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Flower Arranging
Flower Arranging is one of the Talent Badges that was introduced in The Sims 2: Open for Business. The talent badge is attained by arranging flowers using the "That Smells Great!" Floral Workstation. As Sims craft more flowers, they will gain experience and eventually achieve the Talent Badge. Higher level talent badges will enable Sims to arrange the flowers faster. It also unlocks more types of flower arrangements that can be crafted. These crafted flowers can be sold in a florist business. Higher Creativity skill will make Sims earn this badge faster. If The Sims 2 Freetime is installed, performing this activity will raise enthusiasm for the Arts and Crafts hobby.


No BadgeEdit

With no badge, Sims can only arrange Daisy Bouquets.


Flower Arranging bronze

Sims can arrange Wildflower Bouquets and Tulip Bouquets, along with the Daisy Bouquets.


Flower Arranging silver

Sims can arrange Rose Bouquets and Mixed Flower Bouquets, along with Bouquets of Daisies, Wildflower Bouquets, and Tulip Bouquets.


Flower Arranging gold

Sims with a Gold Badge can create the Snapdragon Bouquet, along with the Bouquet of Daisies, Wildflower Bouquets, Tulip Bouquets, Rose Bouquets, and Mixed Flower Bouquets. If a Snapdragon Bouquet is successful, it can be placed and will raise every Sim's motives in the room it is placed in, except energy. However, if it is not successful, the Snapdragon Bouquet will lower the motives of every Sim in the room it is placed in, except energy.

Messages Edit


Learning not to jam the flowers into vases really hard has let [Name] make arrangements with more delicate flowers. That deserves a Bronze Flower Arranging Talent Badge!


Understanding how to get expensive flowers to look great in a display without taking all day to do it has won [Name] a Silver Flower Arranging Talent Badge!


The countless hours of manipulating flowers has taught [Name] how to blend the scents of various blooms to create a powerful refreshing scent for anyone nearby. Such mastery calls for a Gold Flower arranging Talent Badge!


Daisy BouquetEdit

A Daisy Bouquet costs §36 to craft and sells for §40 if it is sold at once. This is a low and meager profit expected from an entry-level Sim, but it will fit into any customer's budget in a store.

Wildflower BouquetEdit

A Wildflower Bouquet costs §47 to craft and sells for §55. It can be considered a better profit than the Daisies but still lacks any substantial value.

Tulip BouquetEdit

A Tulip Bouquet costs §61 to craft and sells for §70. This is the most profitable arrangement a Bronze-badged Sim can make, but it is also the most time-consuming to craft.

Mixed Flower BouquetEdit

A Mixed Flower Bouquet costs §68 to craft and sells for §85. This is where the Silver badge starts paying off, with profits rising above §15.

Rose BouquetEdit

A Rose Bouquet costs §96 to craft and sells for §120. This is the most profitable arrangement other than the Snapdragon Bouquet.

Snapdragon BouquetEdit

Main article: Snapdragon Bouquet

A Snapdragon Bouquet costs §240 to craft. This is a considerable increase in cost, but a Snapdragon Bouquet sells for §300, so the increased profit is in line with the increased cost.