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Fishing (The Sims 4)
A Sim catching a fish

Fishing is an activity in The Sims 4 that came with its own unique fishing skill and a collection of fish. Sims can develop their fishing skill by fishing from a fishing post or a body of water. Some locations yield a better chance of obtaining rare objects, plants, or fish.

Abilities Edit

Lv. Ability
1 Catch Fish, Mount Fish
3 Fish with Bait
5 Examine Water

 Fish Edit

Image Skill Fish Habitat Rarity Bait Size Value (§) EP
Minnow Many fishing spots Common S 7 - 9 TS4
Guppy Desert Bloom Park Common S 7 - 10 TS4
Tetra Magnolia Blossom Park Common S 6 - 11 TS4
Perch Many fishing spots Common S 10 - 13 TS4
Goldfish Magnolia Blossom Park, Desert Bloom Park Common 12 - 15 TS4
Koi Magnolia Blossom Park, Desert Bloom Park Common M 24 - 37 TS4
Bass Many fishing spots Common M 16 - 70 TS4
Salmon Many fishing spots Common L 90 - 342 TS4
Wall Eye Caught in most Granite Falls Fishing Spots Common M 22 - 81 TS4 OR
Yellow Perch Caught in most Granite Falls Fishing Spots Common M 24 - 43 TS4 OR
Angel Fish Rivers in Willow Creek Uncommon S TS4
Betta Pond in Willow Creek Park Uncommon S TS4
Catfish Commonly in Rivers Uncommon M TS4


Putting Fish in BowlsEdit

You can keep your fish alive by putting fish in bowls. You must buy a Fish Bowl, then put the fish in. The bowl shrink the fish to suitable size and make them immortal.

Mounting FishEdit

When a fish in your inventory, you can click on it and mount the fish. Each create a Confident Aura 2-4

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