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Founded three generations ago under the calm moonlight of the western shores by Japanese immigrants, Tsukitani, the Valley of the Moon, was a small but tightly-knit town where everyone knew everyone else and people of all types happily coexisted in harmony. But when two of the richest families in the state saw the sleepy Tsukitani's potential (for two very different reasons), they began to clash head-on. What will become of the valley?
Name Tsukitani
Game(s) TS3 Icon The Sims 3
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Tsukitani is a small town that was founded three generations ago. According to the description, the first inhabitants was Japanese immigrants, providing an explanation for the Asian appearances of many of the families there. There are a variety of types of people living in Tsukitani.


Explore an All-New World - Discover the Beauty of Tsukitani!

Founded three generations ago under the calm moonlight of the western shores by Japanese immigrants, Tsukitani, the Valley of the Moon, was a small but tightly-knit town where everyone knew everyone else and people of all types happily coexisted in harmony. But when two of the richest families in the state saw the sleepy Tsukitani's potential (for two very different reasons), they began to clash head-on. What will become of the valley?


Nicolas de Fortuné, Marie de Fortuné, Nancy de Fortuné

The de Fortuné family has always sought money and power, and they had always won. So when Nicolas and Marie decided they wanted to transform Tsukitani into a huge private estate, they expected nothing less than utter surrender from the people. Unfortunately for them, they now face stiff competition from the Korolev family, another rich household with reversed moral compasses. Will the de Fortunés emerge victorious as always, or will Tsukitani be the name of their downfall?

Kohei Fujiyama, Naoko Fujiyama, Kojiro Fujiyama, Masako Fujiyama, Chihiro Fujiyama

One of the first settlers, the Fujiyama family has been around since the beginnings of the town three generations ago. Even more amazing: the first still lives to tell the tale! Kohei and Naoko are now enjoying life with their favourite (and so far only) grandchild. But with Masako pregnant with another baby, they'll soon have another little tot to play with! Will Chihiro lose the favour of her grandparents?

Ichiro Kawaguchi, Kenji Kawaguchi, Yoshihiro Kawaguchi

Ichiro Kawaguchi moved to Tsukitani from his native Himeji a few years ago. After the most unfortunate demise of his parents, he took in his younger brothers Kenji and Yoshihiro. Ichiro is now trying to teach his brothers how to move beyond convoluted and frantic hand gestures.

Naomi Kita, Mitsumi Kita, Sohei Kita, Ryuunosuke Kita

When evolution had a particularly bad day, it decided to create the werewolf, a cross between man and wild dog. Mitsumi never found out this dark characteristic in her boyfriend Naomi until they got married. She still loves him anyway, but she's a bit worried about how her two sons will turn out.

Mikhail Korolev, Kara Koroleva, Sergey Korolev, Frida Koroleva

One of the two feuding families trying to change Tsukitani, the Korolev family hopes to transform the sleepy town into a developed society. They have donated portions of their massive funds to Tsukitani's school and city council, allowing the valley to thrive. But with the arrival of the infamous de Fortuné family a few months after themselves, the race for the town's support began. Who will win?

Frederic Lombardier, Henriette Lombardier, Dakota Lombardier, Cora Lombardier, Robert Lombardier

Henriette Lombardier always believed in fairies, and her parents always laughed in amusement at her whimsical fantasies. But never did she expect she'd meet a male one! Now that she is happily married and has three flight-capable kids, she has her eyes set on becoming the next Sherlock Holmes!

Peter Mage, Paula Mage, Luisa Mage, Elisa Mage, Konstantin Mage, Furball Mage

This family of witches/wizards recently arrived in town so that the kids could practise their spells in peace and quiet. But Peter and Paula have to deal with an increasingly rebellious teenager and two feuding twins. What exactly is keeping this troubled bunch together?

Old Man

This old hermit lives isolated from the rest of the town, where he finds peace and quiet amongst the little-visited lake in the valley's southeast. It is a mystery as to how long he has been there. There are urban myths suggesting that the Old Man fled to the lakes because he lost his daughter many years ago. Others say that he is many centuries old and lives by the lake because of some sort of rejuvenating properties of its water, and that he was there even before Kohei and Naoko Fujiyama. But no one really knows...

Masaki Suzumiya, Ayako Suzumiya, Daisuke Suzumiya

Phew! One down, one to go. Now that Ryoko was married to a nice man (a foreigner too - ooh!) they can focus on raising their teenage son. Unbeknownst to the rest of his family, Daisuke had a little run-in with some bloodsuckers and ended up becoming one himself. How long till his secret is revealed to the world?

Neil Pine, Ryoko Suzumiya-Pine, Kajiro Suzumiya-Pine, Victoria Suzumiya-Pine

Neil is a scholarly academic from the Sims University, the top tertiary-level institute in the entire country. He is intelligent, athletic and stunningly handsome. But nothing could prepare him for the wonderful, kind Ryoko Suzumiya, or the family they would later share. He now juggles his well-paying job at the science lab and his family. How long till he drops the ball?

