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Vargheim family
Name Vargheim family
Number of generations 9 generations
Family connections Troyson family, Bianchini family, Kupushkov family, Kolowski family, Miles family, Goth family
The Sims 2 Pets Logo
Thirty-five years ago, Bryan came with his brother Ryan and wife Francesca to begin life afresh in Pleasantview, leaving their parents and sisters in their hometown of Howlgard. Now, three of his and Francesca's children have gone to university and moved out of town, and Ryan has yet to find a partner. With only one little girl still in school, the trio are starting to feel their age getting to them...
Members Ryan Vargheim, Bryan Vargheim, Francesca Vargheim, Anneliese Vargheim
Lot 105 Sim Lane
Funds §54,200
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Pets Icon The Sims 2: Pets
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Pleasantview
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College, check. Marriage, check. yet. Nolan has moved into his very own home in Bluewater Village with his university sweetheart Cara. Now it's time to start the ball rolling!
Members Nolan Vargheim, Cara Vargheim
Lot 22 Toboggan Way
Funds §28,500
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Pets Icon The Sims 2: Pets
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Bluewater Village
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After Nolan graduated, Hudson came onto the scene just as Siena entered her final year of university. Will she be a good role model for her little brother?
Members Siena Vargheim, Hudson Vargheim
Lot Mille House Dorms
Funds §4,250
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Pets Icon The Sims 2: Pets
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Académie Le Tour
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The Vargheim family are the founders of Howlgard. For years they had helped to steer Howlgard in its long process of development. But the four children of the next generation of Vargheims want to pursue careers other than heading the small town, much to the distress of their parents, Anton and Deanna. Which will give: the Vargheim's legacy of leadership, or the children's aspirations?
Members Anton Vargheim IV, Deanna Vargheim, Ryan Vargheim, Bryan Vargheim, Atheia Vargheim, Chloe Vargheim, Francesca St-Louis-de-Martine
Lot 5 Equestria Square
Funds §125,000
Difficulty level Difficulty6
Other Information
Game TS3SN Icon The Sims 3: Supernatural
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Howlgard
The Sims 3 Supernatural Logo
Anton III, despite being the patriarch of the Vargheim clan, decided to kindheartedly leave the majority of the family fortune to his children, splitting it up evenly between them. Now that he and his wife live together with resurrected sister Leia to raise, how will they fare with the relative lack of funds?
Members Anton Vargheim III, Elizabeth Vargheim, Leia Vargheim
Funds §15,300
Difficulty level Difficulty4
Other Information
Game TS3SN Icon The Sims 3: Supernatural
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Howlgard
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Since the passing of Bryan and Francesca, all the older members of the Vargheim family have gathered in a single household.
Members Charlie Vargheim, Aria Vargheim, Alexandrine Vargheim, Tatiana Vargheim, Mariana Vargheim, Edward Miles
Lot Vargheim Manor
Funds §~150,000
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Creek
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Anton married his alien fiancée Carina and the two immediately moved into a large home so that they could raise a large family. Now they have a pair of twins and another baby on the way!
Members Anton Vargheim V, Carina Julian, Corbin Vargheim, Celia Vargheim
Funds §~100,000
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Newcrest

The Vargheim family (pronunciation  /vɑːɡhm/) is a family created by WikiBuilder1147 who founded the town of Howlgard, the main branch of which currently consists of 6 members. There are also 36 other living people who are part of the Vargheim extended family, though not necessarily having the same family name.


Main timelineEdit

First GenerationEdit

The Vargheim family, formally known as the House of Vargheim, was founded in Europe by werewolves Vladimir Vargheim and Nina Vargheim, Vladimir's wife. They subsequently migrated to SimNation where they purchased a small archipelago of islands from the with their extensive funds. Originally naming the island "Varulfristad", they ultimately settled on "Howlgard". They subsequently invited several werewolf friends to live on the property and form a pack. Thus, the Howlgard Pack was formed, and Vladimir became its first Alpha.

Nina gave birth to Anton almost immediately after the foundation of Howlgard. Olga was born several years later.

Second GenerationEdit

Third GenerationEdit

It was within the third generation of the Vargheim family that the first non-werewolf member came to be when Loki Vargheim married his human girlfriend Hanna Germanotta, who he met at university. Also in the third generation were Loki's elder siblings Anton II and Alana, as well as their significantly younger cousin Fryderyk Kolowski, son of Alexander and Olga Kolowski. Anton married Lisa Watson, Alana married Vladimir Kupushkov and Fryderyk married Ludwika Heinz, who, like Hanna, he met at university.

