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Veronaville Stories are some short-storys created by User:Swedigimon. It chronicles various events of different sims in Veronaville.

Chapter One: SamanthaEdit

Samantha Ottomas has just arrived and moved into her mother-in-law, Dora's apartment in Veronaville along with her family. A couple of minutes after they've come, she gives birth to two daughters, named Nora and Nadja. Being hit by the thunder, Petter Ottomas dies, thus leaving Samantha alone with the twins, Sharla, David and Tommy. Being very stressed and got no support from Dora, Samantha had no choice but send the youngest children's(the twins and Tommy) to social worker. However, she became even more depressed of that and stayed alone in her room.

Chapter Two: PriyaEdit

Sixteen years before
Priya and Sanjay has just married and moved to a little apartment in Veronaville. When there, she becomes friend with Olivia Monty. Later on, Priya gives birth to Samuel.