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Watersman High School is the main location of After Sims 3. It takes place in the fictional town Watersman, California. It contains freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors attending classes. It was made with The Sims 3. From September 8th 2015 to June 2019, it is the High School that Nia attends. The school you would go to before this school is Watersman Middle School.

The principal is Yvette Sykora. The mascot is the Watersman Walrus.

Known ClassesEdit

  • Language Arts
For learning about plot, literature, and other language arts topics.
  • Introduction to Science
Chemistry! Physics! Experiments! Exciting things happen in this science lab.
  • Math
A class where logical thinking and a basic counting ability come into play.
  • Spanish
Esta es la clase de español, donde aprendes... Español.
  • French
Apprendre le français ici.
  • German
Guten tag, Dies ist die deutsche Klasse.
  • World History
What in the world happened back then? Find out here!
  • Literature Circle
A place to write, and read. Different from Language Arts.
  • Physical Education
Not many like this class, but you need that daily exercise!
  • Choir
Where you can sing your heart out and prepare for concerts.
  • Band
Here, you learn to play instruments and even preform at school events.

Known StaffEdit

  • Ms. Sykora - principal
  • Ms. Barnes - language arts teacher
  • Mrs. Burgundy - math teacher
  • Mr. German - introduction to science teacher
  • Mr. Ralph - literature circle teacher
  • Mrs. Kilpatrick - bus driver

"Close Call" Shooting 2007Edit

On Wednesday, June 20, 2007, students were enjoying the last day of school. But at 12:12 pm, two outcast female junior students had entered the school with guns and threatened to shoot many students. They had succeeded in shooting in the knee, Patrick German, one of the science teachers. However, the police showed up right on time. They persuaded the girls to bring their weapons down. By September 2007, security was upgraded in the school.


Known StudentsEdit


  • The actual school has less classes than the ones that are listed, due to insufficient room on the lot for more classes. (I.e. There is no gym even though in the story they went to the gym for an assembly.)