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Vandermorgan family
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Name Vandermorgan family
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The Vandermorgans are a Sims 4. The family lives in Oasis Springs. The Vandermorgans are a continuation of the Grunt family from The Sims 2, as Lyla Vandermorgan is Lyla Grunt. They have connections to the Grunt, Specter, Lothario, LaFleur, Ru, Massey, Manuel, Dyson, Holiday, McGovern and Cruz families.


The BeginningEdit

It all started when Lyla Vandermorgan faked her death and moved to Oasis Springs to escape General Buzz Grunt, her ex-husband, and she also left behind her three sons, Tank, Ripp, Buck. Lyla enjoyed a brief romance with Don Lothario, which left her pregnant, but after Olive Specter warned her that Buzz had discovered Lyla's lie, she breaks up with Don to protect him. Lyla gives birth to her fourth child, and first daughter Ariana. Olive raises Ariana, as Nervous Subject (Olive's son) looks after Lyla. Once Buzz stopped searching, Lyla moved in with Olive and Ariana and married Olive. Olive died shortly after the wedding, devastating Ariana as Olive was her first mother figure. Lyla disappointed Ariana so much, that Lyla's marriage to Vivienne LaFleur was the last straw, and Ariana stopped speaking to her mother and put all her anger into art. Ariana planned to disown her mother once she grew up, but Lyla died before Ariana became a teen. Vivienne raised Ariana from a child to teen as Ariana's father had left. When Vivienne died too, Ariana grew up without her mother for most of her life, and it inspired her to adopt a baby, she adopted a baby girl that was abandoned by her parents, naming her Danielle. Ariana now raises her daughter as a single mother, and plans to be an artist and run a children's home.

The Children's Home and Danielle's SonEdit

Ariana adopted a second child, Maxwell, sometime after Danielle's adoption. She quit her artist dream and opened a children's home, "Ari's Home for Children", with 2 girls (Annabella Mixon, Clara Hiatt) and 2 boys (Andrew Blackmon, and Carter Fritz) in her care, 3 girls until Kacie Adamson got adopted by the Pancakes family. Danielle met an older man, James Ru, who she fell in love with and began dating, Danielle invited James over to her house, where they WooHooed in Ariana's room. Sometime later Danielle takes a pregnancy test, which confirmes her pregnancy. Excited to tell James the news of her pregnancy, she rushes over to his home, but then she meets Loretta Hodges-Ru and Finn Ru, James's wife and son. Not wanting to be the other woman, Danielle reveals the affair to the family, and waits for James to return home so she can break up with him and tell him the news. Danielle gives birth to a son, whom she names Jedd.

From Rags to Riches and Alien HybridsEdit

Danielle realises her future is bleak, so she decides to find a way to get money to secure a future for her and Jedd, Danielle later becomes rich and buys the Yuma Heights home, renaming it Vandermorgan Villa. Danielle then legally changes her name to Lady Danielle Vandermorgan. Danielle buys a retail shop naming it Vandermorgan's Secret, and becomes engaged to a detective, Ezra Massey. Danielle became pregnant, with Ezra as the father. Ezra and Danielle marry, and Ezra takes her last name. Danielle later has a daughter named Lisa and is pregnant again. Maxwell marries and alien woman named Xirkzajita and has a daughter with her, named Maxzajita. Danielle has another daughter, Kim. Vandermorgan's Secret is sold for a cafe called Delicious Danielle's, both Danielle and Ariana worked in it until Ariana's death. Clara Hiatt, one of the original girls in Ariana's care became police chief. Maxwell and Xirkzajita have a healthy happy son for a second child, naming him Xirkwell. Each of Danielle's children have different personalities, Jedd is a stereotypical bro type of guy, Lisa is athletic, and Kim is the brainy one.

Tragedy Strikes and A New HeirEdit

Sadly Jedd dies suddenly in a fire, leaving the fortune to Lisa, the second oldest child. Danielle teaches Lisa all of the family secrets, and lets her work in the shop as practice for her new responsibility, Danielle buys back "Vandermorgan's Secret" but renames it "Lisa's Little Lovely Shop". But Jedd's tragic death isn't all bad, as he later joins the family as a ghost, but lives in Willow Creek with the girl he had been dating before he died. When Danielle and Ezra move into an elderly care home, Lisa finally becomes Lady Lisa and becomes the owner of the Vandermorgan fortune. Jedd as a ghost has twins with his human girlfriend Guadalupe, naming the twins Micheal and Miley.

