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Twinbrook has always been a very mysterious place, especially down near the foggy swamps where mysteries lurk. Some people have moved into this mysterious town, they are mystery solvers on a mission to find out Twinbrook's little secrets.


Derek McKillan- Derek is mostly known for causing trouble in town and pulling pranks on his school and neighbours. He is involved in Taylor's secret.

Taylor Roberts- Taylor is a sweet girl who lives with her mum. She is also holding a secret in, you better ot mess with this tough girl though!

Diana Roberts- Diana previously divorced her husband and moved from Sunset Valley to Twinbrook to forget about him, but when she hears abot Taylor's secret will she be cross?

Frank Limpsin- Frank lives in the house which was once owned by the Bayless Family, but since he moved in, you would never see his face in public, let along risk a knock at his door...

Courtney Versica- Courtney is a secret agent who came to Twinbrook to investigate the mysterious going ons but when the Dansan brothers move in will the cause problems?

James Dansan- James moved into Twinbrook as a ghost hunter. He teamed up with Courtney to investigate mysteries.

Charlie Dansan- Charlie is a detective who is investigating the strange going ons in Twinbrook.

Chapter One: Welcome to TwinbrookEdit

"Hurry up!" Curtney sighed, walking aboard the large airplane that was heading
to Twinbrook. She really didn't like the co workers her boss put her with, two stupid bossy brothers. "Twinbrook is proboally awesome!" Charlie announced, "No Charlie. It is so dull and boring," Courtney complained, "I don't know why my boss sent me to this stupid old place and not somewhere else, like Bridgeport," "Please put your belts on and get ready for take off! I am your pilot, Jason Green and thank you for using Sim Air!" The pilot's voice came and a few minutes later, the airplane was up in the air, heading to Twinbrook. "I hate stupid airplanes" Courtney complained, "Shut up already," James sighed. The plane was starting to rush through the cloudy air, getting nearer and nearer to Twinbrook. "Would you like a snack?" a passing air hostess said with a tray of delicious snacks and drinks, "I'll have some of those apple pancakes and some orange juice with that," replied James. "and you two in there?" The air hostess asked again "No we'll be fine, but thanks anyway!" Courtney answered, "Ok then, that will be 20§!" the air hostess declared "heres the money," James said. Courtney looked out the small window at the end of the side, she saw bouncy, fluffy clouds floating through the sky and birds flying in a v shape through the clouds and buildings the size of tiny ants! It was starting to make her a bit tired, just as she was falling into a world of dreams, the pilot's voice came through the speakers, "Hello, this is your pilot speaking, "Please buckle your belts as we are arriving in Twinbrook airport!" this woke Courtney up as she buckled her belt.

A few minutes later, the plane was sliding into Twinbrook's runway, landing on the ground as elegant as a ballerina. "Come on boys!" Courtney sighed and tugged James out of the airplane with Charlie following behind. "I know where our home is," said Charlie quietly, "Will I drive you there?" he asked, "sure thing," Courtney replied, Charlie clicked his car keys and his red jeep appeared in front of them, the trio got in.

Very soon, the trio got to their new house, "it has a bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room on the first floor and three bedrooms, a bathroom and a small library on the second floor!" Charlie announced "Sounds good," Courtney said. The trio went into their new home and looked about the wide rooms and colourful halls, while she was looking around, Courtney looked out the window and saw a house, it was a bit small and has a lovely garden. James had already seen that house and the house that was on the other side of their house, it was almost as big as theirs and the walls outside were painted a deep blue colour, "Do you boys want to come with me and meet our new neighbours with me?" Courtney asked. The boys nodded and followed her outside, they knocked on the small house first. An adult lady that had curly, nutmeg hair and pink eye-shadow came outside, "Hello," Courtney introduced, "I am Courtney Versica and these are my housemates, Charlie and James Danson, we are your new neighbours," "Well I'm Diana Roberts and my daughter, Taylor is out in the garden, you can see her if you want," Diana smiled. "Ok it was nice meeting you," Courtney said politely as Diana closed the door, James led them into the garden where they saw a teenager girl that had stylish clothes and blonde hair with red highlightsthat was quite short "Who are you freaks?!" Taylor screamed, "Sorry for scaring you," Charlie apologised, "we are your new neighbours and we came to say hi," "Ugh," Taylor complained "get out of my garden then!"

The trio decided to see their other neighbour and knocked his door, no answer. "Oh well," James said, "it's getting late now anyway, let's go home."

When they got home, Courtney snuggled into her comfy double bed and the boys jumped into their cheaper single beds.

Chapter Two: A new Day Comes With A New Mission!Edit

Courtney woke up first, she was an early bird after all. As she baked apple pancakes over the pan,mshe heard the phone, 'better not start a fire," she said to herself and turned off the pan. Then she answered the phone, "Hello?" she said, "Hello, is that you Courtney?" the voice asked, "Yes," Courtney replied, "Courtney, this is your boss agent Tylers, I have a mission for you.