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Travis Gramm
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Travis Gramm
Hi! I'm a dog! Rufff!
Name Travis Gramm
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age Adult Dog Adult
Species Hund Dog
Breed Pug
The Gramm Family
Owner(s) Kaitlyn Gramm and Chester Gramm
Mate(s) Mallory Gramm
Offspring Unborn Gramm puppies
Other Information
Game TS3A IconThe Sims 3: Ambitions
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Twinbrook
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Childhood Edit

Being made in CAS, Travis has no memory of this age.

Adulthood Edit

He really 'loves' Mallory, and they plan of trying for puppies. Mallory is pregnant with a litter of his puppies.

Trivia Edit

  • Travis is the second dog in the family
  • He wants puppies

Gallery Edit