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Tomas Petrulis
The Sims 3 Logo
Tomas is a mysterious resident in BridgePort, that not much is known about him.
Name Tomas Petrulis
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Romances Agnė Petrulytė
Trait Neurotic small Neurotic
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game Sims 3
Playability Playable
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Tomas Petrulis is a mysterious, but mostly unknown guy in the whole world, including the most mysterious one in BridgePort. There are rumours out there, that claim he had killed an old lady down street, who was also a mysterious one, as nobody did know her name or were she lived. Thought, there are some things that is relieved about this guy, than about the lady, as people given up on searching on her identity, which leaves the woman unknown about her biography and social life. Anyway, back to the guy. People also claimed that they hear screams coming out from his houses, but when they try to call police, it's all stops, .Police tried to break throught his house, but no had luck, even when they vists is resident everyt month, in which at the end they gave up on doing. The Door are covered with boulders from inside, and the windows are unbreakable and non-openable up to this day. It's unusure how this guy leaves, which he is rarely sometimes seen outside his and,in the graveyard and at the laundry mat, since all the entries from the house are closed. Some people claim that he has some kind of powers, or atleast one, that residents of the city claims they see him "teleporting" in a yellow-ish/orangish beam coming from the ground, but they have never had a chance to caught on him tape doing it, even when they had their camera onto their hands.

Witness that relived his full nameEdit

Here is one the witness words, that was recorded recently by the news crew, that she saw him while on a stroll with her child: "So I was taking my boy for a stroll, when suddenly the guy was seen throught my corner of my eye. I turned my head and looked at him, and I recognised him as the mysterious guy that everyone was talking about a few mounts ago. I quickly took my phone out and took a picture. He seen me, so he looked at me with shocked but at the same time with the irriated look. I then heard my ex-boyfriends voice from my back, calling my name. I turned around, but he wasn't there. I thought it was just my imagintion. So I then turn around back to that guy, but he was gone, he vanished. I then rushed quickly as I could to my house. As I didn't live to far away from were I stood, I ran on foot, with my baby on my one hand and folded stroller on my other. Came home, rushed towards my laptop, plugged my smartphone to it, tried to upload the picture, but before I did, I checked on the picture but it was gone. Could had been a just a coincidence?! I think not. I think that guy doesn't want me to relive him on what he was doing or that atleast, what was he thinking of doing". She earn 10.000 simoleans for reliving his first and last name, which was important for the goverment to know. "- After that" - she says, ", the message arrived on my phone. It said "Why have you done it? Do wanna get in trouble with me?!!!!   - Tomas Petrulis".After reading it, I quickly took my note book from my pocket, wrote the message done before it could erase itself, like how happened with the picture. I didn't fear of him, nor of it's threatening. The Message was there until this morning, it was erased from my phone, like the picture. Luckily I still had my notebook with the message un-taken, so I immediately send it this morning and the goverment got it. Now I'm waiting to hear more about this guy secrets, busting his mystery and get him arrested if he ever did a murder". After her message was shown throught the television, all around the world live, more claims approach throught the internet. There was a claim from Al Simhara, of a gang people claiming they saw him on top of a pyramid, with egypsion clothes which looked from the 6 century. In Aurora skies, there are claims of seeing him in one of the air baloons. And in Islo Paradiso he was seen throught all around the city, with a Llama costume riding on a bike. He was also found in other worlds, excluding the ones that I listed, with futuristic looking clothing which are first time seen, making his big secret more amusing. People couldn't see or know, where he was heading to at their time, but they are sure of knowing that it was actually him. Continue on....

His ManorEdit

Often times, when people walk pass throught his own, they notice him talking, throught the window. Mostly from the big window that is on the right side of the manor. It was so big, that some believe it is wide across the all room that you can see from the side. Since it is so big, they can see him talking to himself, as "if he had an imaginary friend or something" - jokingly said one of them. Throught the window, it is seen that sometimes a grim reaper walks bythe room and taking a seat or just changing clothes in the walk-in closet, passengers-by asume that alot of deaths going on, while being creeped out by it. The mouse is also a mysterious: no one knows who build it, what's is origin, and even the constructor of it. They even nickname the house (including the resident) "The Poltergeist".

His WifeEdit

At this day, his wife came back from vacation at Champs Les Sims. Nobody knew that he had a wife, untl ths day moment. Rather then her husband, she had an ordinary life; she went Grocery shopping,at the town on some occasions, took a walk at the park every sunday, works at the bookstore and goes to the cinema at her leisure day. She is also outgoing and friendly. For some reason, she didn't mention that hers husban was Petrulis. Went they asked her what was his name, she often replied with " Why do you want to know?!" manner. The ones who asked her this thought she doesn't want to admit to cinfirm being single by the annyed replied of hers. However, she reviled some things about her husban, unlike how he des about himself, though she still hides some mager details. It is un-sure how community found out about her marraged to Petrulis.

While Police man were on a Criminal hunt rampage, they came across the mansion and overhead them (the couple) them arguining. She yelled at him while saying to him "Why are you doing this?! Why did you do it?" The two policeman (their were only two working) became curious to hear what they have to say next,so they sat down quetly and listen. Everythng went quiet in the manor. Both policeman looked at the window . Petrulis spot them, he went straight to the window and angrily closed the curtains and lights then turned off in the room, as if he didn't want to relive something. They forgot that they were on a hunt, as they were focused on annouching to the policedepartment what they encountered next to the manor while begin their walk back to their police station.

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