Fourth GenerationEdit

The fourth generation consisted of many members, most notably Anton Vargheim III, the current patriarch of the Vargheim family. His older sister, Leia, had unfortunately drowned as a child (she was resurrected later). Anton also has a twin sister, Ilia, and a younger sister, Anna. Anton married Elizabeth Mannheim and had four children together. Ilia married Mario Bianchini and had two children with him, and Anna married Anthony Tolstoy and had one son.

Alana and Vladimir, and Loki and Hanna, had two daughters each, named Rhea and Nina, and Mia and Gertraud respectively. Fryderyk and Ludwika had two children, Harold and Mimi, but unfortunately both died in a fire. Gertraud starved to death due to unknown circumstances shortly after graduating from high school. Rhea, Nina, and Mia still survive. Mia is also the second non-werewolf to enter the ranks of the Vargheim family, being a vampire that was adopted by Loki and Hanna.

Fifth GenerationEdit

The fifth generation has 7 blood members and 5 that were married into the family. Anton III and Elizabeth had two sons, Anton IV and Leonard, and two daughters, Ursula and Tina. Anthony and Anna had a son, Blair, and Ilia and Mario had two sons, René and James.

Sixth GenerationEdit

  • Anton IV and Deanna (née Troyson)
  • Ursula and Ronald Surumoto
    • Ronald, Jr.
    • Rita
    • Nick
  • Leonard and Aurora Vargheim-Reliksonn (née Reliksonn)
    • Rafael
    • Kaitlyn
    • Cecilia
  • Tina and Malcolm McTalin
    • Nora
    • Felicity
    • Harmony
  • Blair Tolstoy and Erin (née Neville)
    • Norma
    • Gretel

Of these all were werewolves, except Atheia, who became a mermaid.

Seventh GenerationEdit

The seventh generation listed here is purely of Bryan and Francesca Vargheim. Ryan had no children. It is unknown what happened to the rest of the Vargheim clan.

Eighth generationEdit

The eighth generation listed here is purely of Nolan Vargheim and his wife, Cara. As of the last update no other members of the seventh generation have married or have had children.

Alternate timelineEdit

It has been suggested that an alternate universe or timeline was created with the release of The Sims 4. As such, an alternate timeline has been created for the Vargheim family. This section lists all members born after the point of divergence.

Seventh GenerationEdit

The alternate storyline follows Bryan Vargheim and his descendants. Bryan, who by this time has married Francesca St-Louis-de-Martine, has four children - two pairs of twins. It is unknown in this universe what happened to Bryan's family, or if his children has any relatives their own age.

The members of the seventh generation are:

Eighth GenerationEdit

There are four members of the eighth generation:

Ninth GenerationEdit

As of the last update, there are four members of the ninth generation:


Several features are quite prevalent among members of the Vargheim family. The dominant traits include the following:

  • Ginger or blonde hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Freckles
  • High intelligence (Traits such as Genius, Eccentric, Virtuoso, etc.)
  • Lycanthropy (Not present in alternate timeline)

Line of successionEdit

Main timelineEdit

The line of succession to the pa/matriarchy of the Vargheim family is quite complicated, given the enormous size of the clan, and the death and subsequent resurrection of Leia Vargheim. The Vargheims' line of succession follows absolute primogeniture.

Vladimir Vargheim EP

Anton Vargheim I EP
Anton Vargheim II EP
Anton Vargheim III P
(1) Anton Vargheim IV
(2) Ryan Vargheim
(3) Bryan Vargheim
(4) Nolan Vargheim
(5) Anton Vargheim V
(6) Juniper Vargheim
(7) Melanie Vargheim
(8) Siena Vargheim
(9) Hudson Vargheim
(10) Anneliese Vargheim
(11) Atheia Vargheim
(12) Chloe Vargheim
(13) Ursula Surumoto
(14) Ronald Surumoto, Jr
(15) Rita Surumoto
(16) Nick Surumoto
(17) Tina McTalin
(18) Nora McTalin
(19) Felicity McTalin
(20) Harmony McTalin
(21) Leonard Vargheim
(22) Rafael Vargheim-Reliksonn
(23) Kaitlyn Vargheim-Reliksonn
(24) Cecilia Vargheim-Reliksonn
(25) Leia Vargheim
(26) Anna Tolstoy
(27) Blair Tolstoy
(28) Norma Tolstoy
(29) Gretel Tolstoy
Ilia Bianchini
(30) René Bianchini
(31) James Bianchini
Alana Kupushkov
(32) Rhea Kupushkov
(33) Nina Kupushkov
Loki Vargheim
Gertraud Vargheim
Mia Vargheim A
Olga Kolowski
Fryderyk Kolowski
Harold Kolowski
Mimi Kolowski


