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Ulett family
Name Ulett family
Number of generations 3 generations
Family connections Capp family, Monty family
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Constance Ulett has been a friend of the Capps since childhood, and is thrilled that Tybalt seems interested in her daughter. But will Rosaline choose Tybalt, or her gentleman caller from the Monty side of town?
Members Constance Ulett, Rosaline Ulett
Lot 37 London Lane
Net worth §227,253
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2

The Ulett family is a small family strongly associated with the Capps in my version of Veronaville. It currently consists only of Constance Ulett and her teenage daughter Rosaline. Their surname is a play on the method used to create the name "Capp" from "Capulet."

Origins and HistoryEdit

The Uletts have been family in Veronaville ever since Constance's mother, Cecilie Ulett, brought her husband and daughter over from the Old Country. Not much is known about Constance's ancestors prior to her parents, or about her late husband's ancestors. Like the Capp family, the Ulett family is matrilineal.

Capp & Ulett LegalEdit

As a child, Constance Ulett became fast friends with Contessa Capp and Consort Capp, then known as Consort Thebe, who went to the same private school, albeit a couple grades ahead of her. As a close friend of theirs, she was privy to much of the drama of Contessa's breakup with Patrizio Monty, whom Constance only knew then as a boy from the "Italian villas" side of town.

When the three grew up, Contessa proposed that they form a legal firm to combat organized crime in the Veronaville region. Constance, who was beginning a career in law, eagerly agreed, and took the legal side of the company while her friends took on the business side. The vast majority of Constance's subsequent legal and political career took place around Capp and Ulett Legal, and she is still a co-owner of the business with Consort even after Contessa's death.

Perfectly Arranged Marriage?Edit

Though many residents of Veronaville, including Consort and Contessa Capp, married young and had children immediately around the time of Constance's early adulthood, Constance elected to wait. She married her husband, Edward Ulett, in her late thirties, and gave birth to Rosaline several years later. As a result, Rosaline occupies the same generation as Constance's friends' grandchildren.

This has opened up an opportunity in the form of Rosaline's mutual attraction with Consort and Contessa's grandson, Tybalt. Constance would very much like to see her daughter marry a Capp boy, and has been encouraging Rosaline to keep going out with Tybalt. However, Rosaline is shy, and Tybalt, though outgoing, has some confidence issues when talking to girls. Still, the elders of the families can wait and hope.

Meanwhile, Rosaline is also being courted by Romeo Monty, despite his already being in a relationship with Tybalt's sister, Capp heiress Juliette. Rosaline doesn't seem particularly interested in Romeo, but he keeps on trying.