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Skill TS4 Fishing
Fishing is a skill in The Sims 4 that comes with a collection of fish to catch. Sims can develop this skill by fishing from fishing holes or signs. Some locations yield a better chance of obtaining rare objects, plants, or fish.

For instance, Sims can acquire rare fish from Sylvan Glade and Forgotten Grotto; and a fishing spot north of Desert Bloom Park yields a greater chance of finding a cowplant berry or a voodoo doll.


Lv. Ability
1 Catch Fish, Mount Fish
3 Fish with Bait
5 Examine Water

Uses of fishEdit

Keeping fish as petsEdit

Main article: Small pet#The Sims 4

Sims can keep fish in bowls or aquariums. They can be named, but cannot be fed and will never die.

Mounting fish on wallsEdit

Alternatively, fish can be mounted on walls as decoration. They produce a Confident aura of varying strengths, depending on the type of fish.

List of fishEdit

Image Fish Name Rarity Value (in §) Notes EP
Bass Common 16 - 70 Requires skill Lv.2 &BG
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Goldfish Common 12 - 15 &BG
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Guppy Common 7 - 10 &BG
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Koi Common 24 - 37 Requires skill Lv.2 &BG
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Minnow Common 7 - 9 &BG
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Perch Common 10 - 13 &BG
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Salmon Common 90 - 342 &BG
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Tetra Common 6 - 11 &BG
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Trout Common Requires skill Lv.2 &BG
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Angelfish Uncommon One of the ingredients for ambrosia. &BG
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Betta Uncommon &BG
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Catfish Uncommon Requires skill Lv.4 &BG
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Kissing Gourami Uncommon &BG
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Tilapia Uncommon Requires skill Lv.4 &BG
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Wolf Eel Uncommon Found in Forgotten Grotto. Requires frogs as bait. &BG
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Anglerfish Rare Probably requires skill Lv.7 &BG
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Batfish Rare Found in Forgotten Grotto &BG
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Piranha Rare &BG
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Rainbowfish Rare Requires skill Lv.6 &BG
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Red-Tailed Black Shark Rare &BG
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Sturgeon Rare &BG
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Treefish Rare Found in Sylvan Glade &BG
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Walleye Common 22 - 81 TS4OR Icon
Yellow Perch Common 24 - 43 TS4OR Icon
Red Crawdad Uncommon TS4OR Icon
Blue Crawdad Rare TS4OR Icon
Mountain Lionfish Rare Found in the Deep Woods. Requires skill Lv.9 TS4OR Icon
Cichlid Common TS4SD Icon