An Unexpected Announcement
Name: An Unexpected Announcement
Series: Winning What's Been Lost
Written by: Fangirl4545
Release date: August 7, 2015

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An Unexpected AnnouncementEdit

“Kevin? Are you even on the other line?” Diana asked while nervously chuckling. She was worried about Kevin’s reaction to her second pregnancy. Five years ago, Diana gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Seamus. He’s already five years old and when he turns six, he’ll be starting kindergarten. The thought of Seamus going to school stressed Diana out like crazy. She didn’t want her boy to grow up. Why do cute little boys need to grow up anyways?

“D-diana, that’s… that’s great! When did you find out about this?” Kevin asked while faking his excitement. He was not happy. Diana is pregnant again? Great, that’s less money for himself and more towards a child he didn’t want.

Diana mentally sighed. She was glad Kevin approved of her pregnancy. She would’ve fell into an emotional raven if Kevin told her he didn’t want the baby. “W-well, you see I took the pregnancy test yesterday night but I kept it secret from you until now.” Diana said shyly while wrapping a lock of her hair around her index finger.

Kevin gulped nervously. This couldn’t be happening. This is probably a dream. Yeah, he’s probably dreaming. There is no way Diana could be pregnant again. “Diana, can we talk more about the details once I get home?” Kevin asked.

“Of course! I didn’t mean to bother you, Kevin.” Diana said in an apologetic tone.

“Alright. Talk to you later, baby.” Kevin said while hanging up his cell phone.

Kevin grabbed his head with his hands and groaned loudly. He was out enjoying a day with his friends until he gets the death call from his pestering wife. He wished he could just dump her and live his life to the fullest without boring stuff like children getting in the way. But because of a stupid mistake five years ago, he ended up getting what was originally a one night stand girl pregnant.

He reassured Diana that he has changed his player days but that was a lie. Three times a week he would go out with his friends to the bar and make a stop at the club. Of course he wouldn’t tell Diana about his weekly visits. Kevin would just lie to her and say he has a business meeting instead.

“What’s wrong, dude?” Roland asked with deep concern.

Roland was one of Kevin’s best friends. They met in highschool and they did everything together. They both smoked their first pot together, they first got drunk together, and they both had their first, “Eventful” night at the club together.

“It’s Diana. She said she’s knocked up again.” Kevin explained depressingly while he chugged down the shot of scotch he ordered.

Kevin heard Roland sigh loudly. “Ugh, again? This is the end Kevin. You’re officially losing your life. You won’t have any more money for the stuff after this pregnancy.” Roland said agitated. “The Stuff” is a code word Kevin and Roland use to refer to drugs.

Kevin is an active user of cannabis, cocaine, and crystal meth. He has seen many commercials and advertisements of these rehab centers who says that drugs are bad and that you can be happy without the need of drugs.

Those are all lies. Kevin has been using cannabis, cocaine, and crystal meth since he was in high school and has anything happened to him yet? No. That proves that drugs are 100 percent safe and they pose no threat on your life. The only thing that’s bad about drugs is that they wear off eventually. If drugs had a permanent effect, he’ll be living in the club being happy for the rest of his life.

But life didn’t work that way.

“Don’t remind me, Roland. Can we go to the club tonight? I want to forget about this as soon as possible.” Kevin asked Roland while looking at him.

Roland couldn’t say no to the look of pure depression on Kevin’s face. Roland knows how Kevin feels. He has had numerous wives who have gotten pregnant with his children. Once they tell him they’re pregnant, Roland makes a run for it. That’s been his strategy since high school and it never failed him once.

“Sure pal. Let’s forget about our problems tonight.” Roland replied while chugging down his shot of rum with a smile on his face.