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Wicked: The Life and Times Of The Wicked Witch Of the West
Name: Wicked: The Life and Times Of The Wicked Witch Of the West
Genre: Fantasy
Created by: OfficialNathanBanks
Rating: PG-13 (USA); 12 (UK)
Number of chapters: Unknown

Original run: Unknown
Status: In Production

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Wicked: The Life and Times Of The Wicked Witch Of The West is a 2014 Fantasy story and is also a revisionist look at the well known story The Wizard Of Oz and the well known musical adaption Wicked. The story takes place several years before Dorothy came to Oz in the events leading up to the Witch's turn to evil. Some elements featuring from the musical adaption, but also the serious elements of the original book. The story is filmed using The Sims 3 and is written by OfficialNathanBanks.


"Do you think everyone's tales are as true as they say they are? So you know of The Wicked Witch of the West, but do you know her full story? What truly made her become evil and was she always green? Well the story that is to be presented in front of you will explain everything."


  • Elphaba/Wicked Witch Of The West: A disfigured young girl who's dream of being side-by-side with the Wizard of Oz are crushed when she discovers his intentions. Her backstory and how she becomes evil will be told in a similar sense to that of her Wicked character, although with some alterations.
  • Galinda/Glinda: The Good Witch of the North - Glinda's role in this is also similar to that of her Wicked character, although like Elphaba there are some alterations to her character. For example she isn't as self-aware or airheaded as she was in the musical.
  • Nessarose: The Wicked Witch of the East - Nessarose's role will also be similar to her Wicked character, although she will remain faithful to that musical counterpart. There may be some alterations to her backstory.
  • Fiyero: A Winkie prince, he meet's Elphaba at Shiz University. His character will remain faithful to the musical.
  • The Wizard Of Oz: A Human who arrived in Oz by a hot air balloon. His character will remain faithful to the musical and the book, although like Glinda and Elphaba he will have some alterations.
  • Madam Morrible: The Headmistress of Shiz University; she will remain faithful to her book adaption

Chapter 1 - An Ending & A BeginningEdit

Our story begins on glorious morning in a magical land known as Oz. The beautiful, green castle known as Emerald City was holding much noise and laughter as could be heard from afar. There was reason to celebrate you see, because several hours ago a great evil was destroyed. The evilest of all evil; the wickedest of all wickedness; the Wicked Witch of the West was now dead. It was a fatal splash of water from a young girl from Kansas that caused the Witch’s evil reign to end; the Witch obviously had underestimated how much Dorothy Gale was going to be a threat to her. The celebrations began almost immediately after the announcement of her death had arrived at Emerald City.

There was laughter, marching, dancing and singing of a theme tune titled ‘ding dong the witch is dead’ echoing through the Land of Oz. The Wizard’s castle was glittering a magnificent green in the background

as the residents all shared their happiness at the Witch’s demise. “Did you hear that Dorothy fought the Witch with a sword before killing her?” one gentleman could be heard saying. “I’m convinced there must have been some witchcraft on Dorothy’s part to accomplish this” speculated an elderly lady. “I think maybe Glinda was involved” stated a teenage boy. As the speculation was rife, several bubbles began falling from the sky upon the crystal city, some were large, some were very small – the celebrations came to a halt as a large bubble containing a beautiful, elegant fairy of some sort began landing in the centre of the city. “Glinda!” many shouted; as the large bubble landed on the ground, it popped and out walked the beautiful Glinda. Her hair was blonde with curls, her dress was large and blue and her wand was crystal-like with sparks flying from it occasionally. “Fellow Ozians…”, bellowed Glinda’s voice through the streets of Emerald City. Many people’s eyes were now fixated on Glinda, her presence was obviously that of royalty – some gave minor bows at her presence in the city and others stood and watched in complete silence and gratitude at her mere presence. “Let us be glad, let us be grateful, let us rejoice that goodness could subdue the Wicked workings of you-know-who” she said as she
addressed the people of Oz, who were as still as statue’s whilst observing Glinda’s every move. “Isn’t it nice to know that good can conquer evil?” asked Glinda, many people nodded although most were unaware of how to react to Glinda’s presence. “So please, let the celebrations continue for yet the final Wicked Witch at last is dead” stated Glinda, raising her arms in the air slightly. The crowds cheered and the celebrations began again. Glinda joined in with the celebrations; bands began playing and many started singing in rejoice again. As Glinda began walking through the celebrations, someone came towards her with a big question to ask. It was a little girl, who appeared to have some rare skin condition. Her skin was a dark blue and her hair jet black like the night sky. “Miss Glinda…” said the little girl as she tugged on Glinda’s dress slightly. Glinda wasn’t fazed by the little girl’s appearance, she bowed slightly and asked “What is it dear?”. The little girl looked to the floor and looked back at Glinda before asking the question that no one had dared to ask, in fact no one had even considered for a second – “Was the Wicked Witch always bad?”. Glinda took a moment to analyse what the girl had said, she felt herself become slightly nervous as Glinda loved to provide people with knowledge and information, but this time she
felt it would complicate things too much, so she decided to respond with “I have no idea, but I assume that not everyone was Wicked at the start of their life”. The little girl nodded in an unspoken confusion, whist Glinda touched her cheek gently and told her to return to the celebration. The little girl skipped away and as she disappeared in the crowds Glinda felt a sense of doubt and sadness appear over her. She looked to the floor and reminisced about her past for a moment, before she also returned to the celebrations.

You see Glinda had told a lie, she could answer the little girl perfectly if she’d have wanted, but she chose not to. Are people really born Wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them? After all, the Wicked Witch had a Father; she had a Mother as so many do. We begin our tale years before the events of today; it lies in the home of the Munckin Governor and his wife…

In the biggest house of the many small houses scattered around Munckin Land, the Munckin Governor, Brother Frexspar the Godly, lived with his wife Melena Thropp. Their life was pretty much like every other family in Munckin land, at least that’s what Frexspar believed.

