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Winnemucca Falls
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Before Winnemucca Falls was founded by Andrew L. Kowalski, it was once a small rural town inhabited by fur trappers and lumberjacks. But when the town was founded, the urbanization impacted the town and many people decide to follow the city life. Now a bustling city with vibrant view and beautiful nature scenery. Will the city keep growing better?
Name Winnemucca Falls
Game(s) The Sims 2 Seasons Icon The Sims 2: Seasons
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Residential lotsEdit


  •  4 Lake Rosseau Street, owned by Kowalski
  •  207 Main Street, owned by English
  •  520 Peterson Street, owned by Laurent
  •  1560 Hillside Drive, owned by James
  •  2218 Willow Creek Street, owned by Barbour


  • 5 Lake Rosseau Street
  • 6 Lake Rosseau Street
  • 7 Lake Rosseau Street
  • 208 Main Street
  • 305 Tart Street
  • 306 Tart Street
  • 415 Fenner Avenue
  • 572 Memorial Avenue
  • 521 Peterson Street
  • 522 Peterson Street
  • 524 Peterson Street
  • 525 Peterson Street
  • 1562 Hillside Drive
  • 2217 Willow Creek Street
  • 2219 Willow Creek Street
  • 2220 Willow Creek Street
  • 2222 Willow Creek Street

Apartments Edit

  • Avery Townhouse
  • Cornerstone Condominiums
  • Main Street Townhouse

Community lotsEdit

  • Boulderfield Cemetery
  • Boulderfield Plaza

Families Edit

Brett Aikens, David Aikens, Gloria Aikens, Tom Aikens

Annabelle Barbour, Frans Barbour, June Barbour

Ethan English, David English, Steven English, Vanessa English

Allison Fletcher, Frank Fletcher, Julia Fletcher

Nathan Hu, Susan Hu, Unborn baby Hu

Irvin James, Joanne James, Keith James, Loren James, Unborn baby James

Andrew Kowalski III



 NPCs and Townies Edit




Deceased SimsEdit