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When Nia Met Astrid
Nia as a child
Name: When Nia Met Astrid
Genre: Family
Created by: DarkSuicune2000
Rating: K+
Number of chapters: 1

Original run: November 24th 2015

Succeeded by: Stuck In Sims 3

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When Nia Met Astrid is a prequel to Stuck in Sims 3. This story going is shorter than most fanons I've written.

Character IntroductionEdit


Nia gets introduced to her young cousin, Astrid. However, it's not as fun as Nia thought it would be.

Chapter 1Edit

Friday, October 14th 2011
It was a quiet day in Watersman Elementary School. Since it rained so hard, the students were not released for recess and had to stay inside for extra work. In Nia's class, her fifth grade classmates was so bummed about no recess today.

"So class, next week is Family Week!" Nia's teacher announced to lighten the mood. Her name was Ms. Sykora.
"What family week?" Nia asked.
"It's an event we will have were you and your family will create a poster board of your family tree, then show off to the class!" she explained.
"Were is the instructions?" another student asked.
"Thanks for asking, I have them up here!" Ms. Sykora responded. "Jillie, please pass them out for me!"
"Yes ma'am!" Jill said. She was a teacher's pet and acted like a saint around her elders, however she doesn't play well with other students. "Here you go, Lexi! Here you go, Erika! Here you go, Jessica!" She kept passing out the instructions to her fellow classmates. When she got to Nia she had a snobby look, as if it was a privilege for Nia to be given a paper by her.

Nia had been experiencing these bad times with Jill ever since they were locker partners in third grade. Jill was jealous of Nia's perfect grades and Nia was jealous of Jill's looks. While Nia was considered a nerdy bookworm, Jill was the pretty cute girl who could get anyone's attention. Nia's mother warned her "Don't worry about looks and popularity, you're only 11 years old." but Nia had a feeling if she wasn't popular now, she'd become an outcast in high school. She didn't want that.

After all of the papers were passed out, Nia went to a desk near her best friend Lexi.
"So Lexi, who are you doing your family project on?" Nia asked.
"Probably my grandmother, she is very nice," Lexi responded.
"It says here on Monday we have to bring in a guest from our family along with our poster," Nia explained. "I think I have a cousin who I could invite over."
"What's her name?" Lexi asked.
"Uh... I think it's... Aspyn or Astrid or something..."
"Okay. I can't to see your presentation!" Lexi replied.

When Nia got home, she went over to her mother who was watching TV.
"Hey mom, do you know anything about my cousin?"
"Your cousin? Yes I do!" Harmony replied, "Why do you ask?"
"It's for an assignment, here's the paper," Nia gave the paper to her mom.

Chapter 2Edit

"So, would like to invite Astrid over?" Harmony asked.
"Sure, I've never met her." Nia said. "This should be fun. How old is she?"
"She is six years old," Harmony answered.
"Oh, I thought she would be an old lady. That name is so old-fashioned..."
"No, it's Astrid's mother who is old fashioned. She your aunt in law, Felicia."
"Uh, okay." Nia replied.
"Well let's begin." Harmony read Nia's instructions. "The paper says Create a visual representation of your family tree. Requirements are your siblings, parents, one set of grandparents, one set of uncles and/or aunt, and cousin. Perfect, we can do that. I have some poster paper in my room I can get,"
"Okay mom, I'll cut some paper."

As Nia cut a rectangular piece of paper, she wrote "My family tree" on the top in pretty handwriting. "I have to do a better presentation that Jill. I better work really hard on this." Nia was tired of Jill always making fun of her for her big projects, but it's not Nia's fault. Her parents normally don't have time to help her finish her projects because of their long work hours.

"Okay, Nia I printed out some pictures of our family." She showed Nia an assortment of pictures. "Here is your picture, your father and my picture, aunt Felicia's picture, uncle Jebidah's picture, pappy and granny's pictures, and Astrid's photo."

"Aw, she's so cute." Nia complimented.
"You know, you were cute when you were her age too,"
"Yeah, I know. You're always telling me." Nia said.
"Here's some colored markers, you can write their name on each rectangle." Harmony said. And paste their picture underneath. Then make the family tree."
"Thanks mom,"
"If you need anything, I'll be in my room." Harmony then trudged upstairs, to work on something.

After ten minutes of Nia cutting and pasting some pictures, paper, and writing her relatives' names down, she got a text on her new cell phone she got for her eleventh birthday. It was from her rival, Jill. Nia expected it to be negative.

JILL: Hey book geek my famly tree project is guna be sooooo much better than urs. I bet the kids will boooooo urs unles u got some c00l thing but i doubt it lolz

"Oh my gosh, can she even spell? I think I do have a cool thing, my cute younger cousin is coming. My classmates will think she's so cute." Nia thought as she put some finishing touches on her poster.

Her poster was an organized family tree, at the top were Nia's pappy, Victor and her granny, Carrie. Their kids were Nia's father Grant and uncle Jebidah, then it showed her aunt, mom, and cousin and included their pictures.

"I think I really outdid myself with this!" Nia said proudly."

More coming soon