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info and traitsEdit

Toby Melze and Tony Melze are two twin brothers who are pretty similar in appearance and they have same haircoler and same career. He is the more calm of the twins because he has the Brave trait and Tony having Insane and Mean spirited traits. Tobys traits are "Brave" "Absent Minded" "Neat" "Grumpy" and Evil traits. 


They moved to sunset vally at the beginning of their young adulthood. They both became criminals in the career Where Toby always did a little better than Tony. When Toby and Tony got promoted from level 6 in the criminal career Toby took the evil path but Tony took the Burglar path. They Quickly became rich and moved into a bigger house where they began to gain fame in the town. Of cause nobody but themselves knew their criminal record the way they were famous was clearly becuase of their richness. But their was one thing they both did not have any friends thanks to Tony. Toby began to be a little mad at Tony. But Tony Just said that they could adopt. Toby actually thought it was a great idea so they adopted a toddler boy who they named Mike.