“I shall not be late” he told his beloved wife as he approached her and embraced her with a kiss. “I don’t like leaving you so long, but duty calls my dear” he said as he pulled away from the em

brace. “Don’t worry, I shall have dinner ready for when you return” replied Melena. Frexspar applied his cloak and left through the wooden door of his home. As he stalked away from the house, Melena found herself watching him leave – to say Melena wasn’t happy would be wrong, there was a part of her that had feelings for her beloved husband. But due to his work commitments, she felt herself becoming needier for attention and missed the feeling of being desired. You see, Frexspar wasn’t what you’d call an attractive man, he was small, bald and slightly overweight compared to Melena herself. Melena was attractive, with scarlet red lips, pale skin
and long flowing brown hair. People in Munckin land often questioned why they were married in the first place; Melena herself was beginning to question that same thing. It wasn’t just the shallow aspect of their relationship, Melena always believed she’d married below her family’s social standing. She often went to the small tavern along the yellow brick road on the outskirts of Munckin Land and hoped of finding someone to sweep her off her feet. Today was no different in Melena’s eyes; she grabbed her cloak and left her small, but tall home.

The Tavern itself was usually quite empty and surprisingly the people never seemed to question her being there, she always felt quite safe and often became too relaxed amongst the people in the tavern. This time was different though, as Melena was about to get lucky…at least for one night only. Melena’s night at the Tavern transformed into a night of heated passion with a stranger, the stranger himself was tall, thin, dark

hair and gave her all the attention she needed. The pair drank many things, but the man himself possessed a glass of green elixir. He convinced Melena to drink it and told her that the night they have together shall not be forgotten with the addition of the elixir. Melena drank all the elixir and just as he had said, the night was definitely one she never forgot.
Nine months after the night with the stranger, Melena gave birth to a child, the child itself was set to be welcomed into the family like a Prince or Princess, Melena and Frexspar believed this was God gracing them with a fantastic gift for being good people and helping the people of Munckin Land. At the birth, Frexspar waiting with anticipation for his new baby to arrive; upon arrival, the nurses and doctors were horrified by what Melena had delivered. She had a baby girl, but this wasn’t just any baby girl, the baby girl herself was green from head to toe and she also had razor sharp teeth. No one questioned Melena for her child, in fact Frexspar put the disfiguration down to the fact that he believed God was punishing them, rather than rewarding them. They decided to call her Elphaba; Melena had real difficulty raising the child, as Frexspar went travelling often leaving her alone. She spent the remainder of her days drinking heavily and becoming addicted to a dangerous Munckin drug, pinlobble leaves.
Elphaba’s life as a toddler to being a child was somewhat different to that of other children around her. She wasn’t allowed to mix with others and was often left with her nanny due to Melena’s exhaustion from taking
care of her. With the arrival of another baby, this time conceived by Melena and her husband Frexspar, things became more difficult for Elphaba as the new baby girl made her parents neglect her even more; their love for the new child, named Nessarose, destroyed all feeling and affection for Elphaba, for many people in Munchkin Land often mocked Elphaba and regarded her as a mistake upon the family’s ‘would-be’ happy life. What’s more, Nessarose’s condition of being unable to walk makes Elphaba’s parents and Nanny to provide much more attention to her sister than she herself. There’s a riddle in the tale of these two girls, you must look deep and find it for yourself – what makes someone turn Wicked? Or are they just born that way? As we delve deep into the background of this 'wicked witch' we shall see how well you really know the story...

Chapter 2 - Shiz UniversityEdit

Coming soon!


The writing for the story will be similar to the rest of my works. It will be told through several chapters. As this is a story and not a video-made production, there will be no musical numbers featured. I decided to cut them to make the story purely about the characters and how they feel, instead of making them sing some of their thoughts and feelings, you'll learn them through this story. There may be video's occasionlly used to show certain scenes during chapters, but no songs. The story will remain faithful to the 2 adaptions available right now, however some aspects will be more serious. This is present due to the lack of songs in the production, so certain situations will appear more serious.


Filming for the story will be done using The Sims 3, as I'm to un-experienced with The Sims 4 right now to pull off anything amazing with it. The production has begun and the chapters will air as I progress through the story.


  • 26/09/2014 - Currently in the process of filming the next few chapters.

Feedback & FAQEdit

I'd appreciate feedback on this just to let me know you're excited for it. I always love hearing what people think etc., so please don't hesitate to leave me some.

I've also received some questions, so I've decided that here is the place to answer them.

Q) Will this story contain any music?

A) As much as I love the musical element, this is a story and not a musical production. Many lyrics from the songs will be transformed into words to fit the different situations, but no songs I'm afraid.

Q) You've said on The Sims Wikia that there's going to be some stuff added in, care to share?

A) I can't reveal too much, but aside from the actual musical and book there are some parts that were created by me. Spoilers I can give to keep you guess are - Do not think this ending will be the same as Wicked (book or musical), it could be different. Some characters fates are different AND I wanted to display the "wicked" side of the Witch which was downplayed in the musical. But she will be more evil than she is in the book too, more like her 1939 Wizard Of Oz character. Fear not, you will see exactly how it unfolds.

Q) Will Dorothy be in this story, will we actually see her?

A) Yes! Dorothy will arrive mid-way through the story and her adventure will be present for the second half of the plot.

Q) How will you make the flying Monkeys? Try Modthesims for some downloads they always help me.

A) Thanks, the flying Monkey's are being present in the story and you'll see how they fit in. Thank you for the tip though.