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The Few Hours of LifeEdit

When Zelda Schmidt first moved into Sunset Valley, she was a child basically, with no friends.While, her mother, Matilda, had no job and had to move into a house, which was not a house.The house they moved into only had three walls and barely protected them from the elements. "Mom, I am going to the park" said young Zelda as she had done her research in her old town, Sunshine Hills. "First stop, Papyrus Memorial Library" Zelda sighed, she wanted to find child sims like her that were just like her, which were Workaholics. As she got deep into her book, which was a book full of math called Math Quiz: Adult Edition. She finally figured out that math got her thinking. Suddenly, she realized she was almost late for dinner and she lied to her mother about where she was.

Quite a SupriseEdit

As Zelda was on her bike she realized two things. One being that she hadn't lied because she was in a park, one full of books.Two being that she needed to wear pants or trousers (whatever you want to call them) instead of a dress. When Zelda got home to her mother, her mother was talking on the phone to someone who Zelda didn't know. I mean little Zeli (her nickname) only knows Confused Cottontail from the math book she read. When Matilda (Zeli's mom) got off the phone, there was an excitement in the air.


The phone call was from the bank. It turns out Zelda's grandmother had waaaaayyy to much money to deal with and had given them 17,000 to get settled down. Since Matilda didn't waste time partying, she knew the Bachelor family would help them move.

A New Friend for ZeldaEdit

When the Bachelor family came over Zeli noticed a little girl in a red dress, Bella Bachelor. Zelda finally got enough courage to walk over and introduce herself. When Zelda started introducing herself Bella interrupted and started bouncing around, full of energy. Finally, all of the Schmidt's things were stuffed in the Bachelor's car (who got some help from the Landgrabb's).

The First NightEdit

"I read online that the first night is always the hardest; Zelda wrote"I hope tomorrow at school I will be everyone's friend" Zelda sighed, it had been a long day, meeting Bella, and whatever. She needed to go to the restroom and realized that the bathroom had scared her and she couldn't survive the night. She hadn't known Matilda unpacked their beds already.