ever after...