EP = Previous patriarch
EM = Previous matriarch
P = Current patriarch
M = Current matriarch
Italics means that the individual is deceased.
A = Individual was adopted into the family and thus is not eligible to succeed.

Alternate timelineEdit

This line of succession includes only descendants of Bryan Vargheim. This is known as the Bryanian branch of the Vargheim clan.

Bryan Vargheim EP

Charlie Vargheim P
(1) Alexandrine Vargheim
(2) Anton Vargheim V
(3) Corbin Vargheim
(4) Celia Vargheim
(5) Elliott Vargheim
(6) Jean Vargheim
(7) Frederick Goth
Alex-Jean Goth A
(8) Tatiana Vargheim
(9) Mariana Vargheim


EP = Previous patriarch
EM = Previous matriarch
P = Current patriarch
M = Current matriarch
Italics means that the individual is deceased.
A = Individual was adopted into the family and thus is not eligible to succeed.

Family treeEdit

Main timelineEdit

The following is the Vargheim family tree, ONLY listing members of the clan that hold the Vargheim name from birth or were married into the family. Those who were born with the name Vargheim but were married into another family and lost the name are still listed.

  • * = Adopted individual
  • Anton Vargheim III = Individual is/was head of the Vargheim clan
  • Anton Vargheim III = Individual is/was Alpha of Howlgard
Nina Vargheim
Vladimir Vargheim
Diana Vargheim
Diana Vargheim
Anton Vargheim I
Olga Vargheim
Lisa Vargheim
Lisa Vargheim
Anton Vargheim II
Alana Vargheim
Vladimir Kupushkov
Loki Vargheim
Loki Vargheim
Hanna Vargheim
Leia Vargheim
Leia Vargheim
Anton Vargheim III child
Anton Vargheim III
Elizabeth Vargheim
Anna Vargheim
Anthony Tolstoy
Ilia Vargheim
Mario Bianchini
Anton Vargheim IV
Anton Vargheim IV
Deanna Vargheim
Deanna Vargheim
Ursula Vargheim
Tina Vargheim
Leonard Vargheim
Ryan Vargheim
Bryan Vargheim
Francesca Vargheim
Atheia Vargheim tod
Atheia Vargheim
Chloe Vargheim tod
Chloe Vargheim
Nolan Vargheim
Cara Vargheim
Siena Vargheim
Hudson Vargheim
Anneliese Vargheim
Anton Vargheim V
Juniper VargheimMelanie Vargheim

Alternate timelineEdit

The following is the Vargheim family tree, listing those existing in the alternate timeline.

  • -- = Adopted individual
  • Bryan Vargheim = Individual is/was head of the Bryanian branch of the Vargheim clan
  • Bryan Vargheim = Individual is deceased
Bryan Vargheim
Charles Vargheim
Aria Miles
Jean Vargheim
Alexander Goth
Tatiana Vargheim
Mariana Vargheim
Alexandrine Vargheim
Carina Julian
Anton Vargheim V
Frederick Goth
Alex-Jean Goth
Corbin Vargheim
Celia Vargheim
Elliott Vargheim
The Vargheim Family vde
Vladimir - Nina

Anton I - Diana - Olga

Anton II - Lisa - Alana - Loki - Hanna

Mia - Gertraud - Leia
Anton III - Elizabeth - Anna - Ilia

Anton IV - Deanna - Ursula - Leonard - Tina

Ryan - Bryan - Atheia - Chloe

Nolan - Siena - Hudson - Anneliese - Charlie - Aria - Jean - Tatiana - Mariana

Anton V - Carina - Juniper - Melanie - Alexandrine

Corbin - Celia - Elliott - George