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For the similar skill in The Sims and The Sims 2, see Body.
For the similar skill in The Sims 3, see Athletic (skill).
Not to be confused with Fitness (hobby) or Fitness (attribute).
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Skill TS4 Fitness
Fitness  is a skill in The Sims 4. It is a way for Sims to earn Satisfaction points by completing all the regular Fitness Whims that spawn.

Related Edit

Aspiration: Body Builder - This Sim wants to work and become as strong as they can be!

Bonus Trait: High Metabolism - It is easier to stay fit and trim when you have High Metabolism.

Reward Trait: Long Lived - Long Lived lets Sims live longer lives, barring any accidents.


  • The Punching Bag
  • The Treadmill
  • The Weight Machine

Emotion: Currently there is one emotion that effects directly to Fitness learning.

  • Energized: An Energized Sim will tire slower and is better at physical activities! Try working out or cleaning the house!

Job: Criminal, Astronaut and Secret Agent careers.

Abilities Edit

Show Off Muscles

Show Off Muscles

Level Ability Interaction
1 Jogging
1 Practice

Treadmill, Punching bag,
Weight Machine interaction

2 Discuss Workout Techniques with other Sims Social interaction
3 Endurance Run Treadmill interaction
4 Research Workout Tips Computer interaction
5 Box Punching Bag interaction
6 Show off Muscles Social interaction
7 Hill Challenge Treadmill interaction
8 Epic Workout Weight Machine


Practice Fighting, Commando Training Social interaction, Punching Bag Interaction
10 Mentor Social interaction