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Name: University
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Created by: Swedigimon

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University is an series created by Swedigimon and it stars the sims Daniel Stevenson, Steff Larson(season 1-2), Henrik Henderson, Natalie Trent, Max Markusson, My Sprouse and Alva Newman(season 3-4).


Season 1Edit

  • This season consists of 20 episodes.
  • Daniel, Steff, Henrik, Natalie and Max where present for every episode.
  • My where absent for one episode.

Episode 1: Go to UniversityEdit

Daniel Stevenson, Steff Larson, Henrik Henderson, My Sprouse, Natalie Trent and Max Markusson start at Varonasity. While there, Daniel and Max both fall in love with Steff but both got problem to ask her out. So they asked the others about tips. It ends up Max getting a date with Steff and Daniel with My.

  • Guest sims: Julia Capp, Romeo Monty.
  • Note: Julia Capp and Romeo Monty makes a cameo at the start.

Episode 2: Right or WrongEdit

Its time for choosing a major, but Daniel have some problem with choosing so he get's help from Professor O'Eal but things get worse when Daniel is signed to Historical Arts High School. At the end, Daniel and Steff chooses math, My and Natalie chooses art and Henrik and Max chooses drama.

  • Guest sims: Professor O'Eal, Megan Nigmas.

Episode 3: Friends ForeverEdit

Due to Steff's athletic body-build, an sport-nation sees her and asks her to become their newest member. Steff accepts the invitation, but My tells her that she have to leave Veronasity then. Later, Daniel confronts Steff to leave Veronasity, and kisses her.

  • Guest sims: Miley, Morgana, Pheobe.

Season 2Edit


Main charactersEdit

Daniel StevensonEdit

Daniel Stevenson
Name Daniel Stevenson
Gender TS2 Male Male
Stevenson-Summerdream Family
Parents Anna Stevenson, Mikael Summerdream
Sibling(s) Natali Stevenson Female, Lillian Stevenson Female
Romances TBA
Child(ren) None

Daniel Stevenson is one of the main characters. He is always supportive, but can sometimes be little selfish.

Steff LarsonEdit

Steff Larson where a bully in her old school, Privaté a Verona, and was nearly kicked out if it wasn't that her dad is Veronaville's mayor.

Henrik HendersonEdit

Henrik Heenderson is one of the main characters and the big-twinbrother of My Sprouse. When they where childs, their parents divorced and Henrik lived with their mom.

Natalie TrentEdit

Natalie Trent is one of the main characters and has been Henrik's BFF since their childhood.