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Tyler is a Ghost-Witch Hybrid who was a witch in life and had a son with
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Agnes Crumplebottom before a spell (The Haunted Curse) went horribly wrong after he was out of mana when he cast the spell on Zelda Mae


Tyler was raised by Grim Reaper after his mother died in a fire but when he became a Young Adult Grim disappeared from his life.He lived and still lives in Sunset Valley and was best friends with Gunther Goth. Tyler kept it a secret that he was the son of the Grim Reaper (Most people believed this anyway because he had black hair (Hair is now green)A couple of years after he had started high school Tyler began training in the Dark Arts after his Training was complete Grim was rather happy saying that when his time would come he could become his companion in reaping souls,but Tyler had other things on his mind he had dreamt of building a Zombie army to do his bidding.Before Tyler met Agnes Crumplebottom,Tyler had a crush on a fairy,Keira Magicwing,but the only problem was that Keira's parents hated Tyler with a passion,and to separate them,her parents went so far to burn their house down killing Keira and her parents leaving tyler devastated.It was about 2 years afterward when Tyler was coming up to 15 that he met Agnes Crumblebottom.Yet Agnes liked Tyler not the other way around.Agnes,like Keira,was one of the few who knew that Tyler was the son of the Grim Reaper.

Life with GrimEdit

After his mother passed away,Grim faced a choice:Abandon the child and disappear,OR take the child in.Grim extinguished the flames seeing as it was not fair to leave Tyler to die.That night,Grim had a vision that the child would come to be a wielder of powerful magic beyond compare.

During Tyler's Childhood,Grim always told Tyler that his mother had perished in the fire but every night Tyler would wait until Grim hap disappeared for the night and get out of bed because he had heard ghostly sounds and the shower running.And one day around 5.00 Tyler found the ghost of his mother before she disappeared into her gravestone outside.Tyler thought about it until he slept for a couple of hours and tried to convince himself that ghosts didn't exist.Grim actually shown Tyler some care just like a parent would and their relationship improved after Tyler accidentally blasted a Fireball when he was around eight.

Teenage Years 2003-2009Edit

As Tyler Matured he began to control his magic a lot easier.He went into high school and met a girl named Keira Nightwing who he growed a crush on.Tyler was friends with her a lot anyway and when Tyler was 14 they had a private meeting at the Beach with her this was when she revealed she was a mermaid Tyler told her he also had two secrets: That he was the son of the Grim Reaper and that he was a witch.Keira asked about his mother he said he had no memory of her.They went to that beach as friends and left as Girlfriend and Boyfriend.In his spare time if he wasn't training magic he enjoyed Martial Arts,Alchemy and looking around for ghosts at the Graveyard.Tyler quickly grew a rivaly with Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.Tyler didn't pay a lot of attention in the classes that Cycl0n3 Sw0rd was in too mainly cause he was bugging Tyler in class.There was one problem with Cycl0n3 he had been bitten by a werewolf but tyler had a Potent Cure Elixir with him but Tyler decided to have a little fun with Cycl0n3 by throwing his wand for him.When he turned around he threw a spare one and hit him right on his forehead.


The Grim Reaper realised that Tyler's Magic began to grow more powerful and thought that he should begin to study the dark arts.Tyler agreed and began to study after school in Varg's Tavern.Keira was aware that he was studying dark arts but that didn't bother her.A couple of months later Keira's parents found out about her and tyler. Knowing that she was a mermaid,her father went so far as to light his entire house on fire making her dehydrate,pass out and perish in the fire.Tyler arrived there and tried to put out the fire but he had been training and his magic did not work.Keira,unfortunately,died but her father survived,was arrested and sentenced to life for murder.After this Tyler kept training in vigor and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd saw his opportunity to make Tyler's life even more of a misery and in his rage, Tyler grabbed a potion, forgetting it was the potent cure elixir and smashed him over the head with it, causing horrific damage to Cycl0n3's left eye.

Grim, who was happy at Tylers outbreak, saw that Tyler could kill, it was lucky that kid, whoever he was, was alive. It was clear that Tyler was capable of doing damage, a lot of damage, but he had things to do, and Tyler would be an Young Adult and he could take care of himself. I at this time that Tyler had met Agnes Crumblebottom, who, despite liking Tyler, was going out with someone else. He had also started suffering from nervous breakdowns. However this further boosted his powers. And with his eighteenth birthday coming up, he needed to try his best to improve his powers, however, because he was breaking down, even in class, he dropped out because he had been close before after almost blinding Cycl0n3 permanently. This effected him deeply making him feel like he had let Keira down, months after her death.


Soon enough, his birthday rolled around and he went out with some friends to Varg's Tavern to celebrate, but when Tyler got home, Grim was no where to be seen. With no other reason to stay there, he left to an old hpuse outside of town. Intending of living the rest of his life alone, he wasn't too happy when one of Keira's younger brothers, Kyle Magicwing, came out of the blue, a flood of flashbacks hit him immediately and, after recovering, invited Kyle in for a drink and wanted to hear why he had come to him.