Julien Taurisian, Merit Taurisian, Juniper Taurisian, Aloisius Taurisian, ASTUN3

Hailing from the futuristic city of Oasis Landing, the Taurisians preferred what they saw in Tsukitani to the wastelands surrounding their hometown, so they decided to stay - but not before returning and taking their faithful PlumbBot with them! While Julien and Merit have a harder time trying to fit in, and much more so for ASTUN3, the twins have no problem doing so - they now even prefer to wear the antiquated clothing of the past!

Koichi Toshiba, Ayoko Toshiba

Ah, time to relax. Koichi and Ayoko have short rest-of-their-lives to get on with, so they are happy that Masako is finally grown up. Now Koichi can read the many books in his library, and Ayoko can tend to her garden. Those petunias aren't going to water themselves, you know!

Tameichi Satsuma, Keisuke Nojiro, Yuki Matsuri, Philip Ronson, Johann van Helsen

These vampires are some of those that hate being vampires, hence the "anonymous" in their group name. They are charitable, you know - they just took in little Johann last week! Yes, they did attack a certain Daisuke Suzumiya that happened to come across them one night, but it was necessary that time - they were starving! Honest!

Xaidos Zrtkelzi, Sandy Zrtkelzi

When Xaidos Zrtkelzi arrived on Earth, he did not expect to meet Sandy, a woman that, as far as he was concerned, was prettier than the Birth Queen herself. He dated, then settled down with Sandy in Tsukitani. Now that there's a baby on the way, Xaidos and Sandy are wondering what exactly the future will hold!


Occupied Residential LotsEdit

Named after the great French city in which the de Fortuné clan was founded centuries ago, the Palais de Forsailles blends old and new (mostly old) in a home fitting for any ancient French aristocratic household. Of course, this château is exclusively for the exquisite de Fortunés.

Korolev House used to be just your average, run-of-the-mill bachelor's mansion until its new owners moved in and family-proofed it (and gave it a major makeover.) Now it is renowned all over town for its state-of-the-art kitchen and is considered the latest in architectural excellence.

The Lake in the southeast of Tsukitani is a location shrouded in mystery. There are rumours that its water possesses rejuvenating properties. But no one knows except its only inhabitant, the Old Man.

Possessing an extensive backyard, this house is perfect for the middle-class outdoorsy family, more specifically the lycanthropic type.

This family home keeps up with the times, but also respects the town's Japanese heritage. Constructed in the style of a traditional Japanese villa, it has enough room to fit everyone in the household, and then some!

Unoccupied Residential LotsEdit

Empty LotsEdit


  • Anti-Criminal Cooperative - 12 Gekkou Boulevard
  • Bigger Biceps Fitness Centre - 2 Harajuku Road

Want bigger biceps and a smaller belly? Then come on down to the Bigger Biceps Fitness Centre and lift weights, work out, run on the treadmill and all sorts of other stuff till you drop dead...metaphorically speaking - we hope you don't actually drop dead.

  • Central Park - Central Park
  • Central Tsukitani Community School - Cnr. Yamato Street & Harajuku Road

The Central Tsukitani Community School, known as the Gakuen to Tsukitani's Japanese residents, is the town's only educational campus, but is one of the best in the state! The school has the best teachers and a student population that's always willing to learn. Hooray for the Gakuen!

  • City Plaza North - 6 Harajuku Road
  • City Plaza South - 8 Harajuku Road
  • Council Chambers - 5 Yamato Street
  • Fortuné Industries, Inc. - 1 Yamato Street
  • Harajuku Shopping District - 10 Harajuku Road
  • Koi Memorial Field - 23 Moonlight Lane

The Koi Memorial Field is Tsukitani's town stadium, where games of baseball and soccer are played every weekend. It is the home ground of the Tsukitani Carp. Go Carp!

  • Mighty Merman Public Pool - 4 Harajuku Road
  • Military Installation Alpha-Theta-Gnome - 2 Forrest Gardens
  • Museum for Modern Art - 2 Yamato Street
  • National Scientific and Industrial Research Cooperative - Tsukitani Branch - 1 Hawking Court

The NSIRC recently established a branch in Tsukitani in order to further its research on small communities. Now it has grown into a fully fledged institute that attracts the attention of scientists from around the world.

  • Tsukitani Police Department - 10 Gekkou Boulevard
  • Tsukitani Yard for Resting Souls - 1 Haunted Avenue
  • Yoshihiro Nakagawa Memorial Hospital - 1 Harajuku Road

Named after the late Tsukitani surgeon who helped solve the mysteries of Guinea Pig Disease, Yoshihiro Nakagawa Memorial Hospital employs only the best doctors, surgeons, nurses and receptionists to make every patient's stay, whether it be just for a few hours or for the rest of their lives, as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

  • Yuki's Onsen - 3 Yamato Street

Built around Tsukitani's small hot spring, Yuki's Onsen is a traditional Japanese spa where Sims can relax in the spectacular warmth of the waters of the hot spring. Now with masseurs!


  • The name "Tsukitani" is a combination of two Japanese words, "Tsuki" (月) and "Tani" (谷), which mean "moon" and "valley" respectively.
  • Tsukitani is in reality a complete rebuild of Sunset Valley