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Name Watersman
Game(s) TS3 Icon The Sims 3
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Watersman is a fictional town in the state California. The population of Watersman is 241,000. It is the town where most of DarkSuicune2000's stories take place. It was founded in 1889.

Families and ResidentsEdit


Difficulty: 3
Enrique Brandt, Theresa Brandt, Gregory Brandt
The Brandt recently moved to Watersman so they can get away from their old and boring town.
  • Charlotte Family Unknown address
Difficulty: 5
Jacqueline Charlotte, Joshua Charlotte, Jenna Charlotte, Jamie Charlotte, Jill Charlene Charlotte, Jordan Charlotte, Jean Charlotte
The Charlotte family is big and sometimes the parents are too busy to know what trouble their kids are getting in to...
  • Jamie Family Unknown address
Difficulty: 3
Johnathan Jamie, Alma Jamie, Hunter Jamie
Johnathan wants Hunter to be a hunter, hence his name, but Hunter might be thinking about joining a heavy metal band.
  • Klein Family 7 Sun Song Avenue
Difficulty: 4
Jacob Klein, Edna Klein, Dominick Klein, Sammy Klein
Jacob and Edna Klein are very boring but their son Dominick and daughter Sammy are a lot of fun!
Difficulty: 3
Lanaya Reed, Lexi Reed, Cole Reed
Lanaya has been very successful to raise her two children after their dad died in 2003.
  • Sykora Family Unknown address
Difficulty: 1
Yvette Sykora
Ms. Sykora still holds on to her youth. She hopes to discover a unicorn before she dies.
Difficulty: 3
Harmony Toadstool, Grant Toadstool, Nia Toadstool
Harmony and Grant spend time on skills and jobs while their daughter hangs with her friends and studies hard.
  • Wolfurt Family Unknown address
Difficulty: 4
Gustavo Wolfurt, Rosalinda Wolfurt, Rita Wolfurt, Erika Wolfurt
Gustavo and Rosalinda are proud of Rita for all of her As and sports trophies. They wonder why Erika only watches anime and is such an introvert. Is it possible they favor Rita over Erika?

Community LotsEdit

  • Abraham Pool
  • Benny and Jim's Fishin' Hole
  • Honestwood Gym
  • Maywood Glen
  • McDonalds
  • Strawberry Bright Preschool
  • Walmart
  • Watersman Baptist Church
  • Watersman Bank
  • Watersman Beach
  • Watersman Central Park
  • Watersman City Hall
  • Watersman Elementary School
  • Watersman High School
  • Waterman Middle School
  • Watersman Library
  • Victoria Graveyard



  • Many houses, community lots, and addresses are derived from Sunset Valley.
  • The name of Nia's hometown wasn't confirmed until Five Years Later where one of the Nia clones in her dream mentions the town name. However, in After Sims 3, the high school is called Watersman High School, so it was hinted to be Watersman.
  • The zip code of Watersman is 112700, a reference to DarkSuicune's birthday.