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Van Olienje family
Number of generations 2 generations

The van Olienje family (pronounced "van O-lien-yieh") are a family of five living in Moonlight Falls.



Leopold is a loving father to three children and enjoys playing with them. A savvy businessman, Leopold enjoys tinkering with electronic items and experimenting with chemicals, despite his wife's fears. Leopold has passed many of his traits on to his son, Christiaan.


The fit mother of three tends to be somewhat gruff at times; however, Katrin-Emilia has a soft spot for her husband and kids. The sportswoman likes to ski and play catch with her son, although she does tend to gravitate over to more ladylike activities from time to time.


Chris is a teen scientist who likes nothing better than standing at the chemistry table and making stuff explode. He's also developed an interest in Wilhemina Wolff. The town is holding their breath to see how this one is going to turn out.


Now at age seven, Alexandrina, or Alex as everybody calls her, loves going to school with her classmates. She's proving to be quite popular, and while not doing quite as well academically as her brother, she's making her mother proud in the field of athletics.


Camryn is the youngest member of the family at six years old, and is quite different from her siblings. Preferring to keep to herself, she doesn't have many friends and is shy and reserved. Her hobbies include writing and sleeping. Her parents are hoping that she's at this stage only a bud that will bloom into a beautiful flower later!