A New GenerationEdit

Lisa becomes pregnant by Dr. Jake Manuel, her new boyfriend whom she met at work as a doctor. Lisa and Jake become even closer due to the pregnancy, and during a date at a lounge, Lisa proposes to Jake on the balcony and they marry (with Jake taking Lisa's last name, like Lisa's father did with Lisa's mother). Both are happy doctors with a child on the way. Finn (Jedd's half-brother) had a son with Summer Holiday, called Reece. Lisa goes into labor, and after an agonising few hours, she has her son, Chance. Chance's birth is a happy occasion, until Jake has a homosexual affair with a man named Kenny Harley. Lisa and Jake divorce and Jake moves away. Around the same time, Danielle and Ezra pass away.

Rising UpEdit

Lisa flies into a deep depression when she and Jake split up, especially when she has to see Jake at work everyday. Lisa begins to be unable to see Jake without being sad, and wants to put an end to it. Lisa begins to talk to Kim and decides to "pull a Lyla" (which basically means to fake your death and run away), and name Kim as Chance's guardian in the event of her "death". But Kim manages to cure Lisa of her depression, and slowly Lisa begins to rise up from her heartbreak. Kim also marries Luca McGovern, a fellow scientist. Just before Chance's birth, Lisa's cousin Maxzajita also had a baby, a son named Zirlitazamakal. Lisa also remarries, to a man named Marc, and she has a step daughter named Caroline Cruz. Caroline starts off acting hostile to Lisa and Chance, until Marc talks her round and she starts being nicer. Marc's sister Annabeth and nephew Floyd live in Willow Creek. Lisa and Kim both have new children, Lisa has Aphrodite and Kim has Ethan.


Family Added Before the FortuneEdit

Family Added After the FortuneEdit


Lyla - Persian for "dark princess", Hebrew for night

Don Lothario - Don is derived from Donald, it means "ruler of the world", while "lothario" basically means womanizer, very fitting for Don considering his personality.

Ariana - Persian name meaning "the land of Aryans", also the name of the popular singer Ariana Grande, whom Ariana Vandermorgan was named after.

Danielle - Is the French female variant of the male name Daniel, meaning "God is my judge" in Hebrew.

Maxwell - Scottish name, meaning "great stream"

Jedd - Hebrew for "beloved of Jehovah"

James Ru - James is an English form of the Latin name Iacomus, while Ru is Chinese for "scholar"

Finn - Irish name, short for Finlay

Ezra - Hebrew name meaning "Help"

Lisa - German for "devoted to God"

Maxzajita - A mixture of her parent's names Maxwell and Xirkzajita

Kim - short for Kimberly, meaning noble and brave.

Xirxwell - A mixture of his parents names, Xirkzajita and Maxwell

Guadalupe Dyson - Referring to the river Guadalupe in Spain, Dyson is an English name, meaning son of Denise, it's also a vacuum cleaner brand.

Micheal - Hebrew name derived from "Mikh'ael" meaning "who is like God"

Miley - Miley is an American name which grew in popularity due to singer Miley Cyrus, who's real name is Destiny but her new legal name was derived from "Smiley" her nickname as a child.

Jake - Derived from the biblical name "Jacob"

Reece - English for "Ardent and fiery"

Chance - Meaning "good fortune"

Luca McGovern - Luca is the Italian variation of Luke or Lucas, and McGovern is an Irish name meaning "a summery personality".

Caroline - Italian name, meaning strong.

Marc - Derived from the Latin Marcus

Aphrodite - Greek Goddess of love

Ethan - Meaning "enduring" in Hebrew


  • Ariana is the half-sister of the Grunt brothers, but they don't appear in the Sims 4, so in-game they have no connection and have never met.
  • Lisa was originally supposed to be homosexual and date a girl named Lilly Westley in her teens, and she did, but I forgot to save and decided to make Lisa heterosexual when I reloaded from where I previously saved.
Vandermorgan family

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