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Wilkins family
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Name Wilkins family
Members Sandra (deceased), Luke, Flora, Drake, Hayden, Denise, Brian, & Isabelle
Number of generations 3 generations
Funds §Fluctuating
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
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The Wilkins family is the main (and only) family in the "The Big House" legacy made by Soulfire1123 (AKA me) on tumblr. The family's gone through many trials and trubulations, but still manages to hold up.


The members of the Wilkins family have very colorful personalities. They all think differently and have different veiws on life.

Sandra WilkinsEdit

Sandra (or Sandie, as I call her) is the founder of the legacy. Sandra was living in Desiderata valley before hearing that her wealthy aunt had died. When Sandra attended the funeral, she was informed that her aunt left her a sizeable amount of land in her hometown, Pleasentview. Only when Sandra moved to Pleasentview did she learn the plot was empty. Frustrated yet hopeful, Sandra built a shabby house on the plot and began to live there.

When the welcome wagon rolled its way through as expected, Sandra met a man named Darren Dreamer. She and Darren instantly fell in love and had a one night stand. They continued to date until Darren realized that Sandra was pregnant. For a short period of time, they stopped talking. Shortly after Luke, Sandra's first child, was born, he began to slowly creep into Sandra's life and they eventually got married. Things were going fantastic for Sandra.

That is, however, until Darren's son, Dirk showed up. After Darren married and moved in with Sandra, he left his son behind because he figured that he would be better off on his own. Once Dirk caught word that his dad remarried, he moved himself in. Sandra was okay with it; being a Family sim, she wanted a big family.

Memories of the olden days began to creep up on Darren and he eventually did the (seemingly) unthinkable- he cheated on Sandra with Cassandra Goth (Sandra-Cassandra... Coincidence?). Sandra promptly divorced Darren and booted him and his freeloading son out of her house. At the time, Sandra had 3 kids to look after herself.

Sandra's later days weren't as bad; She raised 3 handsome boys on her own and had 2 novels to her name. Things were looking well until Sandra's health began to deteriorate. She died on Luke's adult birthday. Sandra continues to haunt the Wilkins household to this day.

Luke WilkinsEdit

Luke is Sandra's first son. His father is Darren Dreamer and his half-brother is Dirk. Before his beloved mother's death, Luke was a cheerful, happy-go-lucky kid. He grew up to be a Knowledge sim, much like his dad. After her death, the inheritance money came as expected- what the Wilkins boys didn't expect that it was over 25k simoleans.

Luke used the money to build a bakery, as cooking was a favorite childhood activity of his. Luke's Bakery is doing very well, however, the cash flow tends to fluctuate with different improvements being made to the home.

Luke is currently married to his high school sweetheart, Flora Stringer, and has 3 children of his own.

Hayden & Drake WilkinsEdit

Hayden and Drake are twins- Sandra's 2nd and 3rd children. These twins have never been very much alike- Drake was glued to his schoolbooks while Hayden was (unsuccessfully) wooing girls. Their father is also Darren Dreamer and their half-brother is Dirk.

Currently, Drake is working in the Intelligence career track, but a solid position is hard to hold because of his numerous mistakes on the job. Hayden is doing better than Drake as the Vice President of Landgraab Industries. When they're not working, Hayden manages the garden that supplies fresh produce for Luke's bakery and Drake writes memoirs. He has 2 to his name.

Neither of them are married and have children, but ever since Hayden met Amalia Walterson, he wanted to get married. That has yet to happen.

Flora Wilkins (née Stringer)Edit

Flora is Luke's wife. They met when they were teens, and the chemistry has been going strong ever since. Flora has had one child by Luke- A girl named Denise. They plan on not having any more, especially after Luke's unexpected pregnancy.

Flora works as a Medical Researcher, but on the weekends, she helps sell dishes in Luke's Bakery. When she retires, Flora wants to become a novelist. She has one fiction book and one memoir to her name.

Denise WilkinsEdit

Denise is Luke and Flora's daughter. When Denise aged into a teen, she secretly wanted to get pregnant and start a family early. After Luke's babies were born, she realized that taking care of kids was a hard job and decided to hold off until getting married. Denise is currently married to Parker Wilkins.

Brian & Isabelle WilkinsEdit

Brian and Isabelle are the result of Luke's alien abduction. At first, no one wanted them around because they thought the twins were a sort of curse to the family. After watching the adorable green space-spawn grow up, everyone, even Flora, began to love them. After all, they are Wilkins' now.

Parker Wilkins (née McFadden)Edit

Parker is Denise's husband. They met sometime in high school and fell in love as adults. They currently have no children, but that will soon change.

The HouseEdit

The livin' room

The Wilkins' living room

The Wilkins house has gone through a lot of changes since Sandra first built it way-back-when. It started off as a simple dwelling- one bedroom, one bathroom. As the family grew, the house grew with it. The Wilkins house now has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms plus a patio and Luke's Bakery which is attachted. There will be more possible improvements in the future.

Luke's BakeryEdit

As stated before, Luke owns a bakery. It's attached to the house and is only accessible from the outside.


Promotional image for Luke's Bakery

Luke built the bakery shortly after his mother died with the inheritance money. This was a few sim-years before his daughter, Denise was born. Denise was a teen whe was made, making roughly 20 sim-years that the shop has been in business. Luke is getting up in age, so he plans to pass on his shop along with his skills and accolades down to Denise when he dies.

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