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Neighborhoods Edit

Willow Creek currently consists of 3 known neighborhoods, with more to be added in soon. Here is a list of the neighborhoods in Willow Creek that are currently known.  3 out of the 4 known neighboorhoods compose of resedential lots, and the 4th consists of community lots.

  • Northern Sage Estates
  • Southern Sage Estates
  • Foundry Cove
  • Willow Creek Commercial District  

​Lots Edit

The lots are mainly the same as the canon version, with some extra lots added in. Here is a list of all the noncanon and/or major lots in Willow Creek.

Residential lotsEdit

Inhabited LotsEdit
  • Oakenstead Manor
  • Glory Meadow
  • Elm Forest Cabana
  • Riverhead Bungalow

Uninhabited Lots

Community LotsEdit

  • James L. Hollins Supernatural Museum is a meusuem all about the supernatural, feauturing exhibits on fairies, zombies, ghosts, werewolves and vampires. In Letters, this is where Ava gets a second job writing for the audio tours in the meusuem.  


  • Brady household   The Brady family is a rather mysterious family, perferring to talk to each other in secret instead of being your average socialite family. So how is it that they are still one of the most popular and richest families in town?  
  • Key household The Key family is a family who has music forever on their minds, and came to Willow Creek just to start scouting for a band. They have finally found they perfect girl, but can they convince her to leave her family history behind?
  • Rockers household The Rockers, who all play in a metal band together, came to Willow Creek as soon as they heard that it was a very lively city. What will it take to convince them that this town dosn't have the kind of "lively" that their searching for?
  • Crawford household It's no secret that the Crawfords are aiming to live a life of luxury and populairity, as they are always out and about and see themselves as the revivers of the town. Why, however, did someone convince the family that looking down on everyone else is the way to go? 


  • Rose Rindle
  • Trixie Amerithia
  • Honey Crisp
  • Jonah Gold
  • Jonthan Paleap
  • Paula Red
  • Belle Boskoop
  • Arther Barnes
  • Bailey Sweet
  • Charles Ross